Senator: New Yorkers should vote on gay marriage


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said yesterday that he was going to help raise support for gay-marriage legislation by taking the issue to the people of the state. Today, Sen. Ruben Diaz, D-Bronx, is challenging the governor to let the people of the state vote on whether to allow same-sex marriage. Diaz is an evangelical minister who opposes gay marriage.

“In every single state where the people have had the opportunity to decide if they want to change the definition of marriage from a man and a woman, they have all voted against it,” Diaz said in a statement. “The few states that have legalized homosexual marriage have done so because it has been imposed on them by the courts or by the legislature.”

While the Assembly has passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the Senate voted against the measure. A number of Democrats, including Diaz, voted no. There are 30 Democrats and 32 Republicans in the chamber, so it will not pass without GOP support.

“If Governor Cuomo really wants to listen to the people of the State of New York, he should listen on May 15th.  On May 15, 2011, thousands and thousands of New Yorkers will gather in The Bronx to
send Governor Cuomo a message to keep New York State’s definition of marriage between a man and a woman,” Diaz said.


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  1. smartporpoise on

    Let the people decide. It will, if nothing else, get many lawmakers off the hook from again and again having to either kneel to “political correctness” or to impose their individual religious prejudices on the masses. The people should be allowed to speak and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Well, Mr Diaz….you are treading on dangerous ground…..if a majority of voting citizens could trump the Equal Protection clause to deny gay people the RIGHT to marry, why can’t they also vote to deny the Hispanics the RIGHT to marry……after all, Mr Diaz, nowhere does the Constitution mention Hispanics as having rights superior to gays… fact, nowhere does your bible grant any rights whatsoever to Hispanics…..hhmmmm…..

  3. WhiteLighterNY on

    Letting the people vote on this isssue is what the homosexual community fears. Everytime the voice of the people has rang out LOUD and CLEAR 31 times it was voted on, and 31 times it has been defeated in every state! Same in New York, the people do not want this pathological lifestyle that has been cloaked under the guise of “Civil Right”. If allowed to pass this will be nothing but a passport to perversion for the homosexuals. For further evidence of the consequences of allowing this plague to spread, check out this website.

    See the cost to the citizens of Massachusetts. The homosexual community doesn’t want SSM equality,there is more at stake here and our BLIND politicians are leading us down this perverted path!

  4. OK…then let’s have the Millionaire’s Tax on the referendum ballot, and Pro-Choice, too. And after they win, all you conservatives will have to clam up because “the people spoke”. Oh wait a minute: I forgot. You accept the public vote when it backs your point of view. When it doesn’t, you blame the Liberal media, the professional politicians and call for a SECOND vote.

    Case in point – every election Incumbents win. Does that stop the complaining? Of course…every one of them STOLE their elections. Is it POSSIBLE NY is a liberal state that votes FOR liberal policies and liberal politicians? Naw…we’re really Texas. If only we listened to “the people” (i.e. YOU). In fact, every state should be Texas, Alaska, Utah, Mississippi.

  5. If we require a referendum on matters of civil rights for one group, we logically must require referenda on matters of civil rights for every other group. If Senator Diaz is serious and not just being a bigoted tool, I’m sure he’d be completely OK with referenda on the Civil Rights Act, Title IX, etc.

    But I’m sure he is not OK with those ideas and really is just a bigoted tool who is just obsessed with harming other people’s lives for his own amusement. He’s a sadist, and frankly it’s disgusting that any human being would ever vote to keep a sick, depraved person like Sen. Diaz in office.

  6. WhiteLighterNY on


    Uh, voting for a person like Sen. Diaz is called Democracy, something this country was founded upon and believes in.

  7. Let’s put divorce on the ballot as well. What is harming marriage more than divorce?

    There are a lot of vile minority issues that might pass if they were put on the ballot. Why don’t we create an entire laundry list that will bring every redneck out of the woodwork to vote. Perhaps we could reinstitute segregation of schools ( I don’t want my kid having to put up with those minorities) , create separate public toilets for Hispanic and blacks ( person could get a disease), ban interracial marriage (we don’t need any confused offspring), allow only English to be spoken in public places (I hate it when I can’t understand those brown people in the grocery store), restrict non-whites to have two children (that way we can remain the majority). We’ll need to get all of these things on the ballot soon before we become the minority.

    Bottom line, the constitution protects the minority against the bullying of the majority. The majority doesn’t have the right to vote discrimination into the law of the land. I wouldn’t want to see any of the above on the ballot but there are probably a lot of people that might think some of the things listed are a great idea.

  8. WhiteLighterNY on


    I seriously doubt the founding fathers would have made provisions for the destruction of the values that have made this country what it once was. Had they the vision to foresee the destruction of this homosexual plague, they WOULD have instituted options for thew people to address issues of urgency when government fails in it’s duties to carry out the WILL of the people!

  9. WhiteLighterNY,

    It must be very difficult for you and Mr. Diaz to see the erosion of the church’s power and what you deem to be immoral accepted by more and more.

    Maybe the forefathers were a little more liberal than you think. You are making presumptions. They certainly weren’t as religious as most of you would want to believe and certainly more enlightened than many. As for this being an issue of urgency, other countries allow gay marriage and society has not collapsed. People are treated civilly and with respect.

    I hope one of your siblings, friends, or children come out to you one day. Let’s see if you still believe homosexuality to be a plague. From your words, I have to believe however that even that wouldn’t sway you. You would probably shun and disown them.

  10. WhiteLighterNY on


    As for your comment that other countries have allowed the homosexual perversion to become acceptable in their society, the United States is not OTHER countries. Regarding the comment on the erosion of the Churches power, as you perceive it, this is to be expected as it has been prophesied would occur in the latter days. There would be an apostasy in the church as God sifts the wheat from the chafe, as the love of mankind will grow cold, evil and corruption will seem to be the rule of the day. So none of this and the coming destruction is a surprise to me, or any other God fearing Christians, we welcome these times for the Lord’s day is near! HALLELUJAH

  11. I hope that the rapture comes for you soon too. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath. After you die, there is just nothingness. The bible is a book of fairytales written by men and revised through the ages to control man. The Christian faith has borrowed many concepts from other more ancient religions including the virgin birth (Horus, Attis, Fohi, Adonis, and Buddha were all born of virgins) and the resurrection (gods Osiris, Ishtar, Dionysus, Asgard, and Persephone all rose from the dead). You would think that that the authors of the Bible would have at least tried to be a little original.

    Anyway, you have the right to believe in your deity and I have the right to think you a fool. This is America and we can have free thought here. Laws are not based on religion and tax breaks and benefits shouldn’t be bestowed on the basis of a religious ceremony such as marriage. The forefathers had the forethought to recognize that religion can corrupt government and that is why there is a separation of church and state in the constitution.

  12. WhiteLighterNY on


    ALL of the religions that you mentioned have “self proclaimed deities”, but NONE of them offer salvation or can claim the forgiveness of sin, or have defeated death itself. No they are counterfeits created out of ignorance of the human psyche under the influence of the father of all lies and deception; which has plagued all religion since its inception. Actually, if you do any research this country WAS founded by Christians, and dedicated to God at that time. Sad to say how far we have eroded the values that once made us the greatest nation in the world, but seeing the EXCUSE for a leader we have in the White House, “we have reaped what we have sown”

  13. WhiteLighterNY on

    Once again the people of New York prevail! Cuomo pulls SSM Agenda from the floor on Wednesday” There isn’t enough support for the bill” won’t go any further with it!

  14. By “the people of New York,” do you mean you? Because the Siena Research Institute seems to think otherwise…

    Apparently the majority of New Yorkers, including myself, are now in favor of same-sex marriage.

    Also, one of our government’s founding principles is “separation of church and state,” so let’s leave all of our religions out of this, shall we? Because they hold no political validity in Congress, the state Assembly, or any other government office.