Oliverio seeking final term on Putnam Legislature


Putnam County Legislator Sam Oliverio of Putnam Valley said he will seek a sixth and final three-year term this November as a county lawmaker. Oliverio, 58, is the board’s only Democrat.

Following is his announcement:

1)” I am extremely effective as a senior Legislator. As the sole Democrat on an all Republican Board, I have always been able to work very well with my fellow Legislators and have found that compromise has allowed many of my favored governmental projects to take center stage and be adopted (historic designation of Peekskill Hollow Rd., memorializing school tax reform, funding for our Senior centers/libraries/youth groups, preserving our surplus by not raiding it to artificially reduce taxes, and so many more).  This effectiveness and oversight of our Legislature is important as we slush through the next 3 years during this economic crisis.

2) I also want to finish up and oversee a few County projects that are still on the docket (repair of Peekskill Hollow Rd. from Adams to Oregon Corners in line with the historic designation, foreclosure of the Oregon Corners Garage, establishment of a new Humane Society location, and the ongoing budget challenges).  These projects need a seasoned veteran who can guarantee that the work is done right and that the work gets completed.

3) There is a saying I love using “Carpe Diem” (seize the day).  With the Legislature good enough to start the term limit count down in 2002, this has provided me with one more run for Legislator.  When I was provided with the opportunity to run one more time as Legislator to oversee all of the upcoming important County issues (including sales tax, MS-4 water quality expenses, consolidation of services, putting to bed 3 county contracts that will be negotiated the next few years and so many more) I knew I had to seize the moment and go for this final term. (Note: He is referring to term-limit legislation that was vetoed by County Executive Paul Eldridge because of a technical matter. Oliverio said he expects the Legislature will pass an improved version of the law. Based on the law’s expected timetable, he would be the first legislator forced to leave.)

Please understand that this decision not to run for County Legislator again after 2014 does not preclude my continued involvement in government work.  In 2014 I will re-evaluate the needs of my community and my County and then decide in what capacity I can continue to do the most good for our residents.”

— Sam Oliverio


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  1. the right thing to do on

    we will let the court’s determine whether he’s been defamed.but this business of
    falling back on the general moniker doesn’t play in the political arena..it smacks of
    arrogance and hubris to say the least…no one expects him to take political hits without
    fighting back..he apparently did so during the sheriff’s race quite well..on the otherhand
    no one expects his representatives to lie in order to make him look like he has attempted
    to correct the record which was your position and you said you remembered it…that;s
    a falsehood and you can’t justify it at all because it never happend….I suggest that before
    you engage in the same fact creation that you accuse mr edelman of you make sure
    you have it right…

  2. mr. robert 42 on

    look we live in a very forgiving society, people make mistakes all the time, especially in a race like that, I can imagine, i worked hard for Don….. under the gun, under pressure and sometimes maybe you do or say something without thinking, maybe you (hypothetically) meant no harm and probably you didn’t think this would be unethical or illegal. people forgive mistakes made by honest people, its human nature to do so. Look at eliot spitzer, that man went from the bowels of disgrace and shame to having his own TV show on CNN very quickly, no doubt within a year or two he’s back in the game, as he should be if that’s what he wants to do.
    what people don’t look highly upon is this tactic that, when caught out in something, instead of showing your sorry, you just keep up the mud-slinging, changing the subject, even saying there’s more dirt on Smith to be revealed. and that’s why your going to find in this thing people will come to Smith’s defense, Edelman and his client should come out and admit they were wrong and went too far and offer an apology….then public sentiment swings…..but until that happens the credibility is with the brigadier general.

  3. Mr. Robert, I think less of Don Smith after reading all of your rants all over the Internet. I had respect for him until I saw what he let you get away with on blogs, facebook etc.

  4. the right thing to do on

    knowing mike edelman as I do I am sure that if the sheriff had asked him to apologize
    for any misstatements of fact or even over stating a political point he would have been
    glad to do so ..and probably still would be..my point was that he was never asked from
    2009 until january 3rd of this year…that’s a long time…so think about this..if he wasn’t
    asked to correct what was thought to be a false accusation how could he offer an apology
    eg who knew?….this campaign was over with a year and a half ago..immediately after
    the primary edelman was admitted for hip surgery at phelps memorial..he was back at
    the tv stuff barely by election day…he never heard from the general..nor did he hear from
    any one on behalf of the general…in fact if smith made the request even now. I am sure
    edelman would be happy to ask news 12 for time during the taping of newsmakers to
    spend some time making corrective statements…in that regard I am in total agreement
    with you that things are said in campaign mode which may be wrong…not intentionally
    wrong but just hyper spin…correcting such statements is part of the civility of political
    warfare…and i don’t know whether the general is a golfer but i am sure knowing edelman
    that he would be more than happy to take him to play a few times at the oldest golf
    course in the nation…..even ted kennedy and oren hatch used to go out to dinner

  5. mr. robert 42 on

    but the apologies should’ve been offered up a long time ago, the fact that it never came brings us to today i guess. And a year and a half is a year and a half. Doesn’t matter how much time passes, you should know and I’m sure you do that when someone spits in your face, it stays for a,long long time, long after the spit has dried up or been wiped clean, that’s what I meant previously when I said if you attack good people and try to hurt them, that’s your decision, but when they stand up for themselves and start hitting you back, do not be surprised.

  6. the right thing to do on

    the apologies could not have been offered if there was no knowledge that the
    statements were wrong….ie if no one complained how would anyone know that
    there wasn’t truth to the statements….the time for the complaint to be lodged
    would have been immediately after the statements were made on tv not a
    year and a half later

  7. mr. robert 42 on

    not true. these attacks and many others were clear, the strategy was to get Edelman more votes for his client by making the other guy look worse, it went on for months, and this TV program was the last straw.
    the time to make a complaint is whenever you feel like it. So now your going to tell people the right time to make a complaint and the wrong time? maybe there should be some recognition that when you seek to hurt people, especially good people, it never goes away, ever.

  8. the right thing to do on

    the attacks were made by the campaign…as you pointed out in your earlier posts
    things are said in the heat of a campaign that are obviously meant to help the candidate
    you are supporting. your earlier comment about when apologies should have been made
    suggests that edelman knew at the time that what he was saying might have been
    incorrect but since virtually all of those statements appeared in the press way before
    the tv broadcast there was no reason not to believe they were true..go check the articles
    and you will see that the comments were made all through the campaign..they were not
    made up by edelman…this is not about hurting good people campaigns are about using
    facts you believe to be true against your opponents…you seem to be missing the point
    which you yourself made about whether or not someone making the charges is wrong…
    you don’t know you are wrong until someone calls the error to your attention…
    and since the primary election no one from the smith camp complained to edelman….
    not a word.. so you need to answer the question if there was no request for a retraction
    or an apology to the person making the comment how is the person suppose to know
    that he made a misstatement?

  9. mr. robert 42 on

    the false allegations went on for a year and a half before the election, anonymously of course, the same thing repeating itself, not a shred of proof ever produced, but edelman/borkowski still believed it to be true? and it stopped the day after the election, general smith never stooped so low thru retaliation, and its that honor that gets you thru an election, charges made for 18 months before an election then for the whole election cycle and never proved, now it’s all coming back to what was done in 2009, dont try to just pin this on Edelman, he had a client, remember that?

  10. the right thing to do on

    you are correct in that..edelman shouldn’t bear responsibility, the campaign should
    so why is the sheriff suing edelman….since edelman only made the statement one
    time…..so by admission ..(yours) you are actually saying that it was the priro 18 months
    of the campaign that the sheriff is ticked off about…but he has aimed his sites at
    a tv commentator who said it one time…you have made my point believe it or not
    don’t try to pin this just on edelman…which is exactly what the sheriff is attempting
    to do..

  11. mr. robert 42 on

    if edelman spoke the words, he’s responsible legally. i am not speaking for the general or anyone else, the same false claims kept appearing many months before the election by the same crew and no proof ever was provided, then edelman speaks the words on TV as if he’s just a concerned citizen connected to no one. who was Edelman working for? that false piece ran every 16 minutes just 72 hours before election day. if edelman and the guy who paid him had no proof that the general “spends most of his time there”, then why did he say it?

  12. the right thing to do on

    I am sure that any statements made at the time were based on a reasonable belief
    they were true….and based on what was said back and forth during the campaign
    the claims were part of the campaign and no one who watches news 12 has the
    impression that edelman is a concerned citizen…he is always introduced as a political
    consultant never as joe citizen..and the show did not run every 16 minutes or anything
    close to it…but you are straying from the content of your prior posts which cites the
    heat of an election etc…those statements appeared in the newspaper and other
    media outlets so they were not new..the fact that they may be false or disproven
    at some point doesnt mean that when they were said they weren’t believed to be true
    if you check the record you will see that others outside the campaign made statements
    about the amount of time spent not on the job…the point is that it is perfectly normal
    campaign hypberbole…but your initial argument about you remembering that smith asked
    for a retraction from edelman is not accurate…no one ever asked…

  13. mr. robert 42 on

    they should have said that edelman was paid $3,000 by Borkowski to say this stuff. you are wrong, or ignoring the obvious, edelman is portrayed as some political expert, and people not involved in politics would think he had some inside word, there was zero mention that he was under the money influence of the borkowski campaign, nothing but a talking head, very very irresponsible. we’ll have to agree to disagree that General Smith asked for a retraction, a moot point now, if edelman/borkowski refuse to apologize or admit they were wrong 18 months later, no way would they apologize or retract it at that time, two days before the election, why should they? according to edelman/borkowski, right? they got the false story out 2 days before the eelction, they got what they wanted. they lost, they moved on, right? well sometimes people cant move on, and those throwing bombs shouldn’t expect them to move on

  14. the right thing to do on

    you are assuming that edelman would not admit he was wrong 18 months later..
    why make that false assumption…he wasn’t asked…maybe it would have been
    more in keeping with the general’s reputation if before he started a lawsuit he
    asked for a corrected record..you can hardly expect one after a lawsuit is started for
    obvious reasons…so your question why would they is misplaced…as to edelman if
    he were wrong or misadvised as to the time the sheriff spent away from his job he
    would have corrected the record but to correct the record you have to be told
    that you are incorrect…and that’s the point…the original statement was made in good
    faith at the time..if it was wrong it was wrong..but without hearing from someone from
    smith’s camp there is no reason to conclude on your own that it is wrong…you are simply
    assuming that when the statement was made edelman knew it was incorrect and based
    on what appeared in the press prior to the tv broadcast the statements were already
    out there so it was just a rehash of prior campaign drivle

  15. mr. robert 42 on

    sometimes you can’t just say and do whatever you feel will better your chances of winning, when you live each day looking to hurt someone, sometimes that effort comes right back at you, like karma, sometimes in a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years, etc., and thats what looks like is going on now, all this stuff is now coming out.

  16. the right thing to do on

    you are correct unless you believe what you are saying is accurate…and over the
    years edelman has had a sterling record of doing just that

  17. mr. robert 42 on

    you believe what you said is accurate, except no due diligence and no research was done to make sure it was true, from not just one lawyer but 2 lawyers…2 lawyers saying the same false story? he shouldnt have been saying what borkowski wanted jiust because borkowski paid him to say it

  18. the right thing to do on

    now lets’ see if the attorneys for the sheriff want to call
    the process server to testify…the US attorney has been
    notified…levy is out he is too connected..this is now
    a federal issue

  19. reality sets in on

    I guess there’s a plan to defend this lawsuit by attacking the one filing the lawsuit. That doesn’t work, never did, people will want to know if Don Smith was falsely accused of spending “most of his time there”, meaning North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

    No US attorney is going to be taking action on a process server for supposedly improper service. Nothing will happen out of that. Dead issue.

    Levy is “too well connected” so he’s “out”? Levy is so scared right now over the Leibell mess and other matters I don’t think he’s do anything, period. especially when it involves men in a position to fight back. Good men like Don Smith.

    “THIS IS A FEDERAL ISSUE”. Nice try at intimidation, but this lawsuit aint going away.

  20. is there a challenger to Ms. Odell for county exec? and is borkowski going to run for district attorney, he’s the better choice.

  21. Five Years in the Federal Pen on

    this is my prediction for Leibell tomorrow. One can only pray. Who cares about his most insincere apology? He can’t take back those letters he wrote, with all the attacks.

    That Judge announces five years, and the handcuffs go on, give it 24 hours. Leibell will cooperate, and more than a few of his thugs will have an instant case of diahhrea.

  22. Allen, please remove the 3″ spikes from our living trees that you used to hang your signs on! You lost the election almost 2 weeks ago!!! Also, thank you Patti and Dawn for your covert support. I knew if you backed Allen that I would win! Thank you! To those who supported me, the best is yet to come and I thank you with all my heart! To those that did not, well, just think about it these next 3 years!

  23. Patty Villanova on

    Sam- you’re not even a gracious winner, but given your background as one of the Big Government Elites, I suppose it’s to be expected. Career politicians like yourself, who depend upon low voter turn-out to continually get re-elected by pandering to their constituencies, are the reason we need Term Limits. On another note, I stopped by Federal Court last week to check out the trial, Bliss vs. Putnam Valley CSD, hoping to hear your testimony; I understand you had already been deposed by the State Investigation Commission and that you were going to be called as a witness in the civil action. (if you haven’t yet testified and know when you’re scheduled, please let me know so I can be there). In case you’ve forgotten, Laura Bliss is a former student at the Middle School who is suing the District for $17 million dollars or so, claiming that there was inappropriate sexual conduct by Dennis Tave, a former teacher, now retired with a nice pension. Then again, with your busy political schedule, it’s amazing that you find time to spend at your other job at the school. It’s understandable that you might not have noticed the behaviors that were documented in the NYSIC report by your colleagues. After reading the SIC report, I often wondered if you were at the meeting when principal Hallisey told the teaching staff that “to exonerate the teacher (Tave) we have to trash Jane (Bliss); to exonerate Jane, the teacher gets trashed.” I also wonder whether, as a guidance counselor or whatever your position was at the time, you were aware of the complaints lodged against Tave by other students at the school who claimed that the teacher “behaved in an overtly flirtatious manner with female students… had given them candy and money… provided them with test answers…. and twirled their hair..”

    I can sleep a little easier at night knowing that we can rely on Sam Oliverio’s vigilance to protect the residents and children of Putnam Valley and to keep us safe from predators of every sort. Carpe Diem, to be sure.

  24. Did Sam really post such an ungracious and unprofessional remark? Despite my name in this thread, I have never posted here. Silly people create conversations pretending to be someone else, and there appears to be no regulation of this particular blog.

    A 51 vote victory is not much, and the election wasn’t over until Tuesday. Allen did very well as a newcomer to Putnam Valley politics. Congratualtions to him!

  25. All charges in the Tave Trial against the District, Tave and Hallisey were summarily dismissed Friday, 11/18. And no, I was never called to testified in either the Criminal or Civil case.

  26. To: SamO

    Re: Bliss v. PVCSD

    There never was a criminal case because the Sheriff and DA botched up the initial investigation; however, I believe that you gave testimony to the State Commission of Investigation that put out the report which excoriated Tave, the PVCSD, Deputy Killarney, et al. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  27. don’t assume that’s really Sam Oliverio writing those comments, anyone can put down anyone else’s name as you can see. seems to me that a forever incumbent who finally had an opponent and only won by 51 votes would be a little more humble, but then again Vinny Leibell showed poorly in last year’s CE race and he rubbed it in MEO’s face, and also publicly blamed all the federal investigations on Greg Ball for which Leibell has never apologized. so nothing would surprise, but don’t assume it’s Mr. O.
    And the Tave case is pathetic. the way they treated her, and failed to support her, because she was a nobody and this man Tave had connections. YOU are right, the sheriff sure did botch that case very badly just like most times he botches seems like every high profile or major case in putnam co. in this wave of political housecleaning don smith has to go, send him packing. And somebody said last week tave had a lawyer and he’s the ex-law partner of the DA, so there’s your answers why there was no charges.
    Was it really dismissed? i was interested in learning what really happened

  28. Its official a Federal Jury dismissed the Tave case. Yet not a word from a certain few. Why is that? I think maybe you should file a FOIL and get the jury member names. You should look into them, I’m sure Sam and the “Putnam Valley Elite” must have gotten to them somehow. I’m sure that maybe the allegations were not true in the first place were not even a consideration in your rants. Why would it be, it would have made for a slow news week for you.

    You talk of people’s rights, but you throw that out the window when it suits you. You ever hear of the concept of Innocent, till proven guilty?

    On a different note, do you guys mind if I took out a full page ad out in every major U.S. publication and billboard signs in every city of the United States in your names endorsing Obama for reelection next year? God knows we can’t take another 4 years of his solutions.

    I’m just curious, who do you guys think should be appointed to the open town board seat? I heard thru the grapevine that you guys are on the short list. I heard that Cablevision is spending millions lobbying for you guys. Apparently they want to boost the ratings of channel 20, then they want to bundle channel 20 with their other comedy channels package. Not sure if it’s true or just a rumor.

  29. if you read the Department of Education report and the S.I.C. report, you wouldn’t be so proud of Dennis Tave. Read those reports. It’s as much a report on Putnam ethics as it is on Tave. Numerous cited instances of inappropriate behavior, the DA refused to prosecute, and the Sheriff did a very poor job on this case.


    Sometimes something that looks like incompetence is really just incompetence, not a conspiricy to coverup. Not to defend anyone, but when allegations are made 2 years later, it’s just really difficult to investigate.

    Plus the jury heard things we never did, probably never will. It’s always easy to Monday morning quarterback, but you have to respect their decision, otherwise we all might as well just go live in Russia or Libya.

    BTW, how’s your retirement going Bob?

  31. Nice try. Don’t try to tell ME to have a happy Thanksgiving. YOU have a happy Thanksgiving! :=)