Groups to rally Saturday against Ball


A host of groups pushing for independent redistricting has Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, Putnam County, in its sights.

Led by former lieutenant governor candidate Bill Samuels’ reform-minded New Roosevelt Initiative, the rally is meant to urge Ball to support a non-biased redistricting approach. Ball, along with his fellow Senate Republicans, has drawn the ire of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who says they have reneged on their pledge to form an independent commission to redraw district lines.

The rally will take place in Pugsley Park in Peekskill on Saturday, according to a flier distributed this week and pictured below. A number of Democratic and left-leaning organizations are co-sponsoring the event, including the New York State Young Democrats and Citizen Action of New York.

Ball did not immediately return a message left with his office.

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  1. This rally should read “Democrats against Ball”. What a suprise, Democrats will be protesting against Ball. Ball is about serving his district, Ball will not engage in this battle with the Democrats. Koch is yesterdays news and is trying to get his name back in the paper.

  2. Ball is a mistake and a publicity hound !

    Ball has not served his district one iota since being elected other than working on ways to get reelected.

  3. getting real on

    “get real” sounds like a jealous shlomp who can’t seem to decipher Ball’s recipe for success. you’re living in the past, Mr. Get Real, all those attacks did nothing but elevate Ball to the top spot. Let me guess…next you’ll say Ball mistreats women, then you’ll say Ball hasn’t passed legislation, then whatever’s next. Your boy Vinny Leibell is on his way to an insane asylum, Ball is now in charge, so GET REAL!!

  4. Ball has been lying to us since his first campaign in Putnam County for New York State Assembly. He grandstands and snatches attention wherever he can in his never ending quest to climb to the next rung on his political ladder. Look at the results he’s produced while in office……….NONE! This guy is nothing but a self serving pretender.