From the 40th– A possible lawsuit, a poll and other news


For those not in the know, the race for the 40th state Senate District features Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball against Democratic Westchester County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz.

With just days before Election Day, here’s the latest —

1. Brewster Mayor Jim Schoenig said he plans to sue Ball for saying that he was selling drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. Ball’s comment, see the video below, came this week during a debate in Peekskill. It was the village’s code enforcement officer who was arrested several weeks ago and charged with selling licenses to those here illegally.

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Here’s a video of Schoenig reading his statement.

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2. Ball, for his part, called on Schoenig today to resign — and referred to the correct person.

Following Arrest of Village Employee, Ball Cites Mayor’s History of Aiding and Abetting Criminal Illegal Aliens

Following the arrest of a Village employee for selling identification to illegal aliens, Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) has called on Mayor James Schoenig (R – Brewster) to resign his position as Mayor of the Village of Brewster.

“Two years ago, we stopped the Village from allowing the Guatemalan government to open up shop and hand out identification to illegal aliens. This month, a Village employee took it upon himself to do just that,” Ball said. “It is the policy of this Village to not just look the other way, but to perpetuate an illegal alien-driven black market economy that forces an entire population into a lawless, subsistence life while those who hire and house illegally reap the financial rewards. As we’ve learned repeatedly here in Brewster, these are not victimless crimes. The official policy of the Village seems to be Criminal Facilitation. Enough is enough. It is time for Mayor Schoenig to resign.”

Both Ed Kowalski of 9/11 Families for a Secure America and Michael W. Cutler, Senior Special Agent for the INS (Retired) have spoken out about the dangers of selling identification to illegal aliens, condemning the actions of the Brewster Village employee.

“In the U.S., the driver’s license is our de facto universal identification card,” Kowalski said. “These licenses become ‘breeder documents,’ which allow the recipient to obtain additional documents, based upon the false premise that he is a U.S. citizen. For example, all of the 9/11 hijackers had driver’s licenses or state-issued non-driver’s identification cards, which they then could use when opening bank accounts, renting housing, and boarding planes. What this individual is alleged to have done has to be considered in the above referenced context. This is not a victimless crime. Let’s hope that [the Village employee]is prosecuted to the full extent the law allows.”

In August, Ball announced that he would use the full weight of his elected position to put the Consolidation of the Village of Brewster to a referendum as part of a plan to save taxpayers millions of dollars annually in property taxes, water fees, and redundant government jobs.

“The potential exists that anyone who would be able to provide an individual with such a universally accepted proof of identity might, unwittingly, aid and abet those whose goals go beyond seeking unlawful employment,” Cutler said.

3. A new Siena College poll out today has Ball leading Kaplowitz 49 to 44 percent, with a margin of error of 4.8 percent. That’s the latest of several polls done in this race. The first Siena poll had the two in a dead heat. Next, an Iona poll had Ball up by 10, then another Iona poll had Ball up by 5.

Scott Reif, spokesman for the Senate Republicans, had the following to say:

“Today’s Siena polls clearly show that Republicans are poised to win back the majority in the State Senate.  In the final days, it’s even more critical that we build on the momentum we are seeing and feeling in each of these races.

Our closing argument is simple – –  If New Yorkers want accountability in government, if they want lower taxes, if they want more opportunities to find a good job, and if they want to sweep out the Democrat corruption in Albany, they should elect more Republicans to the State Senate.

Two years ago, Democrats were given an opportunity to lead our government, and they have failed.  Democrats raised taxes when they should have cut them, ignored job creation when they should have focused on it, and let corruption and criminal activity flourish in Albany.  Republicans will clean up the mess.

Taxpayers can not afford the $14 billion in new tax and fee increases approved by Senate Democrats, or the out-of-control spending and dysfunction they have brought to Albany.  On Tuesday, New Yorkers have an opportunity to start fresh with a new Senate Republican majority that gives taxpayers, businesses and middle-class families its voice back.  We are confident that they will.


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  1. Somebody – quick run down to Kohl’s and buy this mayor a cheap sportcoat. He looks like the guy who cleaned out my drain trap last week.

  2. This looks like a mistake on Balls part. The VofB Mayor should write to Albany and file a complaint with the ethics commnittee as well as hire a good lawyer. But, Ball does this sort of thing all the time and no one seems to care.

    So…what will be the next in this saga of the 40th? Never ends.
    Hurry up election day…we want peace again !

  3. Ball has exhibited a pattern of behavior bashing the Village of Brewster – all because his Exceed Development project was sidelined. This is revenge pure and simple. Ball wants to bring Brewster under his lackey’s control so he can get approval for his “best friend” (in the academy) to build the white elephant and make lots of money.

    Ball’s repeated lies including slander and defamation of character are a desperate attempt to influence business decisions to enrich himself and his friends. There is no other explanation as Ball is significantly in debt and needs this win in order to bail himself out.

  4. Exceed was a front to give Ball the look of a successful executive. The company was never registered or licensed to do business in the state of New York. Who is exceed, and why did they pay Greg Ball for two years to run for public office? As soon as he was elected to the Assembly, he closed Exceeds office in Pawling…poof! No projects were ever commenced, only a cheap mockup computer aided design for the rehabilitation of Brewster was produced. It was a trick in its entirety to make Ball look commanding as a take charge individual. BS artist through and through is more like it.

  5. Samuel,
    I would disagree. It was not a complete sham and Ball owes them for being carried during his 2 to 3 year run for office. Ball went to India on Exceed’s dime. He even closed a deal to outsource jobs from Pawling to India for Exceed. Yes, that’s right, BALL OUTSOURCED U.S. JOBS TO INDIA!

    Ball is angry at the Village of Brewster because he did not get his way which would have lined his pockets and those of his best friend in the academy.

    As a result Ball is personally responsible for driving down property values in the Village and surrounding Town of Southeast. His hateful rhetoric has stopped all development as witnessed by the $200,000 shortfall in Town revenues because no projects have surfaced. This is directly related to Ball and his sidekicks; Rights’ & Yee’s incompetence in government.

    It is disheartening to know that he still has the wool pulled over too many people’s eyes. What will it take to wake people up to realize Ball is a con man? He misappropriates funds, preys on women, and slanders people. A disgusting example of what is wrong in Albany and people want to send him there to clean it up? How ridiculous is that?

  6. Ball has shown over and over that he will say anything to get elected. He knows lies work just fine as long they play to voter prejudices. He knows illegal hiring is a hot button so he’s been harping on that for years — without doing a single thing about it. Nothing. He does nothing and then blames everyone else when this nationwide problem persists.
    His posters show him with kids: He’s middle-aged and has never been married. His posters show his pretty face next to a dog he does not own. He claims credit for anything he likes, knowing no one in the press will challenge him. Even if they did, so what? He’d just say the reporters are lying liberals. Case closed. He is repeatedly cited by both parties for gross ethical violations, but he couldn’t care less. He knows no one ever gets thrown out of office once elected. Once he’s got his taxpayer-funded job, that’s that. Get started on the next campaign and let the good times roll.
    Certainly he has never offered the least help to Brewster Village, much less actually helped our community in any way. Instead, he spread so many shameless lies about the Village that it is no exaggeration to say that he’s done more damage to our community than any politician in history.
    He’s a PR guy, educated at taxpayer expense at the Air Force Academy. He quit the Air Force as soon as he could and now campaigns relentlessly to stay on the public payroll.
    Republicans have to be real grownups now. The Village mayor is a die-hard Republican but he knows Ball is just hustler who failed to sell a ridiculous real estate deal here.
    Republicans, please: Get rid of this guy now. Kaplowitz is a good guy and will do well by all of us, Republicans and Democrats alike. Forget party at least on this one line; vote the for a decent, hardworking family man instead of the slick haircut.

  7. I do not understand how so many people can continue to support Ball. Are people so gullible that they believe what he says? It is really scary to see him in the lead in the polls.

    BTW I did not realize the dog was not his! I knew the kid wasn’t.

  8. Brewster is a village of 250 people. 1250 if you count the illegals. Nobody cares what you say. Larry, Denis, Bill, Peter, etc., you are a collective disgrace.

  9. well this is exactly what happens when the public tolerates
    personal rather then substantive attacks by one politician
    against another…for greg ball not to know who in the
    village of brewster was charged with selling phony id’s
    is in itself an indictment of his shallowness and inability
    to understand issues fully….similarly if you watch the
    ball kaplowitz debates you will note that for all his
    oratorical ability greg never is abel to articulate substance..he meerly repeats hot botton one liners while
    kaplowitz for example actually takes the time to delve into
    some of the intracacies of the voters have
    a choice not between a republican and a democrat not between
    an incumbant and an outsider and not between a conservative
    and a liberal ..they have a choice between someone who is
    knowledgable and someone who is not

  10. I didn’t see any article about this extraordinary statement by a GOP stalwart condemning his party’s candidate. Did I miss it?
    I found this blurb with the search engine, but was there an article in the paper or on the main website about this?
    And no, I don’t know how GOP voters can simply ignore Ball’s horrendous record of lying on top of his other record of having doing absolutely nothing about high taxes in GOP-controlled counties or illegal hiring.
    I admit, it would take a lot to get me to vote for any GOP candidate. Still, if a fellow Democrat had a record even half as bad as Ball’s, I’d definitely withhold my vote from that candidate.
    I just hope Republicans — like those in the Village who know Ball for what he is — will just be responsible grownups. Vote your party line on everything else if you like, but please think again before you put this slick hustler back on the public payroll.

  11. How anyone could support a tax and spend liberal like Mike Kaplowitz is beyond me. He’s a blowhard that’s done more damage than good for Westchester and now he wants to take that message to Albany? NO thank you.

    Sling all the mud you want at Greg, but as long as he pledges not to vote for higher taxes, he’s got my vote. Kaplowitz can’t/won’t say no to the Democratic machine’s tax and spend ways. He didn’t in Westchester and he won’t in Albany. Vote for Greg Ball on 11/2!

  12. How anyone could support Gre Ball is beyond me. He’s done nothing and done more damage than good representing the people of thhe 99th assempbly district. Now he wants voters to return him to Albany? NO thank you.

    Sling all the mud you want at Kaplowitz, but as long as he pledges not to vote for higher taxes, he’s got my vote. Ball can’t show any successes and continues to collect a hefty salary. Vote for Mike Kaplowitz on 11/2!

  13. Joe the Plumber & Mayor on

    I don’t get it. A businessman from Southeast hires a high-powered $500 per hour attorney from Manhattan to file a civil rights lawsuit against a bunch of Southeast LOSERS, including Slick Willy Stephens and James Borkowski and Joey Charboneau. These guys acted like hoodlums. The lawsuit is filed 9 days before the general election, and Southeast cries “POLITICS!!”. Yet this dressed-down plumber of a mayor CLAIMS he’s going to sue Greg Ball for hurting his feelings, and not a word from the Southeast dirtbags. In the Southeast guy’s lawsuit, NOT ONE of the defendants is even a candidate for anything, not even borkowski who they say got cold feet immediately after the primary when he realized steve katz was about to expose him. Ball is a REAL candidate for the 40th SD, and this Mayor reads this statement FOUR days before the general election, and his actions AREN’T political? Why the hypocrisy?

    Any lawyer who takes this mayor’s money to file this lawsuit should be immediately disbarred. This mayor needs to put on his big-boy pants too.

  14. Ball was never serious about the renewal of Brewster. If it were so, Exceed, his political patron for his first 2 year run for Assembly, would have been registered to do business in the State of New York. It never was, and as soon as Ball was Assemblyman elect, he closed down the Exceed/campaign office in Pawling. Phony from the start. Republicans will take back the State Senate today, and so there is no reason at all to consider voting for Ball.

  15. Joe the Plumber & Mayor on

    Get over it. Ball wins today. Katz wins today. Leibell probably wins today, by the skin of his teeth, exposing him for someone that, when held up in public for all to see, is not this beloved figure he claims to be. Mary Ellen, to her detriment, hasn’t even campaigned hard. If she had, she would’ve beaten Vinny in the Primary.

    Maybe six times is a charm. When Ball wins today, maybe the GOP in Putnam will finally treat him as the most popular politician in Putnam. But, I hope the GOP committees in Putnam keep rejecting Ball. Not having the GOP Putnam support brings Greg nothing but good things!!

  16. Joe the Plumber & Mayor on

    I’m gonna adjust my prediction just a bit. Ball and Katz will fairly easily, even though in the 99th race someone is being vindictive in trying to play spoiler. It wont work.
    But my new prediction after just voting is my new belief based on what I just saw that Mary Ellen Odell is going to win this thing today. So get out there and vote for her, she needs every vote. So many people were talking outside, amybe I just caught a mad group during a bad moment, but it seems that everyone that has been screwedd over for the past 30 years is now taking out their payback. So many people angry with this PAY TO PLAY monopoly that runs Putnam County are now coming to the polls to oust Vinny Leibell once and for all.

  17. where's the lawsuit??? on

    this mayor claimed he was going to sue Greg Ball for hurting his feelings. SIX MONTHS AGO! where’s the lawsuit? was this just a political grandstand four days before election designed to hurt Greg Ball? Face it, Southeast dirtbags, Ball won, you lost. YOU, meaning YOU AND LEIBELL. Only in the Southeast GOP could someone so corrupt and dishonest still defend Leibell, even after Leibell’s fall and McGuire’s indictment. Greg Ball beat the Southeast dirtbags at their own game, he took the high road while the Southeast mafia lives taking the low road. Where are all the complainers from southeast, whining about Shoenig’s blatantly political move?
    I take my hat off to Greg Ball. First he defeated a family monarchy, then he weathered some of the most vicious attacks possible, all because they had to do it for Vinny Leibell. Leibell wanted Ball removed, so all you fools made fools of yourselves and attacked Ball for 4 years. You made fun of him as Assemblyman, and he kept winning. You threw useless puppets against him and fed them $400,000 of Leibell’s money, with another $250,000 from Leibell just to attack Ball. you even threw in a loser to try to take Ball’s place and you still lost. And you all did this because that’s what Vinny wanted. That’s the definition of a puppet. So now that the puppeteer is dead, go crawl into your hole. Life is over. Vinny won;t be sending money to your committee no more to pass on to losers.
    Greg Ball is owed a huge apology, especially by the thugs in southeast.

  18. Jim D. and Mike B. and the other Southeast committee members are done. Ball will never forget what you have done to him in the past. He will say what ever you want to hear in public, but behind closed doors he will work against you. The election for supervisor of our town this year is a classic example. Do you really believe he is supporting the committee’s endorsed candidate. You have been fooled again.

  19. where's the lawsuit??? on

    Ball will NEVER support the Southeast GOP endorsed candidate. after what they did to him for four years, are they nuts? they expect Greg to say let bygones be bygones? Ball is stronger now than Vinny ever was, and unlike Vinny there’s no dirty money changing hands. Money buys people, corruption, and influence. Leibell always knew he could count on Southeast to carry out his corrupt directives, no matter who he was giving directives to. No one in southeast stood up to Leibell and told him “NO”. and that’s where the Southeast GOP is today, done, dead, buried. deep down, Ball knows certain people, most from Southeast, just cannot be trusted. how they treated him 3 years ago is the very type of person each one of them really is, and Greg understands that. many in southeast disrespected Greg Ball way over the line, despite that he was an Assemblyman. they showed no respect, and Ball bent over backwards trying to make peace. But Leibell ordered Southeast to hurt Ball and humiliate him, now its time to answer for it.
    and where’s this lawsuit?

  20. where's the lawsuit??? on

    “He’s nuts”, Southeast hero Vincent Leibell said of Greg Ball. “Several people in Putnam County have received visits from the FBI as a result of Greg Ball calling the FBI. It’s a strange way to campaign”.


    I guess Greg Ball wasn’t “nuts” after all. If Leibell was big enough, which he isn’t, he’d apologize to Greg. But he has that Southeast mentality, not me , not me, not me, not me.

    Will anyone in Southeast apologize to Greg Ball for four years of Leibell-led terrorism?

  21. where's the lawsuit??? on

    Wow back. that’s what Southeast mafia members say to anyone who tells the truth about them. or, they just claim the truth-teller is “NUTS”.

    Don’t worry…..Leibell has assured Tony Hay last October that the Southeast Supervisor race is all sewn up.

  22. It can’t be healthy to be so obsessed with something and incessantly posting here and everywhere about it. You can’t let it take over your like. You must have something else to do. As far as the truth goes, there’s not many of it coming out of your mouth. There is no point debating it though as you’ll just yell some more lies louder and nobody reads this anyway. Keep spending your time here, while your boys get beat at the polls. Good will overcome evil this September.

  23. where's the lawsuit??? on

    obsession starts AFTER the end comes. we haven’t seen the end of the feds in putnam. the end hasn’t come, if that’s a shock to you, just like I’m sure leibell’s activities surely were a shock to all you southeast mafia’s. i dont have any truth coming out of my mouth…..what isn’t true? or did you just run your mouth like a usual southeast mafia member? Again……what did I say was a lie? and about whom? if we liten to southeast, Carl Lodes is suffering from dementia and told lies about Leibell. “NOBODY READS THIS ANYWAY”….thanks for finally admitting your a nobody, because YOU read it!

  24. You keep trying to make it about Leibell or about Ball, when this is really about Rights. You keep it away from Rights because there is no possible way you can defend the man or his actions in Southeast. Keep trying, but in the end Rights and Yee will go down as they should. That’s all that matters.

  25. where's the lawsuit??? on

    Bullen: thanks for telling everyone what this is supposed to be about. Control everything….including the conversation. Southeast good ‘ol boys at their best. But have it your way, Bullen…
    Mike Rights is doing a tremendous job, despite the three vote majority that Vinny planted in front of him to block him from getting anything done. That three vote majority created by Vinny Leibell is still in place, so congrats on that. Two of the three profitted personally from Vinny, when Vinny hired them or their family, so dont tell me Vinny has had no influence in Southeast. giving out jobs is about just that: INFLUENCE. fear not……the not for profits are going belly-up soon so they’ll all be out of jobs. even the “100 friends and constituents” that wrote letters supporting Vinny, they forgot to include in their letters how much money they made off Leibell in the past 10 years. and southeast is a part of that corruption.
    Like I said, Mike Rights has done a terrific job as supervisor and I predict Hay and the rest of the LEIBELL-BACKED CROWD will go down in burning flames once and for all. Rights has had to put up with all kinds of harassment from the LEIBELLISTAS, especially Ruth. yeah sure, she’s retiring because of him, the dumbest thing I ever heard. In the past four years, how many nasty and unprofessional comments has Mazzei written about Mike Rights on Brewster10509? roughly 211 at last count. but she forgot to mention that in her self-produced journal news article. happy easter, BULLEN!


    Figures that one of the elected officials shamelessly begging for leneincy for Leibell comes from Southeast.

    Maybe all the dirty money politicians and candidates in Southeast that either received money directly from Leibell, received money from Leibell through funnelling it into the GOP committee, took money from Leibell through third parties, cut deals with Leibell, or bribed Leibell to ensure an uncontested race, should all write to the judge begging for leniency for Vinny. Go ahead. You had the courage to make a deal with the devil, so have the courage to put your name on a letter and say what you really feel:

    U.S. District Judge Warren Eginton
    United States Courthouse
    915 Lafayette Boulevard, Suite 335
    Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604

  27. you’ve lost all credibility. Not that you ever had any. “Mike Rights has done a terrific job as supervisor” NOBODY not even supporters can say that with a straight place. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. He is an absolute joke. No 3-2 vote BS. He hasn’t even put forward a good idea to get shot down 3-2. Let’s not even talk about Yee. Has he ever had an original thought? Please!

    As far as Leibell. Send him to jail.

  28. where's the lawsuit??? on

    oh that’s so brave of you to write that empty sentence: send Leibell to jail. Are you willing to write that to the judge? then you really don’t mean it.
    the southeast mafia is all the same, same useless vagabonds, trying shamelessly to pick up where Leibell left off. Leibell is dead, get it through your head, the fun part comes soon when his statements to the FBI start to bring down the southeast house of cards. and the rest of the county will be standing there laughing when it happens.
    why cant you point out good and bad with Mike Rights? just keep trying to convince people “RIGHTS BAAAAAD, HAY GOOOOOOD”. again—–Leibell is dead and buried, that dont work no more. now you have to actually put your money where your mouth is, or should I say, put VINNY’S money where your mouth is. Hay and other losers in southeast had plenty of opportunity to stop Leibell, the warning signs were surely there without a doubt, yet nothing was done. example? it was clear that something dirty was going on when the county fees for outside westchester lawyers under Lodes kept going up, up, up. Hay to his credit would question it, BUT IN THE END DO NOTHING BUT PAY THE INFLATED BILL YEAR AFTER YEAR.
    the year Lodes leaves? this fee is cut by a quarter of a million dollars. and more than a quarter of a million every year thereafter. a little suspicious?
    did the legislature conduct an investigation? Nope.
    who was the head of legislature? Hay from Southeast.
    who was southeast’s rep on the legi? Hay from Southeast.
    who was the chief prosecutor that first year when it became obvious what had happened? levy…..southeast.
    and from where was the only eastern putnam politician to write a letter begging mercy for Leibell? Sant from southeast.
    if leibell was still around, Hay would have a good shot, remember…hay had sought and received Leibell’s permission to run last October, right around the time Vinny was watching his own appearance on “Candid Camera”.