Richard Martinelli’s Yonkers mayoral bid speech


Former Yonkers City Council President Richard Martinelli released a copy of his mayoral launch speech to The Journal News. Here’s what he said this evening at the Polish center event.

My family and I are standing before you today because Yonkers, this wonderful city that we call home is facing financial perils unprecedented in history. We are not unique. Along with other cities around our nation we face difficult decisions. Many of the things we will have to do will be unpopular…Many choices we will have to make will be painful. But these decisions will have to be made.

The people of our city and country are speaking out, they’re demanding that their governments fiscal house be put in order.

To be successful, the next Mayor of Yonkers must aggressively act to do more with less.

Just like in business all applicants are not suited for the job… I KNOW I AM!!!! Good evening ladies and gentlemen… my name is Richard Martinelli and I am a candidate for the Job of Mayor of Yonkers!!

I seek this position not as a result of political ambitions, not as one who looks to public service as a form of permanent employment, but rather as a business man who is convinced that Government must be run more like a business and less…well …like Government.

I believe in a new day for Yonkers. As Mayor I will form partnerships within government to bring about a balanced budget. I will work with commissioners to find ways to do more with less. I will streamline government and make it more productive.

As Mayor, the buck stops with me.

I will reduce the salary of Mayor by 10 % and require at least the same for all commissioners and department heads and key personnel. I will reduce the size of the car fleet to only what is absolutely necessary. I will be driving in my old reliable Mercury Milan to work, enjoying every minute of it. I will reduce the staff of the Mayors office and I will eliminate unnecessary costs whenever and wherever they are found and this includes cars, gas, phones and political hiring.

I will treat our work force fairly. We have some of the best Teachers and Firemen and Policemen in the country…But they will be called upon to help in this endeavor to reign in costs. We will not and cannot pit one member or union against another…A common purpose unites us…and that is to restore our city to a place that allows us…once again…to be proud to claim it as our own.

The unpopular decision… made by the business owners, but avoided by the politicians is a big part of the problem. As Mayor I will bring an ability to make tough decisions and as always make decisions that are based on the best interest of the shareholders, you the citizens of Yonkers.
As Mayor, I would strive to form partnerships within government. Having served 10 years on the city council I want to work constructively with the city council to reign in costs and move our city forward.

I want to form partnerships with other elected officials on the county state and federal level to assure that Yonkers is getting what it deserves.

I will attempt to streamline government services with a commitment to be business and
consumer friendly, with our municipal employees providing the highest quality of service to our citizens.

I am here today to officially begin a journey. This journey will be all about the City of Yonkers and the great-unrealized potential we have. It will be about family, my family and yours.

I am proud to have been raised in Yonkers and a graduate of Roosevelt HS. My wife Beth Ann and I choose Yonkers as the place to raise our three children all of whom attended Yonkers Public schools.

As you know my mother and father have lived in Yonkers for over 50 years. Not only can we claim the oldest printing establishment in the city…but my five brothers and I can claim the longest serving, oldest living former mayor of Yonkers, my dad Angelo Martinelli.

My vision for Yonkers is the product of a lifetime living, learning and working in and for this city.

The truth be told…being out of office for almost six years has been an eye opener for me. It has given me the opportunity to objectively assess where we are and where we should be going…

I am concerned with the future…not the past. My focus as mayor will be to lead this city
forward putting our financial house in order, making our government transparent, developing our natural gifts… and Most importantly restoring confidence in our Education system so that our children and grandchildren will do what Beth Ann and I did…and that is to choose Yonkers as their home…

Thank you for coming tonight and thank you for your support.


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  1. Here we go with the crapolla show

    Angelo Martinelli returns. You recall, the Mayor when you were a child..he is still there in the form of his child. Nothing has changed.

    Make sure you read his palm card. You will not be able to read it if you are over 50. So much crap is crammed into it and the type is so small that it is unreadable unless your eyesite is perfect.

    One thing is accuracy. Martinelli claims a host of legislation as his own that is simply not true. Most notable is ethics legislation that he claims it as his. Unfortunately, John Murtagh wrote the law and got it passed in the City Council, not Martinelli. But it is only a small lie, so who cares?

    Such a great start for such a loser.

  2. yeah, Murtagh is now taking credit for everything from soup to nuts. Voted for a whopping 15% tax increase one year and now he is Mr. Fiscal Conservative. And as for so-called newly revamped Code of Ethics for which he takes credit, you’d be hardpressed to find one Board decision that didn’t soft-pedal glaring ethical lapses. But, Mr. M’s biggest flaw is his nasty, sarcastic nature. The last thing we need is another mayor in Yonkers who has even a shred of a retaliatory vindictive nature, as we now have. And, if you start out has a hypocrite, you only get worse.

  3. Martinelli should open up a thirty year old bottle of sparkling cider and let the carbonation clear up his head.

  4. Same old tactics. Like father like son. Run for office and get free publicity for your printing business. Are Yonkers residents that dumb?

  5. just the facts on

    the point about free publicity is the most ridiculous argument thus far…the martinelli
    family doesnt need any publicity for any of their businesses which by the way include
    magazines such as delaware today, westchester magazine and hudson valley…
    its a publishing conglomorate in which richard plays a major role…to suggest that
    he would declare for mayor simply to get business sounds like someone with a long
    term grudge against former mayor angelo martinelli who, as you may remember …or not
    was NEVER A STRONG MAYOR..they had a city manager form of government at the time
    with the council making the day to day operating decisions…Richard should he be elected
    will make a very competent very intelligent very business oriented mayor with the best
    interest of all the people of yonkers at the top of his list..I always like people who don’t
    need the job…richard doesn’t need to be mayor to make a living…people who don’t NEED
    public service jobs don;t steal from the public

  6. Working with them for so many years can really open your eyes. Maybe someday, hopefully, more eyes will be opened to ALL THE FACTS. There’s nothing ridiculous about that!

  7. Time to cut the puppet strings! Time to stand on your own two feet. Your accomplishments are always tagged with your glorious family history. The arrogance is disgusting.

  8. One Man, One Vote on

    Well, if Downtown resident is voting for him, he won’t go completely voteless.