Another Yonkers woman to challenge Jose Alvarado


Yonkers resident Virginia Perez, who two years ago unsuccessfully ran for the Yonkers City Council, is expected to launch her campaign on Thursday for the Democratic nomination to the Westchester County Legislature’s 17th District, now held by Democrat Jose Alvarado.

Perez, 31, a hotel management professional, will hold her noon event in front of 279 S. Broadway, the building where former Yonkers City Councilman Wilson Soto claimed he lived when he voted in the 2009 Democratic primary in which Alvarado beat former Councilwoman Sandy Annabi by less than 10 votes.

Alvarado has served on the board almost 10 years representing a district located in Yonkers’ southwest quadrant.

Soto, who lives on the city’s east side, pleaded guilty to lying about his residence and falsifying a primary ballot on March 14 and he is awating sentencing in that case. Annabi is facing a federal public corruption trial for an unrelated matter involving allegations that she took bribes for votes she cast on the City Council.

In her announcement about her press conference tomorrow, Perez said she will call for Alvarado’s resignation due to Soto’s voting fraud.

“In light of the recent guilty plea of Alvarado campaign attorney Wilson Soto on charges of voting fraud, Alvarado has forfeited his moral right to represent the district,” Perez stated in her email.

In 2009 Alvarado denied that Soto was his campaign attorney, though they did work together on the campaign.

Perez is the second woman to announce a challenge to Alvarado this week. On Wednesday Republican Carmen Gomez Goldberg announced her campaign for the seat.


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  1. Once again Ernie Garcia and the Journal News show their bias. “another woman” instead of “Virginia Perez announces her candidacy for the 17th district” Time and again, Ernie and the JN fail to name the “challanger to the Democratic incumbent. Shame Shame Shame.

  2. county taxpayer on

    Virginia Perez is young, honest and determined. I can’t see Alvarado, who after all had this district handed to him as a “minority” district, doing the hard work required to hang on to his seat.

    He couldn’t beat Annabi without funny business when so many of her absentee ballots were thrown out and all the interference at the polls primary day. Add to that the wholesale cheating and you see that Alvarados in trouble this time.

    And your right tcpaverman – “another woman” is an insulting headline.