Jenkins again rips Astorino, Meehan on CSEA suit


The chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators today blasted County Executive Rob Astorino for firing 38 Section 8 workers and again called on the county attorney to represent the board even though he thinks it’s a conflict.

Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers, released a statement indicating that he believes County Attorney Robert Meehan — an Astorino appointment — cannot recuse himself from a lawsuit with the Civil Service Employees Association and that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay any tab for outside lawyers.

Republican legislators and the Astorino administration don’t see it that way. They’ve basically said Jenkins is off the mark and out of line. Read what The Journal News had previously reported here.

“Westchester County taxpayers should not pay a dime for the Astorino Administration’s failure to follow the law.  New York State County law section 501, subsection 2 states clearly that if there is a conflict between the County Board and any official paid their salary from County funds the County Attorney shall represent the County Board and the County.  New York State County law allows for the officer, in this case the County Executive, to hire outside counsel at their own expense.

Jenkins said no more dollars for outside counsel for these matters between the County Board and Administration will be authorized.

“I will not vote to spend another dollar for this Administration’s failure to follow the law,” he said.

For anyone interested in the county charter, read here.


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  1. This guy has lost it. He has a sworn duty to the taxpayers of Westchester and he is supporting a union lawsuit against those very taxpayers. Now, he is trying to force the county attorney to violate his ethical duties as an attorney. Jenkins has become the Shelly Silver of Westchester, and he is doing long-term damage to our county.

  2. Bob Meehan is useless. When the county calls upon him for the first time in his career, he tries to run. I am not a fan of Jenkins’ but at least Ken has backbone. The Meehan Clan steals their paychecks from the taxpayers. They give political hacks a bad name.

  3. Ken Jenkins is a lap-dog for the unions and his actions are destroying finances of our county. He title should be (D, Unions), rather than (D, Yonkers).

  4. Re Bob Meehan: there is a conflict of interest when his wife is the deputy commisioner of the board of elections

    Also, Meehan interpreted the County Charter wrong in issuing his wrong County Attorney opinion stating that the County Executive could do a “do over” or “second time” veto AFTER the Board of Legislators voted to override any of the first vetoes by the County Executive and AFTER the Board passed the FINAL 2011 County of Westchester budget.