Hayworth on end of budget stalemate


Rep. Nan Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, released the following statement after Congress and President Obama reached a budget deal.

“When Congress cuts spending, the American people win.  We still need to do so much more, but this agreement is an important victory for taxpayers.  It’s also important to consider we are limited in our ability to cut spending by the President and the Senate.  Public pressure must continue to be applied to the Senate leadership and the President to stop spending money the federal government simply doesn’t have and to be responsible for the federal budget in the same way families have to be responsible for their budgets.  It’s that simple,” Hayworth said.


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    a good start would be for Hayworth to get rid of Rob DiFrancesco.

  2. Yes, I’m feeling like a big winner, and so the tremendous gamble Nan Hayworth is taking on our behalf by converting medicare to a voucher program, and the prospect of fighting tooth and nail with insurance companies throughout my sunset years does not faze me. And since Rep Hayworth is making me such a winner, I am equally unfazed by the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans in the Ryan budget she voted for, for I shall surely have risen above my clearly self-inflicted middle-class state and will no doubt be well situated amongst these same wealthy and enjoying more of my hard-earned money thereby. And, the great winner that I am, I shall be able to share my ample winnings with my offspring, therefore rendering the insolvency of our government engendered by the abovementioned tax cuts, and the hypocrisy it represents a matter of no concern, yay verily, of celebration. Truly, shrinking government so that it may be drowned in William Krystol’s bathtub is a Nirvana the middle class cannot attain too quickly, and we may thank Ms Hayworth for not revealing her intents during the election and spoiling the surprise.

  3. Dr. Hayworth…the patient is ILL! More blood letting! More leeches! This will surely cure him!

  4. Mark A Joppa on

    Again Rep. Hayworth is lying Congress controlled by the Republicans can cut as much as the want. If the Senate and the President want to shut down the Government by not accepting the cuts is very different than it is hard to cut the budget. She also lied by saying the tax payers had a victory I don’t see my taxes going down. If Rep. Hayworth considers it a victory when they use the Democrat math to say they 38.5 billion when the Tea Party elected people to cut 100 billion and in reality they only cut 400 million the Tea Party will knock her out of office faster than she dumped her campaign manager. The add in Obama reneging on the deal by signing an executive letter reinstating the money for his socialist czars how can she say the tax payers won. It is a lie.n Congress spends the money not the Senate not the President Congress and Congress alone spends tthe money. The only thing she told the truth about there’s more work to do……MJ