Dems call for Oros firing over offensive e-mail

Democratic lawmakers are calling on County Executive Rob Astorino to fire his chief of staff for sending an e-mail with a statement they view as offensive.
The e-mail, which Chief of Staff George Oros wrote that Legislator Judy Myers “sounds so breathless — ‘ooooohhhhh yeeeesssss’” — was mistakenly sent to Myers, has the Mamaroneck Democrat and her colleagues calling for his firing.
“I am angered and utterly shocked that the chief of staff of our county executive would disparage and degrade me and my colleague (Legislator) Bill Burton with such tawdry, inappropriate language while on the clock and supposedly serving the public interest,” Myers said in a statement. “In the meantime, I strongly believe this behavior cannot be tolerated by such a prominent figure in the County Executive’s Administration and feel George Oros should be fired immediately for betraying the public trust.”
Myers said she will be filing a complaint with Human Resources.
For his part, Oros said he would apologize, but didn’t think he was off-color.
“I’m sorry that I offended her,” he said. “I’m going to call her right now.”
The e-mail also refers to Legislator Bill Burton, D-Ossining, as “Bad Santa,” who sounded “so comatose.”
Relations between some legislators and the administration have been tenuous since Astorino took office, and Oros, a former Republican legislator who is now the liaison, has been in the middle of many of those battles.
The administration had no immediate comment.

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  1. wow, george you screwed up you dummy…toughen up Judy. When Burton wakes up, I’ll bet he won’t be as OFFENDED as you are. What a bunch of thin-skinned whiners.

  2. Robin Murphy on

    Bill Burton…you were silent Moanday night when the League of Woman Voters walked away from you redistricting plan .Ken Jenkins lives outside his distrcit….John Nonna just split towns in half. Terrence Murphy is redistricted out of his home towm LD…And this is what you want to comment on Bill Burton?…

  3. Hit the Road Jack on

    Oros has time to write wacky emails during his job? Maybe Astorino can hire me too to do that. I’ll take half of what Oros is making. I promise my emails won’t sound so perverted.

  4. Right-Said Fred on

    Ah, yes. The Ubiquitous Voices of Gary and Robin Murphy, Tea Party Pair par extraordinaire. The oft-quoted Murphys can always be found bashing Democrats and praising Republicans. They would like less taxation and regulation so they can make more Maid money. And the many Westchester folk who are in difficult straights, not because of taxes, but because of the high cost of everything – the corporate sector doing their best to raise food, gas, rent and other prices to maximize their comfort – well, they don’t get much consideration from the Murphys.

    When you run for office, which you undoubtedly will, you’ll find that, beyond the close-knit Tea Party and Westchester County Assn “amen corner” crowd, there are a vast number of moderate and progressive voters here. We were tired of Andy Spano and we’re tired of Suzi Oppenheimer…but we don’t want ultra-conservatives to take their place. Don’t confuse that with agreement w/your Tea Party prattle.

  5. relocating soon on

    Gary said “Lower taxes, Limited Government, an even playing field for small business and end Corporate Cronyism Hmm….”

    End to corporate cronyism? You are playing right into it with the WCA. Delbello and Mooney are the epitome of corporate and political cronysim. You are being used as a small business owner (actually as a franchise owner, yours is actually a big corporation) Wakeup and smell the coffee – the WCA is not brewing it for small business

  6. Charmian Neary on

    @Right – Said Fred Robin and Gary are comfortable enough with their convictions that they sign their name to their letters and comments. You “Fred” prefer to snipe from behind a rock. While there is certainly a role for the anonymity of blog comments in a free society, I don’t think taking a shot at someone with whom you disagree is the most noble use of the medium.
    I am not a right winger by any means yet I find I am often in agreement with Robin and Gary. They hold elected officials to a higher standard and they favor small government, both of which are not exclusively right wing opinions. If you took the time to look beyond your pre conceptions of the Murphys you’d find they are vocal critics of Republicans who feed at the trough as well. If most of their criticism is directed at Ken Jenkins these days …well … so is mine, and rightly so. The man’s behavior is egregious. My party, the Democratic Party, can do better.
    The Murphys are supporting Virginia Perez in Yonkers in her primary against the corrupt and incompetent hack Jose Alvarado. Virginia is a Democrat, a union member and she has as the corner stone of her campaign GUN CONTROL. The Murphys support her because she is for honest open government. They are true to their principles and I admire that. People from opposing sides can find common ground and ethics is a good place to start. Robin and Gary are there. Are you?

  7. Ms Myers get a thicker skin. Mr Oros has done nothing wrong except express an opinion which is democracy. And Mr. Burton look in the mirror and wake up. I have seen this meeting and it appears the descriptions were right on target. It appears to me that Mr. Jenkins is only looking for and excuse to send out a press release. this was a 2nd on in two hours.
    You kids better grow up, stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.
    Running for election with this type of press doesn’t get you sympathy, it gets you (give me a break) attitude by the people who are the top of this food chain and maybe will vote for you??? But I tell you all this wine will get you no where with people of Westchester. They are educated voters.

  8. The electorate could care less. Cut the size and scope of government. Now. You should see what is in most Americans “in box.” It would make this look tame.

    September 24, 2010

    Dear Liberal Hack Journalists and Liberal Democrats:

    If you think a story about a politician fornicating with anything up to and including a dead farm animal is going to change our vote come November 6, 2012 – your delusional. This time it’s personal, its not business anymore, we want a political liberal bloodbath. We want you liberals run out of Washington on a high speed rail that the taxpayers paid for at light speed, then we want to blow up the tracks so you’s can’t come back – ever. In fact, if we could reroute that train to the bridge to nowhere and drop the bridge, we would.

    Thus, print your lies, repeat your falsehoods, personally attack our pundits, it doesn’t matter anymore – you’ve made this personal and we’re pissed, and you will politically pay a dear price for your crimes against the citizens of this country. We are confident that we can get this new crop of representatives to serve our interest, the American citizens interests, and not your pinko-commie interest. We know we’ve got work to do, but it is you, and your asinine laws, regulation, and taxes, that are stopping it from happening, and you hacks in the left wing media sticking us with this will not matter in the least.

    I Joe Doakes pronounce you guilty, and on November 6, 2012 I will be voting straight Republican, sentence to be carried out in January 2013.



  9. relocating soon on

    Joe Doakes = typical tea party thug. Your letter was from last September. How’re you liking it now?

    That Grand Old Party is destroying our freedoms and waging war against women. And it took one of those liberals that you want “run out of Washington on a high speed rail that the taxpayers paid for at light speed, then we want to blow up the tracks so you’s (sic) can’t come back” to get Bin Laden.

    Nice terrorist talk, by the way. Good luck in November

  10. relocating soon . . .

    Wait don’t leave NY! We need you to pay the highest taxes in the nation! If you leave the condom dispenser may run dry in our prison system? Or we may have to cancel the school lunch program! Please stay! We need you to do your part! Don’t you want to be part of the solution?

    As for November. The best is yet to come. See Canada. Never thought I’d blog those words.

  11. relocating soon: “. . . waging war against women . . . ”

    Are you talking about liberal democrats? Because they are responsible for the death of millions of female children via abortion. That’s some body count, female too!

    You can bet that Cuomo and Silver will pay for any abortion in New York State. Even if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Abortion in New York will never be stopped no matter what happens in November of 2012.

  12. Bobby Samson on

    All of you idiots knock it off. We have what may be the highest tax rates in the nation and all you can do is moan abouth this garbage. Democrats, Republican, Tea Partier’s shut up and do something constructive for the voters. If you worked for a company large or small you would all be fired for being totally ineffective.

    Grow up already!

  13. Ha Ha Ha! Clearly, he needed a five minute delay. I’ve heard way funnier stories about emails that were sent to the wrong recipient.

  14. Andrew M. Rivera on

    Wow these county Democrat’s are clearly flumixed by County Executive Astorino. The day’s of tax and spend are over and all the Democrats can think to do is get insulted by I don’t even know what?!?!?!? Hay Rob just shut down county government, the taxpayers will never miss it…

  15. Andrew is right, shut down County Government. These Dems need some mental health days.
    And the taxpayers need tax relief. These tax and spend legislators need a distraction so they are sending out all these silly press release.
    Ms Myers, ignore this. As a women in government, I am sure worst things have been said about you. Especially given the way the Board has been acting these days. Hurt feelings, especially with modern women these days, are not a worry.
    We have bigger things to worry about, high taxes, employment and the loss of tax dollars.
    We need a Government that is smaller and one that can work beyond these petty comments.

  16. Joe D – Are you out of your mind? Calm down. Are you educated or self taught? I’m just curious where you got so smart. What is a liberal to you anyway? I don’t understand. I consider myself liberal but have not liked a president in 30 years. Can you please explain – you sound like such a horses rear end. Can you give any examples of falsehoods? I believe you are a small minded dolt that never could or will make a difference. So instead of doing something smart you rant and blame others for your failures. They whole system is broken. Tea Party is a term created so iditos like you still support the same old folks in new clothes. Pisant conservative looser.

  17. Joe Doakes – you are the man!
    relocating soon – hopefully it is very soon and to another country.

  18. George Oros is an outstanding person ! How pitiful, pathetic and thin skinned can people be ? Astorino, DO NOT give in to any pressure from these whiners. Keep fighting for positive change for the over burdened taxpayers of this county. Myers and Burton, shut up and do your job, or go home !

  19. Alison Pinsley on

    George Oros is a sexist in my opinion. Anyone else doing this sort of thing on County time as well as on the County e-mail, would be fired on the spot. Committee Meetings, routine? Monotonous? they may be, but they are part of the job and the reason that Oros gets paid.
    Oros should resign now before they blow this thing as big as they did Gary Kriss’ antics

  20. I’m offended that no one contacted me about this. If memory serves, I coined the term “Bad Santa” for Burton. It was a word play on two levels – on the one hand, his actions as a public official, and the other, more obvious, that his official picture looks more like a rather unhappy Santa Claus impersonator than a government official.

  21. To Myers I say Get Over It, and stop making a mountain out of a mole-hill. To Oros who referred to County Legislator Bill Burton as BAD SANTA and who sounded SO COMATOSE. You should know that Burton’s favorite song is “I’m a comatose kind of guy”. And Burton sure does look like a sad, bad Santa. Burton can now line up a REAL JOB when he leaves his current position.

  22. This is why the democratic party is Bankrupt and has no Credibility.

    *The county pays the highest property taxes in the United States.
    *People are loosing jobs every day.
    *Cost of Living is much higher than many other parts of the U.S.
    *Health care in a major issue to residents.
    *Gas prices are off the wall.

    This is what they are putting there attention on. Shame, Shame.

    Stop suing the Republicans and sit down with them and help the people not yourself.

    By the way Jenkins, maybe you should move into your district so you can represent the neighborhood you live in. Not another one.

    Double Standard.

  23. What's My Line? on

    Hmmm – “loosing.” Somehow rings a bell. Other than that, all statements are correct.

  24. Mary O'Brien on

    “Myers said she will be filing a complaint with Human Resources.”

    Not a good move. What is more resented these days than the tendency of women and other “victim” groups to feign being offended and run to HR or the courts with bogus complaints of harassment and intimidation?

    These bogus complaints are an extreme disservice to people who actually suffer abuse in workplace situations, because they reinforce the perception that such claims are usually not sincere.

    But this move on Myer’s part also shows desperation. After all, if the public could be convinced that she was being treated unjustly, she could use that fact to build sympathy and support for her political side.

    Is she even trying to project strong leadership?

    Or is she reckless enough to let people see her as a whiny immature control freak?

    Could be that she isn’t planning to run again. Let’s hope.

  25. The right-wing is on the march. Get out of its way, or it will get you.

    While we wail about the foibles of govt, the biggest, fatest cats are the major corporate cats. Once you gut any regulatory govt effort, and people become so afraid for their job that they’ll tolerate any abuse, you’ll have Government of the Few, By the Few, and for the Few.

    Citizens United. Hydrofrackin’. Endless wars. No social security. No medical assistance. College costs through the roof, beyond your reach. Gas at $7/gal.

    And, FOX News be praised, you’ll deserve the lousy life you’ll get. Blame it on yourselves, for letting the mean and angry rising spirit of conservatism sweep the nation these last 10+ years.

  26. Mary O'Brien on

    To Smart,

    Many conservatives also oppose the useless and completely unnecessary wars in the Mideast & Afghanistan, These wars are wasting our money, draining our economy and destroying our future.

    Should America’s focus really be “correcting” other governments? Do we have any interest in Libya? As for Ghadafi “attacking” his own people; just how long would it take our own government to deploy the National Guard in the face of an armed insurrection complete with state-of-the-art war planes?

    Part of the problem is that America’s basic philosophy is essentially self-contradictory. Our Declaration of Independence speaks of the equality of all men. Are the people of these other nations therefore our equals? Logically, yes. Can they not therefore figure out how to govern themselves without any “help” from us?

    Increasingly, many conservatives are also starting to question the value of college and its huge cost. Is it wise to force our young people to start out their adult lives several tens of thousands dollars in the debt? And, how many people need a four year academic program anyway? Are there more efficient ways to educate people? Why are we paying to educate so many foreign students? Yes, sometimes their governments pay the tuition bill, but the institutions themselves receive huge sums of money from our federal government — money that comes from our taxes, money that is supposed to help our own young people find meaningful work, and not to hand off all our best jobs to the world. Again, the foreigners are our equals. They don’t need our “help.”

    Universal healthcare provided by the government is just too expensive. A healthy competition would drive down costs. We could also allow insurance companies to sell modestly-priced plans that would cover catastrophic costs for individuals who meet certain criteria (for example, no history of drug addiction or AIDS). Why should healthy middle-class families be driven into dire poverty to pay the medical bills of other people who habitually take serious risks with their health?

    What about the recent Housing Settlement? Where is the money going to come from? How is this program going to help anyone?

    The problem with Social Security is that we are going broke supporting immigrants. We don’t have the money to give free rent, free education and free healthcare to huge numbers of people entering the country for which we have no jobs or only jobs which pay minimally. And, the preferential hiring of educated foreigners only worsens our own job prospects.

    We might be angry, but we aren’t “mean.” We are just being realistic.

    Not only is the government overspending, but the spending is only making our social problems worse. In the long term, accepting our own limitations would be the wisest and kindest policy.