Greenberg: Spitzer Offered “Stick and Stick,” Cuomo’s Offering “Carrot and Stick”


Siena’s Steve Greenberg said today that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has learned from past governors on how to approach the state Legislature and the public, illustrated in his 70 percent approval rating in today’s Siena poll.

Greenberg said during our Live Stream interview with him in our Gannett Albany studio this afternoon that former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s style contrasts that of Cuomo’s.

“Spitzer came in with a stick and a stick. Cuomo has come in with a carrot and a stick. He recognizes he can’t do it alone. He needs the Legislature to approve what he wants,” Greenberg said. “The question is can he bring them along.”

Earlier in the clip, Greenberg points out how the budget battle over the next several months will be reminiscent of an election campaign, with Cuomo backers and unions likely to engage in a television ad war.

“What we are going to see here is something that we normally see in September, October,” he said. “We’re going to actually see a real campaign being waged on the air throughout February and March, leading into the enactment of the budget.”

You can watch Nick Reisman’s full interview with Greenberg here.


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