Oneidas Target Schumer Over Casino Deal


It’s budget season in New York and the first ad out of the gate is aimed at … Chuck Schumer?!

The Oneida Nation of Indians is out with an advertisement taking Sen. Charles Schumer to task for backing the land deal between the state and the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans in order to build a casino in the Catskill Mountains.

The deal, which was inked by then-Gov. David Paterson late last year and is still subject to federal approval, is opposed by rival New York-based tribes and racino owners who believe the new casino will negatively impact their business.

State lawmakers have questioned why the agreement to swap several acres of land the Wisconsin-based tribe had claim to for another parcel of land was done without their knowledge or approval.

The tribe’s ad singles out the Aqueduct racetrack in Queens for being one of the facilities that could be harmed by the new casino.

“Something’s really wrong when the profits from this casino go back to Wisconsin,” the ad charges. The spot also claims the agreement was the product of a “shady backroom deals.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was not mentioned in the spot, has not taken a definitive stance on the casino.

The ad is running in downstate media markets and more commercials expected out later next week.

But construction and trades associations groups want the casino built, saying the construction will create thousands of local jobs. The ad can also be viewed here.


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  1. What else is new. NYS will be sucked into building it; and NYS will benefit a little, while Wisconsin profits. Typical politician; typical “Consumer Advocate” senator not like Chucky Schumer. Go Chucky

  2. This is tribal warfare at its finest. If it were an Oneida casino, they’d say nothing. Of course, the Oneidas seem to think the Iroquois own all of New York State and then some. But don’t try and get them to pay their taxes.

  3. It is natural that no busiiness wants. But I do not understand the political push and pull of Indian tribal claims. I do not know how it has been determined who comes from where.
    My feeligs are. Why should the Indians be given exclusive rights to establsh gambling establishments. There are many countys in New York that would r to have the revenue from a gambling casino. I would like to own an establishment where gambling was allowed. I only want a craps table and a couple of poker tables. And I will pay any sales tax due and te goverment will get, hopefully, morre income tax.