Skelos Claims Cuomo Holding Up Budget Process


A h/t is due to Jimmy Vielkind of The Times Union, who got this gem out of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’s appearance before the state Association of Counties in Albany this morning.

Essentially, Skelos charged in a Q-and-A after his talk that Cuomo’s sundry task forces on the budget (one of Medicaid redesign, another for mandate relief) amount to punting on the serious, politically difficult issues.

Here’s what Skelos said, according to CapCon:

“His budget should have been presented even earlier, and the process is now at least a week or so behind where it should be,” Skelos said after speaking to the New York State Association of Counties. “The problem is, he’s taking a different approach, he’s leaving it to different task force and mandate relief groups to make recommendations, but it’s interesting — the Medicaid reform task force [reports]March 1, then his 30-day amendments have to be done March 3, and then we as a legislature then have 27 days to do what we’re supposed to do.”

The committees aren’t due to release their proposals until March 1, a month into the budget season and 30 days before the 2011-12 spending plan is actually due to be passed by the Legislature. This is the first public break Skelos has had with Cuomo since the governor took office when it comes to the budget.


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