Moving Day For The Senate Is Here


The state Senate officially changing hands from Democratic control to a Republican majority, staffers and lawmakers are swapping offices in the state Capitol Building today.

The majority offices are generally larger and more luxurious, compared to the space set aside for the party in the minority. As of midday, the placard outside of Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos’ office has not been changed. Skelos is expected to become the majority leader when the Senate reconvenes in January.

The picture at left shows workers cleaning out Skelos’ former offices.

Republicans are reviewing the Democrats’ spending habits, with Sen. Thomas Libous, R-Binghamton, saying the soon-to-be minority party is actually $10 million in the hole, compared to the $7 million the Democrats claim.


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  1. Moving day for Vinny Leibell was a month ago. And “Moving In” day for Vinny Leibell is in March. Hopefully some of his minions will be joining him.

  2. some of Leibells minions will be joining him. putnam county government is in disarray. no one wants to make a decision, everyone is looking over their shoulders. everyone who at one time had any form of influence has disappeared and is hiding. The republican party has no leadership. The democratic party has no leadership.

    Everyone is concerned who the next one is.

  3. Uncle Vinny….you aint kidding. drive thru Carmel, go to the county building, and u can cut the tension with a knife. they’re all terrified. Walk thru the building…..DEATHLY SILENT. the influential ones are scared of going to federal prison, and their underlings are scared they may have to go out into the business world and compete for a job and actually be qualified for that job. All the chickens are coming home to roost. In the communities, people are putting together blacklists of idiots who accepted Vinny’s money and support for their election. They’ll never run again for anything. And the funniest part is they would have you believe Vinny didn’t know anyone. Nobody admits to knowing Vinny or working with him. January ww will have more arrests in Putnam I hear. Years & years of rubbing shitt in our faces has come back to them. Isn’t this great?