Silver Looks To Rent Control, Property Tax Cap


Without much prompting from reporters, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said early this morning that focus in his chamber will turn toward passing an ethics bill, re-approving rent regulations for New York City and a cap on property taxes.

“Clearly an ethics reform bill, keeping homes affordable to people whether they rent or they own,” Silver said after the Democratic-led Assembly approved the final budget bills. “I think those are things that just jump off the page.”

Silver has not committed to whether he would back the 2 percent cap on property taxes that was approved by the Senate on Jan. 31, which has the backing of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The powerful Assembly speaker also gave credit to Cuomo (while also giving a nod to his rank and file conference) for achieving an on-time spending plan.

He said some of the more forceful personalities in the Assembly were “tempered by a strong leader in the governor’s office. That led to this particular budget to be able to function in such a difficult set of our circumstances.”

Silver was the subject of an interesting Times piece on Monday that discussed his seemingly diminished roll in the budget process and the notion that Cuomo, at least this year, was able to gain unusually large concessions from the speaker.


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  1. It doesn’t make sense. Massive budget cuts to education is bad enough, but adding a property tax cap on top of that? Sounds like a public education disaster in the making. What am I missing here?

  2. smartporpoise on

    Silver again gets the best of all worlds. As a millionaire, his personal taxes go down; Tort reform will not be passed, insuring the continuance of the extraordinary income he receives from the personal injury law firm he represents; all budget cuts he can blame on the tea party. A trifecta.

  3. Why a Property Tax Cap – Simple: If we do not get investment back into this state you can kiss Education along with every other important program good-bye. General Motors ignored their financial mess and they went bankrupt. With the bankruptcy all the pensions and promises were flushed down the toilet. We need fiscal responsibility, common sense, and business investment. Its not going to happen until you cap taxes and give “BIG BUSINESS” a reason to invest in this state. You can’t Tax yourself into Prosperty.

    Thats why we need to cap taxes.

  4. Alisa, is it possible you are not a property tax payer? If so then I can understand why your thinking is as it is. If you are a property tax payer; NEWSFLASH, NEW YORK TAXES ARE DRIVING PEOPLE OUT OF STATE!!!!! Why do you think we lost 2 seats in Congress?

  5. Used to be you needed to own property to vote. Now, in “democratic” NY, it’s become that if you own property, your reward for industriousness is to pay for absolutely everything and to have the non-property owners and non contributors vote overwhelmingly against the people who keep this State going on every issue.