Senator goes after Cuomo on gay marriage


Rev. Ruben Diaz, an outspoken Democratic senator from the Bronx, just issued a statement that accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of crossing a line by advocating for gay marriage during Holy Week. Diaz, a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, said he was responding to news reports of Cuomo’s “excessive pressure to mobilize elected officials to legalize homosexual marriage in New York State.”

A coalition of gay-rights groups announced today that it is launching an aggressive campaign to get legislation passed and will target lawmakers who are opposed to same-sex marriage. Members of New Yorkers United for Marriage have been meeting with members of Cuomo’s staff. The Democratic governor has said getting gay-marriage legislation passed this session is a priority.

A bill to legalize same-sex marriage has passed the Democrat-led Assembly twice before. The Senate voted it down in 2009 with the help of eight Democrats who voted no. None of the 30 Republicans voted for it. For the bill to be successful this year, it would need support from some of the 32 Republicans in the Senate. Democrats are in the minority with 30 members.

This is Diaz’ full statement:

“I am deeply offended that during this Holy Week, which is a most sacred time to millions of New Yorkers, Governor Andrew Cuomo is working hard to mobilize elected officials to legalize homosexual marriage in New York.

“We all know that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Budget, which was done in haste to beat the clock, will cause tremendous suffering to countless New Yorkers – especially Black and Hispanic communities.  His cuts will hurt students, senior citizens, the sick, the poor and the needy.

“Now Governor Cuomo is targeting communities of faith in an effort to redefine marriage. The most basic tenets of New York’s largest faith communities include defining marriage as between one man and one woman. These religions that cherish these values include Catholic, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

“I must ask, if Governor Cuomo is ethically allowed to use public resources during these serious financial times to raise funds (by having his staff raise money) and to use his staff (who are paid for with tax dollars) and his office (for weekly meetings) to promote a radical agenda, then shouldn’t we all be able to use our offices and staffs to raise resources for issues that matter to us?

“I implore my colleagues in New York’s government and my fellow religious leaders in New York State to oppose Governor Cuomo’s blatant and shameful attack on New York’s people of faith.  I encourage all New Yorkers of faith to raise your voices in prayer and in action to prevent Governor Cuomo from redefining marriage.”


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  1. SammySeattle on

    “Now Governor Cuomo is targeting communities of faith in an effort to redefine marriage. The most basic tenets of New York’s largest faith communities include defining marriage as between one man and one woman. ”

    There has never and will never be any marriage equality legislation that curtails a faith community from defining marriage as they see fit. (Here’s a hint, Mr. Diaz, christian faiths don’t adher to a common definition of marriage.) Civil marriage should not be subject to the definitions ascribed by any faith.

  2. Someone should get this idiot a calendar — and let him know the rest of us are in the 21st Century! And, question — why are so many opponents of marriage equality minorities themselves? Have they NO sense of empathy whatsoever? Or has religious superstition stunted their minds?

  3. Senator “Rev” Diaz I am “deeply offended” that you continue to foist your radical right wing agenda on people of faith who do not hold hate in their hearts like you do. Especially during Holy Week and Passover, with all that they represent, you come out with another hate-filled diatribe wrapping yourself with the “people of faith” mantra, which you think makes everything you say acceptable.

    It does not.

    While there will always be some who hate the idea that everyone in the United States has the equal right to get married to whomever they choose to love, the majority of New Yorkers disagree with you. Any religious body can decide to not sanctify a gay marriage; I support that. But civil marriage is for everyone.

    I always find it amusing when people like Diaz mouth off about the impending Sodom and Gemmorah if gay marriage passes, yet Massachusettes has not fallen into the sea. No asteroids or bolts of lightning from On High. No increase in the “horrible things” that people assumed would happen. Nothing. So much for the ‘institution of marriage” being destroyed and the “radical homosexual agenda.”

    So Reverend Diaz, for Easter, I ask that you reread the Bible, and for the first time in your life learn about Jesus and the Love he spread throughout the world, because you certainly have NONE of it your heart.

    Happy Pesach Rev.

  4. Typical. Most Christians, especially ones in politics, talk a lot about their faith but do very un-Christ like things like this damming statement. As a gay Christian New Yorker, who just got married in CT, I can’t think of a better week to celebrate marriage. Yes, Rev Diaz, you may be a Rev. and a supposed learned Christian, but know that many in your flock, and the majority of Americans, believe in marriage equality for all! It is the good fight of our time, just like racial equality….

  5. Timothy James on

    It is a shame that a man of African descent whose ancestors have been treated by the power structure with such oppression would seek to oppress another minority. Gays are attacked by all sides and is the last major battle for civil rights. The fact that Diaz uses religion to justify hate the same way religion was used to justify slavery through biblical acceptance. I think his enslaved his great grandparents would be angry. Love not hate, equality for all.

  6. Why isn’t Mr. Diaz out picketing a Red Lobster or marching in front of a Burlington Coat Factory. Shellfish and mixed blend fabrics are abominable too, according to your Fairy-Tale book.

  7. First of all Rev Ruben Diaz as Senator can not use his position to impose his personal religious belief and mixed with politics, let me remind you Ruben that you represent all of us, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics etc, as well as straits, gays, Jews, muslins and every other religion including non-believers
    Two things. One, Marriage for gays and lesbians will do nothing to religious freedom. Houses of worship will continue to decide whether they want to recognize gay marriages, or not. We’re talking about committed gay and lesbian couples going down to city hall to get married.
    Two, We all are suffering due to cuts, your claim has nothing to do with cuts, but with your personal religious believes, why do you exclude out of you equation the gay Black and Hispanic communities. His cuts will also hurt gay students, gay senior citizens, the gay sick, the gay poor and the gay needy. We are here together, we are all Americans.
    I’m offended at your attempts to exclude people from commitment to each other. There is more than one Holy Week for New Yorkers..

  8. The senator, like others who was formerly of an oppressed minority, the nanosecond they believe they’ve “arrived” and are the equal of their oppressors, begin to oppress other minorities.

    People like Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas should be consistently reminded of the past and the oppression their ancestors faced, because they certainly have forgotten it, along with Mr. Diaz!

  9. There is this little thing called “separation of church and state”.

    If he wants to further his religious agenda, he should shut the fuck up and become a minister.

    He should be removed from office for his ignorant ramblings. He obviously has no idea of the ideals this nation were founded upon

  10. Gays want unfettered anal sex with no social restaints. Forget marriage equality, civil rights, etc.,
    etc. They only want to change society’s view of gay guys porking one-another so they have no qualms.
    The rest is a bunch of hooey.