Day 1: Website Changes


Gov. Andrew Cuomo arrived at the state Capitol this morning shortly after 8 a.m. to begin work in his first day in office.

He also launched a new website with a new web address — The old governor’s website is — and it now says, “Sorry, this site has been moved.”

The new site has bios on Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, and the home page offers links about how to find jobs in New York and how to bring your business to New York — two key issues facing the new governor. It has a history of the mansion and under initiatives it says, “Information Coming Soon…”

The site already has the video posted from last night’s swearing in ceremony. Here it is.


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  1. Barbara Battibulli on

    The article, “Humane State Ranking,” states that ‘Canned Hunting’ is still legal in NYS. ‘Canned Hunting’ is when old, unwanted animals from zoos or petting zoos and other sources, are chained to posts so they cannot run and are shot at and killed by “Hunters,” individuals who enjoy killing things for the sake of killing them. The Humane Society ranked NYS number 7 in Animal Protection Laws. However, ‘Canned Hunting’ is still legal. This needs to stop!!! Please contact your State Legislators and Gov Cuomo to institute laws banning this barbaric practice. Old, sick, unwanted animals should be euthanized humanely, not tied to a post and used for target practice. Try to empathize with the fear and pain these animals must feel.