Cuomo kicks off statewide tour tomorrow


Gov. Andrew Cuomo begins his statewide “People First” tour at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. The governor announced last week that he would be traveling the state to drum up support for legislation on three key issues — a property-tax cap, ethics reform and gay marriage. He has said that pressure on lawmakers to pass bills on these issues has to come from outside the Capitol building.

The governor is also asking top aides and Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy to address New Yorkers across the state on these issues. There are roughly six weeks left in the legislative session. It is scheduled to end June 20.

“Our entire team is going to travel the state to speak directly to New Yorkers about the issues that can move this state forward, and it begins in Syracuse,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement. “We need to pass a property tax cap, ethics reform, and marriage equality during this legislative session. The clock is ticking, but when the people speak, the politicians will listen. We will assemble a broad coalition of New Yorkers to support this agenda and work tirelessly to get it passed in Albany.”


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  1. What a player ! The election is long over and we now again get to see the Cuomo train and the Cuomo TV ads being run by his Big Business friends in Comm to Save (Save?) NY.

    When will we know who is behind the funding for this “committee?”

    When will Gannett stop reprinting Cuomo press releases and do some investigative work.?

    He even has campaign posters. The guy is on his way to run for the White House and is playing us and using us to garner publicity every day.