Paladino Walks Off Interview


State Democrats were quick to provide a link today to this interview of Carl Paladino with a Vermont television station last night that also broadcasts in Plattsburgh, where Paladino was visiting yesterday.

The interview got off on the wrong foot right away, as they had broadcast troubles. Then the WCAX reporter, Kristin Carlson, first asked Paladino whether campaigning in Plattsburgh was a sign of “a campaign in trouble?”

“Absolutely not,” Paladino replied, saying they are his friends there and he promised he’d be back before Election Day.

Then he was asked about his comments Thursday about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand being Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “little girl.”

He said he didn’t want to talk about it, but responded about whether it was a sexist comment. (He spent most of the day Friday defending the comments.)

“No, I don’t,” he said, responding to the reporter’s question. “I was referring to the fact that Ms. Gillibrand seems to vote exactly as Mr. Schumer directs her to. She doesn’t show any mind of her own in voting, and that’s why I referred to her that way.”

She persisted and he responded, “Are we going to talk issues, or am I leaving you right now?” After Carlson said it is an issue, Paladino said, “You have a nice day, Kirsten, okay.”

He then unplugged his earpiece and left.


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  1. Why are there so many obnoxious eejits who keep repeating the meme that Schumer instructs Gillibrand on how tshe should vote. You don’t need to have too many brain cells to figure out that both of them being Democrats, they would have similar opinions on the issues, without one being the boss of the other.

  2. Listen to Me, Sweetheart on

    Except for the undeniable fact that she flip-flopped on numerous controversial issues 180 degrees after SOMEONE started whispering in her ear.