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In case you missed it, Rep. Nan Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, discussed earmarks or the lack thereof in a NYT’s piece that appeared Saturday. The story pointed out that earmarks, a.k.a. pork or money appropriated by Congress for specific projects in specific districts, have paid for many public improvements throughout District 19. But that is coming to a halt.

“I am not questioning the worthiness of filtering Lake Oscawana (in Putnam Valley),” Hayworth told the Times. (That was a reference to $400,000 obtained by her predecessor, John Hall, to improve the lake’s water quality.)

“Is this a project to which federal tax dollars should be directed, or is this a project another authority should be responsible for?,” she continued.

Both houses of Congress recently agreed to temporarily end the practice and President Obama during his State of the Union address threatened to veto any legislation containing such spending.

As a candidate last year, Hayworth signed a “no pork” pledge.

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  1. So it is worth remembering that had Nan Hayworth been in Congress over the past five years the various projects for which her predecessor obtained funding – bridge repairs in Orange County, water filtration in Lake Oskawana, road safety on Route 6, etc. – would never have happened. And she has pledged not to support federal aid for any other such projects in the Hudson Valley in the future.

  2. Borat Sagdiyev on

    Two problems with the “say no to pork” crowd:

    1.) Once, and if, earmarks are abolished. It becomes the domain of the Executive Branch to decide who gets their project funded or not. Not only does this put too much power in the hands of the President, it doesn’t help anyone if the person providing the appropriations doesn’t know the district.

    2.) Many of these people that complain about earmarks are not so against them when they come to their own district. They just don’t like seeing the money going somewhere else. It’s laughable. It’s like the guy on Medicare protesting “socialized medicine” or the business owner that got millions in tax credits and abatements screaming it’s not the government’s responsibility to create jobs.

    As the infrastructure of the 19th Congressional District rots over the next two years while other districts enjoy the fruits of earmarks, will anyone really want Nan Hayworth representing them going forward. No, I didn’t think so.