Judge Jeanine Gets Saturday Show On Fox


Former Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro is expanding her television career.

Fox News announced today that Pirro, who lives in Rye, will host a one-hour Saturday primetime program “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” It premieres Saturday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m.

Fox says Pirro will provide legal insight on the news of the week and focus on issues related to crime and the justice system.

“Judge Pirro is one of the most respected judges and sought-after legal commentators. We’re thrilled to bring her experience and expertise to Fox News’ weekend lineup,” said Bill Shine, Fox’s senior vice president for programming.

Pirro is currently the host of a syndicated weekday court show, “Judge Jeanine Pirro“, that is distributed by Warner Bros.

She ran for attorney general in 2006 as the Republican candidate, losing to Andrew Cuomo, the incoming governor.


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  1. Jeanine Pirro is embedded in high society, and Lew Leone the General Manager of Fox 5 Network continues to help her keep her head above the water while her flat ratings plummet, show after show, and network after network. She’s too fake and the viewing audience knows it. She is really a very ugly person inside her heart and soul, and I got to see the real Hitler that she is. I don’t think this villain Jeanine Pirro will get away with what she did to innocent citizens in Westchester County.

    Jeanine Pirro also gets to be on the front-page of The Westchester News.Com. Please don’t forget that she is still under investigation for Political Corruption. Let it not be a surprise, when the day comes that she is indicted on Public Corruption Charges.

    Mount Vernon, New York was my hometown, and I loved living there, until something very bad happened to me in 1991. The Mount Vernon Police were corrupt and on the take at a gas station and they sent some guys into the gas station to muscle the new owners across the street from Quick Stop Deli, and I came to the rescue of the owners, and the Mount Vernon Police beat me up and put false charges on me, and my life changed as I knew it on that very day. Mario Cuomo was still the Governor of New York, he did nothing about it. Jeanine Pirro just became the Westchester County District Attorney, she covered up the police brutality and false arrest by putting more false charges on me, she tried to discredit my good character, and she tried to pollute the jury against me to cover up for a corrupt police department located in Mount Vernon, New York. Jeanine Pirro is responsible for putting me through the darkest moments in my life, but, I overcame the conspiracy and I have grown to become one of the most powerful news media’s in Westchester County, New York.

    Today, I am the Publisher of The Westchester News, I take down the most corrupt politicians in Westchester County, New York. Corrupt Politics have created this burning desire and passion inside my soul and it will never quench my thirst, not ever, I guess that’s why my website is award winning.

    I will finish my book “I’m Still Standing” The Barbara Ricci Story It will be on the book store shelves before the end of next year 2011.

    My Cobble Stone Road
    Exposing corrupt politics, it’s my forte’ it’s my passion! “Someone on the top of the mountain threw stones at me, and broke every bone in my body including my heart. And, I recovered and had to learn how to walk through life all over again, and I decided to use these stones to rebuild my life that I will call my cobble stone road.”

    “I Dedicate My Life To This Cause, Justice For All.”

    The Westchester News.Com

  2. just the facts on

    jeanine has never been charged with any crime..she has never been indicted she
    has never been arrested..yet there are those who have personal agendas and
    can’t stand the fact that she is a huge success..you do not get a prime time tv show
    on any day unless your ratings are great..and hers are…that’s reality all the rest is noise

  3. just the facts… what planet are you on, huh? Pirro’s ratings are completely flat 1.0. Judge Judy has top ratings. You are a Pirro follower, and maybe when the FBI starts opening those closed indictments, her name just may be at the front of the list with indictment charges for Political/Public Corruption for what she did to innocent citizens in Westchester County, New York. She prosecuted me with hear say, an innocent woman, and I’m still standing stronger than ever.

    Merry Christmas!

    The Westchester News.Com

  4. inform citizen on

    Barbara Ricci is a scary person. She admited her guilt in a physical attack on a law enforcement officer. A guilty plea in open court. If ever faced with her in public, use great caution. I heard from a very reliable source that she stood trial on attempted murder of her neighbor’s child. She has a history.

  5. inform citizen… Barbara Ricci was acquitted in 23 minutes, don’t tell half a story tell the whole story, there was not one piece of evidence against her, it was all hear say. Your statement tells us that you are part of the corruption that plaques Westchester County, New York.

    The Westchester News.Com

  6. inform citizen… I think people are smart enough to know that you are a simple minded person, why don’t you leave the story for Barbara Ricci to tell, the truth is so much more interesting. What is really sad is people like you, make good cops look bad. “I’m Still Standing” The Barbara Ricci Story, will be on book shelves by the end of the year 2011. You should read it, maybe it will straighten out your twisted mind.

    The Westchester News.Com

  7. Raymond Hernandez… Please let me inform you that Barbara Ricci does not have a criminal history, and everything that you wrote about her was dictated you by Jeanine Pirro the corrupt Westchester County District Attorney. I am so glad you peeked your head out of the box because I have documented proof that everything you wrote in your article is a lie. It’s all dictation without investigation and you are not a credible writer, your just a puppet on a string for corrupt politicians like Jeanine Pirro, your part of the corruption that has been plaguing the citizens for years who live in New York, you have been covering political corruption for years, and you think you represent the press. You’re a thug with a pen.

    The Westchester News.Com

  8. Raymond Hernandez… Please let me inform you that Barbara Ricci does not have a criminal history, and everything that you wrote about her was dictated you by Jeanine Pirro the corrupt Westchester County District Attorney. I am so glad you peeked your head out of the box because I have documented proof that everything you wrote in your article is a lie. It’s all dictation without investigation and you are not a credible writer, your just a puppet on a string for corrupt politicians like Jeanine Pirro, your part of the corruption that has been plaguing the citizens for years who live in New York, you have been covering up political corruption for years, and you think you represent the press. You’re a thug with a pen.

    Jeanine Pirro prosecuted Barbara Ricci without evidence, not one piece of evidence, not one, it was all hear say, and the jury aquitted Barbara Ricci in 23 minutes. INNOCENT!

    Raymond Hernandez, you’re just a thug with a pen. “The New York Times hires street thugs.”

    Now that’s a headline…

    The Westchester News.Com

  9. Raymod Hernandez on

    Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

  10. Raymond Hernandez, you have defamed my name with lies for years and you’re going to be held accountable you and the New York Times. You better have the documented proof to back up your story. What makes you think that I am a pauper? Again, misinformed. You’re a thug with a pen, and you will be on the front-page of The Westchester News.Com in the New Year. You are going to be used as an example as a corrupt News Media, and your political friends who encouraged you to do this will not be able to help you.

    The Westchester News.Com


  11. In the Hudson Valley, it don’t mean squat that someone “pleaded guilty in open court”. There could’ve been countless reasons. Maybe she was threatened, maybe she was coerced, maybe she had horrible counsel, maybe she had no choice, and YES, maybe she was guilty. But dont automatically assume that someone that is either found guilty or pleads guilty is guilty. You’re giving our criminal justice system far too much credit. Look what Pirro did to Jeffrey Deskovic. That kid confessed, yet that didn’t mean he was guilty and that didn’t mean they didn’t railroad him. His confession was WORTHLESS.

  12. We are already doing our research on Raymond Hernandez, just what we thought a brown nose secretary for corrupt politicians, dictation, dictation, dictation and he has no documentation to back up what he writes… 2011 Raymond Hernandez exposed as is… He takes dictation because he’s a secretary to the most corrupt politicians milking the system, robbing the taxpayers and fixing elections, but, his pen is running out of ink and it’s drying up quicker than he thinks.

    We have only just begun our research on exposing this New York Times Writer Raymond Hernandez, who writes stories without obtaining documentation to back up what he writes. The dictation he prints comes from corrupt politicians like Jeanine Pirro, and he defames innocent people, covers up political corruption, and he abuses bloggers like me by hiding behind usernames and these are just a few answers we got when we asked questions about him to our sources. We think its time that the world wide web gets to know the character of Raymond hernandez, this New York Times writer, and it’s coming soon in 2011.


    The Westchester News.Com

  13. I love surfing the net, lol… Yet, another article in 2004 that Raymond Hernandez wrote, he writes stories without documentation to back them up, it’s all hear say, it’s all dictation. What a sorry excuse for a human being this writer is, he thinks the New York Times readers are mentally challenged and won’t catch on to his rhetoric story telling.


    The Westchester News.Com

  14. The NY Times lost ALL of its credibility when they were caught faking stories, plagiarizing, and making up facts to fit their story. Who will ever forget? And NO, I don’t know the westchester news nor it’s writers that Hernandez writes about, but reading his articles, it sure does sound like he’s being dictated to.

  15. Barbara Ricci keeps repeating the nonsense that there was “no evidence” in her trial for trying to run down a 12-year-old girl. She keeps repeating that it was all Hear Say (she means hearsay); well Barbara testimony is in fact evidence.

    I’ve read bigoted statements from Barbara Ricci from her website and back in the trial she faced she was also accused of using racial charged words against the little girl or her family. So it certainly sounds like something happened and just because she was acquitted in the SECOND trial doesn’t mean that nothing happened. I think something happened and ever since, rather than thank her lucky stars that she was acquitted she has spent her life in hatred of the DA.

    This charge way back then was not the trial of the century and the DA probably had no involvement in any way but somehow in her mind Barbara Ricci thinks that Jeanine Pirro was writing the briefs herself and conducting the trial. What a deranged thought that is.

    Let’s not forget that indeed Barbara Ricci DID plead guilty to that charge involving the police officer and in fact she is convicted in that case. One more time, rather than accepting that her actions may have been wrong she lives in hatred and spends her life attacking, attacking, attacking. This tells us about her character, it’s not about her “survival” as in how she changed her life and became a more kind person; it’s how she spends her time looking for some reason to attack and then attacks.

    Now she tells us that her website is “powerful”. Barbara, it’s a pathetic joke, sorry but that the fact. It’s embarrassing, like a grammar school play.

    Once more time, something happened back on that street with that 12-year-old girl. Perhaps you ought to tell the truth about that and clear the air rather than go on with your hatred for the prosecution after all these years. I know that if I had a 12-year-old child that had a car aimed at them and the police and the DA’s office did nothing I would be outraged. If it was your daughter or niece so would you. So you expect that whatever happened to be forgotten by the police dept?

    Well it wasn’t and you were CERTAINLY NOT acquitted in the first trial (where you testified.) It was only after the second trial when you did not take the stand to testify that you got an acquittal. So now its years later, how about telling us a believable story about what actually happened that day?

    As to your bizarre “threats” against the other poster let me make two points. First off you are a public figure due to your so-called journalism (as embarrassingly pathetic as it is). Secondly you come out of the gate with hatred, no explanation of the actual cases. That tells the reader all they need to know about you. One more time, I am convinced that something bad happened on that street to that 12-year-old girl, and it’s your own behavior that leads me to this conclusion, including your use of bigoted statements on your website.

    As to the absurd statement from Two Sides “Look what Pirro did to Jeffrey Deskovic.” this is just the type of hatred that I’m talking about.

    Pirro had zilch to do with that case. She was not the DA; she never prosecuted it, and the MAN PLED GUILTY, it is not a Pirro issue in any way whatsoever.

    I realize that he is innocent and I am really saddened by his story but the fact that someone in jail said they are innocent is not really that unusual. Pirro said she never even got an on official request from Deskovic. I’ve read a lot on that case and I’ve never once seen one shred of evidence that she was ever presented with as much as a letter.

    So while the hate crowd loves to invent stuff the Deskovic case is just not related to Pirro in any way. There are plenty of convicts claiming innocence. It’s up to their lawyers to get them out, not the current prosecutors.

    I am happy that Jeffrey Deskovic is free but frankly his hatred for Pirro is misplaced and it taints his story. But I certainly do understand his anger. False confessions are a real problem, and they allow the guilty to skate.

  16. nonaubiz… you will be held accountable for all your slander about me which everyones knows everything you say about me is complete and utter lies, you and your buddy Raymond Hernandez, have been breaking the law, and I assure you that you will be held accountable for defaming my good name for the last 15 years…. I will make sure the FBI finds out who you are and sits you down and questions you about your conspiracy against me and why and for who. The citizens of Westchester County, New York, know the truth, and they know that the conspiracy and corruption days here are over, all you have to do is read the front-page of The Westchester News.Com. We are the #1 westchester news online, and that is a fact that you cannot change. That says it all…

    Merry Christmas!

    The Westchester News


  17. Barbara-

    It’s my opinion that your response shows mental illness on your part.

    Of course there is no slander in the first place every statement is either fact or opinion and therefore can not be slanderous.

    Secondly the notion that the FBI will be investigating me is beyond bizarre. If I could (for just one second) take your position seriously then it would be AT BEST a civil issue (small claims at that). The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supposed to open up a case over you?

    That (in my opinion) is beyond absurd and well into mental illness.

    Just for kicks, care to copy and paste even one sentence that is untrue and not opinion?

  18. an old neighbor of Mrs. Fruitcake on

    Barbara Ricci has been bizarre for many years. Her husband has been faking a disability so he does not have to work and they live in gov’t subsidized housing. Again, facts that are public record. Perhaps the IRS & DSS should look into their “profitable website?”

  19. Dear “Ms Journalism”

    It’s you’re a loser, not your.

    I am amused that you think that “I belong in jail for life” but you seemed to have fogotten to tell us the real story of what happened to that little girl. The statue of limitations has expired, you have nothing to fear so tell the story (the real one).

  20. nonaubiz… You are going to have to face the truth someday in your little sick demented mind, I have never hurt anyone, never mind a child. You are as corrupt as they come, and I assure you your username will lead the authorities straight to you, and I am prepared to press charges against you. You made the biggest mistake of your life harassing me on a continuous basis. I can’t wait to find out who you really are, and trust me, it will only be a matter of days. I’m done with talking to you on this blog, I will notify the Publisher of Lohud about this, and to answer your question, yes the Publisher of Lohud does care.

    The Westchester News.Com

  21. inform citizen on

    Please note that Barbara Ricci stood trial twice for trying to kill a child while hurling racial slurs. She also has a conviction for assaulting a uniformed police officer. While her bizarre threats and complaints fall on deaf ears, she apparently has impulse control issues. Be on your toes if you are ever face to face with her. Crazy is as crazy does…
    Merry Christmas.

  22. informed citizen, show us the evidence give us the police officers name and badge number? You know what, he doesn’t exist. I have never assaulted a police officer in my life or hurt any child, you are as corrupt as they come. I have a question for you, which corrupt politician are you?

    The Westchester News.Com

  23. The Mount Vernon Police office was named Michael Pelliccio, we was punched and kicked by Barbara Ricci during a school board meeting in 1993 and he had to go to the hospital.

    Barbara Ricci pled guilty to harassment in that case. Sadly rather than thank her lucky stars that she did not get a criminal conviction she seems angry at the world in that case.

    She did go to trial in the case of endangering a child in 1995 according to David Alper of the Mount Vernon Assistant District Attorney’s office at the time. I guess the child was 11 and the name of the mother of the child was Anna Merck.

    It’s true that Ricci was not found guilty but that was after two trials, and in the second she refused to take the stand and testify. I guess it’s hard to convict on an incident where it’s not filmed. Again, rather than thank GOD she didn’t go to jail Ricci seems hell bent on attacking Pirro for some strange reason. Pirro had zilch to do with the case I’m sure.

  24. nonaubiz, Michael Pelliccio was never a police officer, what’s his badge #? Michael Pelliccio was promised he could become a police officer by Ralph Fatigate for a political favor, but that never came to pass for Mike, just ask him.

    Anna Merck was married to a Mount Vernon Police Officer, then divorced, her kid Elizabeth was a bad seed, a liar and controlled her mother, Anna was a nanny, and her daughter was abusing the children she was watching. I reported Anna to her employer, and her employer confronted her and she lost her job, and that was the motive for her and her daughter to fabricate the story that I tried to run her over with my car, so if your gonna continue to write about me do your research, get the facts, do your interviews and get your documentation in order.

    I think the citizens of Westchester County are smart enough to how that you’re just another corrupt politician who I have exposed on The Westchester News, and you have the same motive that Anna Merck had, you want revenge because I exposed you for who you truly are, and that is a corrupt politician.

    My character is consistent in who I am for the last 53 years.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  25. nonaubiz, let me add this, anyone who is innocent should never take the stand because when you don’t take the stand, the evidence must convict, there was no evidence against me and I was acquitted in 23 minutes.

    My character is consistent in who I am for the last 53 years.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  26. Dear Barbara,

    (Did you ACTUALLY ask me his badge number? Are you so screwed up you think some poster knows the badge number of a police officer on the Mount Vernon Police Dept in 1993? Wow are you off your rocker!)

    From the NY Times, June 7, 1995

    After reading one of her poems at a school board meeting, authorities said, Mrs. Ricci punched, kicked and pushed a Mount Vernon police officer, Michael Pelliccio, Court records show that Officer Pelliccio required treatment at the local hospital. Mrs. Ricci pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of harassment.


    As to your story of the 11 year old girl I think I’ve read you say that Anna Merch was an unwed mother and you felt sorry for her, now suddenly she was married to a police officer and THAT’s why you were charged. What a crock! Now you say that the 11 year-old was a “bad seed”? That speaks to your character, not hers.

    So here is an except from the NY Times of August 20, 1995

    Barbara Ricci, the winner of New York State’s Mrs. congeniality contest this year, was acquitted last week of having committed a most uncongenial act—trying to run down her neighbor’s 11-year-old daughter with a car.

    But the acquittal doesn’t exactly make Mrs. Ricci the most agreeable woman in the state, as 24 of her fellow contestants judged her to be during the pageant.

    In 1993, Mrs. Ricci pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment after being arrested for punching, kicking and pushing a police officer in Mount Vernon, where she lives.

    As for Mrs. Ricci’s acquittal on charges that she tried to run over her neighbor’s child, that came only after a second trial.

    The first trial in Mount Vernon City Court ended with a hung jury earlier this year. So what made the difference? According to David Hebert, a spokesman for the Westchester County District Attorney’s office, “she took the stand in the first trial.” The second time, Mrs. Congeniality kept mum.

    All anyone has to do is google your name and the name of the police officer and voila’ up it comes. You expect me to believe you? Here’s a hint , tell us a story we can believe

  27. nonaubiz, you are going to be in the spotlight and shame your family sooner than you think, it is so plain to see that you have a personal vendetta against me, and you are not going to stop until I have the authorizes knock on your door. It’s gonna happen sooner than you think. You certainly are mentally unstable. You follow me around from blog to blog, Topix Blog, Lohud Blog and you are definitely unstable.

    When my book hits the shelves “I’m Still Standing” the people will know the truth, and Jeanine Pirro could either say I’m sorry for what I did to Barbara Ricci I prosecuted her without one piece of evidence or she can continue to be in denial. I am and always will be a victim of false arrest by a bunch of corrupt police who were on the take in the city of Mount Vernon, New York, and everyone who knows the story knows the truth, including you, so by copy and pasting Raymond Hernandez “dictation or any other news report from the DA who lost in court” says nothing to the readers.

    I have the documentation that is why everyones names will be in my book, the truth is powerful tool that I hold in my hand.

    You are a sorry excuse for a human being, and this conspiracy against me and my family will come to an end soon, I can promise you that.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  28. an old neighbor of Mrs. Fruitcake on

    Barbara – you should also go after Google.com for exposing your history of violence!

    I hope that you and your lazy deadbeat of a husband had a nice Christmas.

    ps – good luck with your book. It will be nice if somebody in your household draws a paycheck for once. You and that moron have been living of the gov’t for far too long.

  29. Dear Barbara-

    You wrote;
    “you are not going to stop until I have the authorizes knock on your door. It’s gonna happen sooner than you think.”

    First off that is what you said to me and other posters in 2008, do I guess my doorbell must be broken.

    Secondly just for kicks, exactly what do you think the “authorities” would be knocking on my door for?

    Blogging is still legal in this country and even if I was slandering you (I’m not) that has never been a criminal offense in the United States of America so no “authorities” would be involved.

    As I’ve informed you in the past you ought to read Sullivan v The New York Times and you’ll learn that a person who elects to enter the public arena such as a “publisher” (as pathetic as one is) can almost never win a slander lawsuit. In the event that they did it would be a CIVIL lawsuit that does not involve “the authorities”.

    Lastly if you think the Police and the District Attorney all invented false charges to “get you” then exactly why would they suddenly go “knock on my door” to help you?

    I am really just curious to see how you think, please humor me, and tell me all about it.

    PS I have never used a second name and so “old neighbor” isn’t me but as you like to call me Joe so you may also feel free to think I post under multiple names, it’s a free country.

  30. nonaubiz, you talk like you’re a law clerk, you have vengeance like a corrupt politician, when a person feels threatened by a starker, it is the law, that, an investigation be done to determine wether the individual who hides himself can cause bodily harm to the other person. You have been harassing me and stoking me since 2008. You have a trail of documentation since back then! I do not rely on the Westchester County Judicial System, but I do inform the FBI about the political conspiracy in Westchester County that I have documented and all the news investigations that I have done, and therefore, I am protected by the Federal Law.

    You on the other hand are involved in something very dark and corrupt with your friend Mike Edelman, your like two peas in a pot and you have a strong relationship, so it will be easy find you. I have printed out all the blogs and I am prepared to take legal action against you.

    You are an official in Westchester County in some kind of “Politics” and you’re hiding behind a username, and it will be investigated as to who is behind the username nonaubiz. You can run but you can’t hide from documentation.

    I am a law abiding citizen, and you are continuously defaming my good name and defending corrupt politicians who are under investigation by the FBI.

    If you choose to continue than please do…

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  31. I’ve been told that Barbara Ricci’s home contains a hundreds of illegal bootleg DVD movies. I wonder if the FBI would be interested in her collection of illegal DVD’s?

  32. Dear Barbara,

    OMG, It’s almost like I’m arguing with a five-year-old!

    You wrote;
    “when a person feels threatened by a starker, it is the law, that, an investigation be done to determine wether the individual who hides himself can cause bodily harm to the other person.”

    (Multiple mis-spellings left intentionally)


    There is no such law that just because someone says they “feel threatened” by a blog site the FBI must open up an investigation. Where on the planet did you come up with that nonsense?

    You call yourself a journalist so please go find me the law where that is written. (I came up with the police officers name so “tag—you’re it”) go find me that law.

    There has never been anything that I wrote or that I read others write that can be perceived (by normal people) as threatening violence in any way. Just so that I say it, I have no violent thoughts regarding you or anyone on this planet. None.

    For just ten seconds can you actually realize what would happen to free speech in the United States if such an absurd idea was true? If you don’t like that I respond to your posts you have several choices,

    Respond back,
    Go away or
    Get over it

    These are three of them, there are certainly others. Having the FBI end free speech is not an option, not in this country.

    I can imagine the FBI does get calls from you and I’m certain they’re very nice. When they hang up they probably roll on the floor laughing or crying.

    By the way, and just to make a point do you think your non-stop comments regarding Jeanine Pirro make you a starker (your word) or even a stalker? If so then you ought to report yourself to the FBI.

    Somehow I get the feeling that for some odd reason you feel that you have some inherent right to have the last word, you don’t.

    I can respond to any blog anywhere I want. I can “follow” your posts for eternity if I so desire. It ain’t “stalking” it’s talking. That’s called Free Speech.

    You do not have a right to the last word or to deny anyone , myself included, the right to respond to anything if we so desire. That is also Free Speech.

    I also have the right to tell the readers your history. It’s my personal opinion that that is important for readers to know when you write about others. That is also called free speech, just like your posts are. Even if it were just to be nasty that’s still free speech.

    Free speech is not just for you; it’s actually for all of us. You can’t rant about Pirro. I can rant about you.

    Of course you are also free to tell me that the FBI is about to arrest me (that is free speech too) but I just want you to know that if you actually believe that nonsense then it’s my opinion that you must be very severely deranged, and you are free to seek the help of a mental health professional.

  33. nonaubiz, you have no right because I have no criminal record. You are a mentally disturb person, and I am the Publisher of The Westchester News. I am National Press, and you have stepped over the boundaries. You act like a spoiled little boy, and your parents failed you because they never corrected you and now you have grown up to be a mean spirited adult, and I think that’s sad, very sad. You should have stopped this threatening behavior toward me a longtime ago, you are making a joke out of this, but I assure you that this is not a joke, and I am not laughing.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  34. Dear Barbara,

    There is nothing threatening, and you can keep repeating it all you want but that does not make it so. It’s like I’m arguing with a 5-year-old.

    So what law are you referring to where the FBI is required to investigate blogs that happen to bother you?

    Still waiting for you to tell me. I’m also waiting for you to prove that Elizabeth Merck is a liar as you stated. Is that a documented fact? Is there some court record to prove that, or did you in fact slander that (now grown) child.

    Do you have any facts to back up your statement that Anna Merch’s daughter (same one?) was abusing children. Is there any documentation on that or is your statement that Anna Merck’s daughter was abusing children a slander?

    Have you reported yourself to the FBI yet?

    By the way, let me respond to your first sentence. I do have rights. I am an American and that gives me my rights. I never said that you have a criminal record I said that you were convicted of harassment in the case where it was alleged that you assaulted a police officer. A guilty plea is the same as a conviction Barbara. The case did involve an assault on a police officer and that is all fact.

    If any of those facts are untrue then you may have had a case against the NY Times way back in 1995 but that train left the station in 1996.

    You are “national press” ? That’s a joke but at the same time it is your position then you are subject to Sullivan v the NY Times which means that you can essentially NEVER prevail in a slander lawsuit. Go read the case. You got nothing.

    The chances of a member of the “National Press” winning such a lawsuit are so close to zero that they may as well be zero.

    Hey….why not have…..wait…I gotta laugh for a minute…OMG….wait…………..INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER DELFIM HEUSLER investigate and report on the case of Sullivan v NY TIMES.

    OMG, I gotta laugh. I’m dying here…….

    Have a super 2011!

  35. nonaubiz, I realize that I am not dealing with a rational person, there is something very mentally unstable about you, it’s sad to think about how badly you abused Delfim Heusler and you have been getting away with this little tactic of yours for years, but, it’s gonna come to an end, sooner than you think. You’re a mad man.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  36. Dear Barbara,

    First off Delfim Heusler is a grown up, or as much of a grown up he’s ever going to be. If this is “badly abusing” an adult then what is calling an 11-year-old that you were once accused of aiming a car at a liar and a child abuser?

    Secondly you forgot to tell me the documentation that the Merch child abused children. Where is the documentation of that fact? Or is it a slander that you just made up?

    I’m still waiting for the documentation that Elizabeth Merch is a liar. You stated this as a fact, not opinion. Do you have any documentation of that Ms National Press?

    Also is she the same daughter that you said was in fact abusing children? Or is there another child you are accusing of child abuse, Ms. National Press?

    “getting away with this???
    It will end sooner than I think???

    I guess that makes sense because I think never.

    I think the FBI thinks you’re a nut-job, of course that’s just my opinion.

    However I do wish you Good Luck in 2011. I look forward to reading the reviews of your literary masterpiece in the Books Section of the New York Times, next to their humble apology for printing the stories about you.

    Do you expect to be awarded the Polk or the Nobel for your upcoming book? Both? Really??

    How many books do you think you might sell?

  37. nonaubiz, you are mentally unstable you’re a grown man who talks as though he has a right to interrogate law abiding citizens on these blogs, but, what you really are is a mad man.

    You should know that this documentation is called evidence and I will use it to find out who you are, and when I do, I will be pressing charges on you, criminal charges first, then civil with the help of the other people you have abused on these blogs.

    You see, you think you know the laws that abide to normal citizens like me, but, you don’t.

    Let’s see who is gonna bail you out, will it be Mike Edelman, Jeanine Pirro, Andy Spano, Mike Spano, Nick Spano, Phil Amicone, Ken Jenkins, who?

    I know this is not about Jeanine Pirro because every blog I have made comments on you were there harassing me. You have stepped over the boundaries.

    BTW, you don’t intimidate me because I know who I am, my character is consistent, remember, who I am, I’m “The Westchester News.” You are a coward who hides behind a username and defends corrupt politicians. I am the woman who takes down those corrupt politicians. You have a hard-time accepting the fact that I destroyed that Cesspool in Westchester County Politics, “The Who Do You Know Club.”

    Your name may even be on the list of indictments being handed down, who knows, I don’t know, but, you certainly sound like a desperate man.

    As, soon as the snow clears I’m going to the authorities and having them find out who “nonaubiz” is…

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News.Com

  38. Dear Barbara,

    I’m still waiting for your evidence that the Merck child was a liar and an abuser. Where is the evidence and by what “right” do you make that charge on this site?

    As soon as hell freezes over and flying pigs clears the snow there the “authorities” will disclose private citizens of the United Stated to you in violation of the constitution. You must be deranged.

    I’m laughing at you but I’m also waiting for you to present the evidence regarding the little girl.

    What a farce, it’s like I’m arguing with a five-year-old.

    Let’s see how far you’ll go to have the last word, even as you pretend that my posting is somehow “against the law”. I guess you have somehow convinced yourself that you can post anything you want including charges of abuse against a person but nobody is “permitted” to respond to you. That makes sense in light of your belief that you have “taken down” politicians.

    Politicians have won or lost elections but it’s had zilch to do with you. Remember how your boy Tony Castro got creamed, despite your strong support? Yea that worked out well. Janet wiped the ground with him just as Jeanine Pirro did, even as you hated her.

    If I recall correctly you opposed Cuomo, before you noticed the polls, then I guess a moment of clarity hit you.

    This blog is about how Jeanine Pirro just got a SECOND TV show. If I recall you were opposed to her getting ONE. Now she has two. What happened to your influence? Did President Obama lose your cell number? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Finally, what exactly does the snow have to do with the “authorities” do you think they don’t go to work in the snow or do you think you have to show up in person to have them violate the constitution?

    Dress nice, you never get a second change to make a first impression!