Cuomo Cuts Ribbon Toward Openness


After his inaugural address, Gov. Andrew Cuomo cut a ribbon on what many at the Capitol have perceived as a example of the lack of openness in Albany: the glass doors that block the public from access to the governor’s offices and the Hall of Governors, where the portraits hang of past governors.

Cuomo said those doors will now be open, after being closed during the Pataki administration. It got the name Fort Pataki.

He cut a ribbon to signify the moment. He also is moving barriers outside the Capitol to more easily allow for buses to bring visitors to the Capitol.

“It has been closed for a number of years. I think it’s just a metaphor. It’s symbolic of the way this government has turned away from the people and excluded people. And if there is a seminal point to the administration I want to bring: We want to bring the people back,” Cuomo said.

“This is the people’s building. This is a monument to democracy. One of the problems with the government in Albany in my opinion is that it’s been controlled by the special interests and not the people. It’s been controlled by the lobbyists and not the people — and that’s going to change starting today.”


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  1. Mr. Cuomo:

    Do you really expect us to fall for this public relations stunt? You’ve replaced the concrete barriers outside the Capitol with Troopers stationed there to harrass people dropping off their family for work. What has this accomplished? The concerete barriers were smarter, better looking and much cheaper than the troopers! Hoe much are we paying the State Police to sit outside and enforce parking rules?