Biz Council supports budget deal


The Business Council of Westchester said the budget deal with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is “welcome news to all New Yorkers.”

“The tentative agreement includes historic reforms that will redesign state government, cap future increases in the major cost drivers – Medicaid and education – and transform the future budgeting process,” according to a council statement. “At the same time we look forward to continuing discussions and resolution of implementing a property tax cap with mandate relief to deliver meaningful cost saving measures to our school districts and municipalities. Our leaders made the difficult but necessary decisions to change the culture in Albany that was long overdue.  This is a major breakthrough towards putting New York on the road to fiscal reform that is critical to supporting economic growth and job creation.”


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  1. If you believe the culture in Albany has changed then I have bridge to sell you. The culture will only change when Albany gives back to the people and not continually take. When Albany tightens it’s belt to the degree that we the taxpayers have, then it can be said the culture is beginning to change. Real spending cuts and tax reductions would signal a cultural change. Don’t hold your breath!