Editorial Board poll: Do you support Cuomo’s tax-cap proposal?


Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced legislation Monday that would cap annual increases in local property taxes at no more than 2 percent annually, unless local residents vote to override the cap. Budget experts say that a tax cap will surely force big cuts by schools, because so much spending is mandated by — but not necessarily funded by — the state and federal governments. What is your take on the issue?


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  1. In 5 years, you will all rue the day the Governor and State Senate rushed through this tax cap. Once you finish your orgy of anger over govt pensions, you’ll realize you will educate your children less well (no problem if YOUr kids are grown) and you will deny service to sick elderly on Medicaid (which you will yet become).

    Commentators will ask why did the State rush into so rash a proposal with no debate, no public discussion, other than confirmation of how fed up people are with property taxes.

    Just remember I told you so…so you can’t claim you didn’t realize what we we’re doing.

  2. Tell the Truth (for once) on

    19 million people in this state, and 5 million of them are presently on MediCAID, (and growing)! If something isn’t done, and done immediately, in five years, half the population of NY will be on welfare.

  3. Medicaid services the low-income population. Medicare is the program that services the elderly. Get it straight.. Are you a current teacher or one collecting a fat pension?

  4. For all those who are aggrieved over medicaid recipients: just pray you’ve saved buckets of money – because if you turn 85, have COPD, require hugely expensive health care, and you had an average successful life – i.e. owned a home, saved a few bucks – without medicaid, your illness will wipe you out. and all the hard-core conservatives braying for a $1,000 tax cut won’t make it equal to denying you the health services you’ll desparately need.

    Just forget about others in need –take care of yerself. Until you can’t.

  5. Busted, Disgusted, and Can't be Trusted on

    Hey Myron – if you had a “successful life” – i.e. owned a home, saved a few bucks, etc., you pay. Medicaid kicks in AFTER you’ve been wiped out. At that point, you can lie outside on the curb and they’ll pick you up, dead or alive.