Molinaro Mulls County Executive Run In Dutchess


Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro, R-Tivoli, Dutchess County, said today that he will weigh a run for Dutchess County executive and make a decision by as early as next week.

Republican County Executive William Steinhaus announced earlier today that he will retire at year’s end.

Molinaro said, “I’m going to take some time to talk to business and community leaders, certainly the leadership of the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties and most importantly spend some time talking with my family and ultimately make a decision in the next week.”

Molinaro, 35, was elected to the Assembly in 2005 and was first elected at age 18 to the Tivoli Village Board. He is considered the top pick among local Republicans, and he said he’s been receiving numerous calls today from local leaders about a potential run.

On the Democratic side, Joseph Ruggiero, executive director of the New York State Bridge Authority, has been mentioned.

Molinaro praised Steinhaus, the longest-serving county executive in the state who was first elected in 1991.

“The man has given an extraordinary amount of service to the people of Dutchess County. I have the highest regard for him,” Molinaro said.


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  1. please…marc was a prodigy of the great vinnie leibell. you remember him. molinaro was given a lot of pork while mayor of tivoli and even while assemblyman. hard earned taxpayer money. just so he would be elected and re-elected. hopefully people will see through the facade. joe ruggerio will be the next county executive in dutchess. steinhaus could never fix the county roads…50th worst in the nation. molinaro gives him praise because he is afraid to tell the truth.

  2. Molinaro will win against all comers. He’s a Republican statewide star-in-the-making. Much better than all the hype around Astorino.

  3. Mike Selinger on

    I’m getting a “robo” style polling phone call in my home, everyday!
    “Robo” meaning no one to talk to. I will not vote for either of these guys if I keep getting these obnoxious calls.

  4. Mike Selinger on

    Okay, dummy that I am…I just read the article and see that “Mr. Molinaro will weigh a run for
    Dutchess County Executive and make a decision by early next week.”
    This might explain the DAILY calls I’m getting, regarding how I’d vote. Well, it appears that
    the dots connect these calls to Mr. Molinaro……..Pretty rude. I’m prepared to answer now;
    No, I will not vote for Mr. Molinaro. Stop invading my home with the calls now.