WCA backs property tax cap


The Westchester County Association is backing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2 percent property tax cap proposal.

WCA’s Call To Action Committee announced its support today. Members said  it was necessary to enact a Property Tax Cap to force local governments and school districts to make the tough choices needed to reduce the property tax burden. There should be no exceptions, according to the committee.

They also opposed the implementation of a circuit breaker as a means to control property taxes as that merely shifts costs and doesn’t address the issue of runaway spending.  Westchester County continues to be ranked the highest property tax county in the country.

“It is imperative that a Property Tax Cap be enacted, without exceptions or exemptions,” said WCA’s Chairman Al DelBello, who served as lt. governor under Mario Cuomo.  “Businesses and homeowners cannot afford to remain in this region without a reduction in their property tax burden.  A tax cap forces the conversation about how government can operate more cost effectively.”


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  1. Folks, what you’ll eventually get is a watered down, exemption laden “cap” that will serve to pacify the gullible public while maintaining the tax circus.