Paladino Keeps Hitting MTA


Carl Paladino continued his criticism of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, reiterating today that he would repeal the payroll tax that hits New York City and its suburbs and freeze fares after the MTA approved toll hikes this week.

He said during a campaign stop in Saratoga today that he would eliminate the payroll tax enacted last year on businesses in the metropolitan area, and in a news release reiterated that he would move the MTA to under the governor’s control.

“It’s ludicrous to raise the cost of already expensive tolls while the MTA pays 8,000 employees over $100,000 a year,” Paladino said in a statement. “When I’m elected governor I will move immediately to freeze fares and reform the MTA so cost cutting is the agency-wide mission, not fare increases.”

The news release goes on to tout Paladino’s successful efforts to eliminate tolls on the Niagara section of the Thruway.


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