Governor’s lawyer: Ethics panel “wildly misrepresented” facts


Here’s the full statement from Theodore Wells, an attorney for Gov. David Paterson, regarding the $62,125 fine the state Commission on Public Integrity levied on the governor yesterday. Paterson, who leaves office Dec. 31, was fined for soliciting and using five free tickets to a Yankees World Series game last year, and for lying to the commission about it. The Yankees ultimately were reimbursed for the tickets. Albany County District Attorney David Soares is reviewing the case to decide whether criminal charges are warranted.

From Wells:

“The Public Integrity Commission’s decision to impose a punitive fine for alleged perjury when its own hearing officer did not find that the Governor gave false testimony is outrageous.  In issuing its decision, and rejecting the significantly lower fine of $10,000 recommended by its hearing officer, the Commission has wildly misrepresented the facts, exceeded its legal authority, and generally confirmed what has long been obvious: that these proceedings were always about the PIC’s political witch hunt and never about  truth or justice.”


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