Who says Dems, GOP can’t get along


More than 9,000 historical photographs and maps stored in archival vaults — like this one with then Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo and Republican County Executive Andrew O’Rourke circa 1989 —  have been digitized and placed online as part of the newly launched Westchester County Archives’ Digital Collections.

The historic documents are now available at www.westchestergov.com/wcarchives and more easily searchable and accessible to residents.

“Every aspect of government needs to be continually improving,” County Executive Robert P. Astorino said today. “This digitization project is an example of how technology can be used to upgrade the delivery and efficiency of a government service, while also making it more accessible to the general public.”

The Westchester County Archives collects and preserves county public records and makes them available to researchers. The collection contains more than 60,000 maps, deeds, photos, naturalization records, wills, election records, building plans, estate inventories, court documents, correspondence and minutes of county boards and agencies dating back to 1683 – over 15,000 cubic feet of documents.

The Archives stores county government records while the Westchester County Historical Society, located in the same building, keeps historical documents created by individuals and private organizations.


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  1. How much did this cost us? Was this needed now that our County Executive keeps saying he has to fire more County workers who pay taxes every two weeks?
    This seems purely as a vanity project.
    How important are 6,000 old photos such as of two politicians on an unknown seesaw taken by someone with nothing better to do?

  2. Nice pictures but what a waste of money.
    Why not put a museum of Westchester at playland instead of a Children’s Museum?

  3. Great to read about this. Much of our local history is buried in inaccessible archives, and there is no better way to make it available at minimum cost and maximum ease of use than through a searchable website.

    Good work, archivists.