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State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, sent a letter to President Obama yesterday asking for federal funding to help solve radio problems experienced by the Port Authority police and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police. Ball said representatives of both agencies have alerted him about their department-issued radios sometimes working poorly, creating a safety hazard for both officers and the public.

Such communication problems, Ball says in the letter, were pointed out by the 9-11 Commission and were discussed during his homeland security hearing last week.

“Mr. President, this is all our responsibility, and most certainly yours. I therefore ask for your assistance and support in assuring that the issue of radio operability and interoperability become an immediate federal funding priority,” Ball wrote.

The letter appears below and was signed by Republican and Democratic members of the Senate’s homeland security committee, which Ball chairs.

Sen. Ball’s Letter to President Obama


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  1. Wow! Ball actually found something I agree with. Must be he hired someone who actually cares! The 911 commission found and recommended addressing the communication incompatibility before ball was ever elected and still nothing has been done. This is a shameful reflection on Bush, the democratic congress, Obama, the republican congress AND the NYS leadership along with both legislatures. Nothing has been done? Outrageous. Ball was in the Assembly for two terms and did nothing. Now he is in the Senate and doing nothing other than blame someone else. To think we have to rely on a psychotic like ball to bring it back into the discussion arena is sickening in itself.

  2. Stick to the Issue on

    Waddaya mean he’s doing nothing? He’s publicly stating that something must be done and he’s alerting the White House that it must be done and asking for some horsepower be directed at the problem. Waddaya want him to do, manufacture radios?