In New York, Trump Donated More To Democrats Than Republicans


As he gears up for a potential run for president, Donald Trump has also been a generous contributor to political campaigns for state offices in New York, a review of campaign finance records by NYPIRG today shows.

In New York, Trump has doled out $595,636 to campaigns since 1999, close to the amount he has given to federal campaigns since 1990, $708,500. Of that, $395,391 went to Democrats and $172,150 went to Republicans.

The most went to the state Democratic Committee at $116,000, and second was $83,000 to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Here’s the top 10 list, but some local campaigns were beneficiaries of Trump: $7,150 to former Republican Sen. Nick Spano of Yonkers; $2,400 to former Westchester County Executive Andy Spano; $5,000 to the Westchester County Republican Committee and $1,000 to Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef’s failed GOP run for state Senate.

NYPIRG- Trump NYS Donations


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