Cuomo: State Workers Shouldn’t Expect “A Big Raise From The State”


Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters outside Buffalo this morning that he’s pleased he was able to get a contract deal yesterday with Council 82, and hopefully it would lead to similar deals with other major public-employee unions.

The union, which represents some law-enforcement officials, agreed to a three-year pay freeze. He hasn’t reached a deal with CSEA or PEF, the state’s two largest unions. Their contracts expired April 1.

Cuomo said the state is “functionally bankrupt” and can’t be doling out raises to employees. He’s seeking $450 million in concessions from the unions this year or is threatening to lay off 9,800 workers.

“So if the state employees think that they can get a big raise from the state, they can’t,” Cuomo said. “We don’t have the money. And we’re in a position where we are not going to be raising taxes in this state to pay higher costs for public employees.”

Cuomo also reiterated that he’s happy with his property-tax cap proposal, but “Am I open to talking? Yes.”

As for the showdown in Washington over the federal budget, he said the battle there makes him proud that New York was able to get an on-time deal.

“If anything, it makes me proud of what we did in Albany, that we worked through very tough issues,” he said. “Fundamentally, what is happening is that you have tough economic times, which is stressing the budget problems. It’s hard to do a budget during these times.”


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  1. alulu4youyou on

    Like WI, this state is neither “functionally bankrupt” nor broke. Wall Street, all banking and financial businesses making millions and billions (along with their CEOs) live and are concentrated here.

    It is just that all the assets have been transferred to the top 1-3% and corporations as a result of this state’s and the federal tax laws (or non tax policy, however you want to call it) and the taxpayer bailouts.

    This governor ran on the democratic line but is espousing all the mantras of the GOP/TP and that party’s well debunked “trickle down” theory (a failed policy of 10 years and counting now).

    Unions and public employees have always helped the state in budget crisis and have had contracts of 0% increases for many contract periods (even under this man’s father). The unions and lower and middle class private and public workers are not the ones creating the problem.

    So, Mr. Cuomo–where is the shared sacrifice from the wealthy and corporations? You are not going to “cut” your way out of this without taxing, any more than the GOP/TP will.

    If you are truly a Dem, I suggest that you read and follow Obama’s plan for long-term changes to accomplish the necessary goals, and stop espousing the GOP/TP mantras that have now been proven not to work.

  2. With this pronouncement, Cuomo manages to speak like a tough guy while, in effect, promising to use taxpayer money for more raises. Nice straddle.