Ball announces homeland-security legislation


State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, has released a list of bills that, he says, are meant to fix vulnerabilities brought to his attention at last month’s homeland security hearing.

The bills were passed yesterday through the Senate’s homeland security committee, which Ball chairs. The following comes from his office.

In response to the expert testimony heard at the April 8th hearing, Senator Ball has introduced several key pieces of legislation meant to fix issues and vulnerabilities brought to the attention of the committee, which will improve the state’s overall security, as well as enhance the ability of state agencies and first responders to react if an emergency does arise.

Senator Ball Chaired a meeting of the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee today, where a range of measures were discussed. Including legislation which addresses core infrastructure issues, calling for the improvement of security measures at rail yards, as well as imposing stricter regulations on foreign agencies with contracts to operate out of New York’s ports.

Senator Ball explained,“ New York has one of the largest coastlines in the United States, our economy and transportation network is tied directly to water and shipping, S5304 addresses major security risk factors in two ways. Requiring a thorough background check and screening of all employees working with a foreign corporation, ensures that all persons working at our port facilities do not pose a security risk. As well as prohibiting foreign contractors from engaging in construction/modification or maintenance of port facilities or port equipment, which alleviates the major security risks associated with foreign knowledge and access to the physical layouts and vulnerabilities of our port facilities.”

The Senator also passed through the committee an initiative aimed at eliminating red tape and getting municipalities federal homeland security dollars as quickly and efficiently as possible. S 5273 creates an exemption from the State Comptroller’s pre audit process for homeland security purchases being made by state and local governments, that are being paid for by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Any funds that New York State or its municipalities receive through Federal Homeland security funds are already subject to substantial screening, internal controls, and strict reporting requirements. Requiring purchases to go through similar procedures at the state level, creates a needless administrative obstacle extending the process for months.

The committee also passed Senator Ball’s legislation S5270 and S5294, creating strict penalties for persons and organizations who obtain funds for terrorist organizations through acts of credit card fraud and money laundering. (will insert specific info on not-for-profit bill)

Senator Ball remarked “On April 8th we learned that security in New York at key locations and targets was either lax or nonexistent. Many in the media attacked the hearings, yet many of our insights and recommendations have taken root, since the hearing. Security has been upgraded on both JFK Air Train and at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and while we still are not where we need to be, our hearing have exposed core weaknesses. My goal is to now put the full weight of our committee and of this legislature behind securing our soft and exposed underbelly.”

The Senator will be holding the second installment of his series of public hearing “To Determine the State of Security in New York, Ten Years after 9/11,” on June 14th 2011 in Hearing Room A of the LOB.

Below you will find a complete list of the legislation passed through the committee today:

S5269- will provide uniform rules and regulations  regarding truck rentals
S5270-will provide stricter regulation and penalties against soliciting for or providing financial support to a terrorist organization
S5273- creates an exemption from the State Comptroller’s pre audit process for homeland security purchases being made by state and local governments, that are being paid for by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
S5275-directs the state office of homeland security to review and tighten security measures at rail yards
S5298- requires that any private security guard company or service  are approved to provide those services by the division of homeland security
S5304- requires a thorough background check and screening of all employees working with a foreign corporation, ensures that all persons working at our port facilities do not pose a security risk. As well as prohibiting foreign contractors from engaging in construction/modification or maintenance of port facilities or port equipment.
S5305-exempts first responders from civil liability when rendering emergency medical care during a state declaration of a disaster or emergency, excluding cases of gross negligence


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  1. Five Years in the Federal Pen on

    what did I tell ‘ya? All you “Ball has never passed any legislation” losers and wanna-bees, where are you now? Oh well….that one’s gone, now I guess you got to stick with the “Ball hates women” garbage that Vinny tried.

    Amazing how high Ball has risen while at the same time seeing how rock-hard Vinny has fallen!! Vinny went down hard!! Vinny knew as early as May 6th or before that he was under federal investigation, which means all his candidates knew too. No doubt Carl Lodes was NOT the only person Vinny was asking “What ‘ya hearing?? What ‘ya hearing??” On May 13th, Vinny will receive 5 years in federal prison. He’ll spend about 1 or 2 days inside, then make the call to the US Attorney “Get Me Outta HERE!!” Then Vinny will name names, all those he “helped”, all those he “carried”, all his accomplices.

    Hey…it was a great run!!!! But now it’s over…….

  2. women against Ball on

    5 years in prison is about right for Leibell. Wait till the officers handcuff him, then he’ll sing for sure, about everyone he knows corruption about. Some of Vinny cohorts have dropped off the radar, but they haven’t been forgotten about. and Leibell owes Ball an apology for not only the attacks but for claiming the FBI investigation was nothing but Greg Ball causing problems. Leibell knew the investigation was legit but he still blamed Ball by name. Shame on Leibell. Vinny is worse than every name he ever called Greg Ball!

  3. Senatornoshow on

    First of all let’s clarify somethings. Simply passing a bill through a committe which you presently are the chairman of is nothing to go run and tell your mom about. Even though it may be an achievement for Mr Ball her it seems like some people need a lesson on how a bill becomes a law. Getting a bill through the initial committee doesn’t make it law. The bill will most certainly have to be considered and passed through other committees most notably ways and means which will determine how much this will all cost us is in the long run. Secondly and most importantly all of these bills are going NO WHERE without an Assemblyman or Assemblywomen doing the same in the other house! Not to mention the entire senate and assembly collectively have to vote and the governor must sign it! Its amazing how little people understand and how quickly the believe anything this windbag says.

  4. Five Years in the Federal Pen on

    it’s amazing how poor the reading comprehension is of some people, blinded by their ignorance. I think my post said “LEGISLATION PASSED”, not “LAWS CREATED”. Wait….let me check again…..yup….that’s what it says.

    You hate Ball so much you let it blind you. Get over it. Leibell surely has. Oh wait……I see he hasn’t. I will tell you one thing, Ball is a lot bigger a person than Vinny ever was. Ball has offered an olive branch to 95 % of Leibell soldiers. A particular few need to stay away, Southeast GOP mostly. But imagine Leibell in that position? He would be killing them off wholesale. Anyone who ever said hello to Greg would be toast. Vinny’s “kill ’em in the crib” is about the come back and haunt him.

  5. Senatornoshow on

    Let’s be clear here legislation passed through a committee doesn’t accomplish anything! Getting legislation signed into law affects change and is an accomplishment. The only person who seems to not understand is you and what exactly an accomplishment is. Then you go on talking about Vinny this and Vinny that. No doubt he’s a crook and should be dealt with accordingly. Back to your comment about losers and wannabes, let me know something actually comes from this “passed” legislation. Pandering and creating bills so that you can say here’s my idea but not do a thing with them renders them mute. Creating law is the job of a lawmaker “legislator”. To bad he’s just acting like a politician. You say I’m blinded by hate but infact im just stating the facts that passing legislation through doesn’t accomplish anything. Facts are facts because the truth is he can pass anything he wants through his committee but I wont hold my breath on getting it any further.

  6. Five Years in the Federal Pen on

    My gosh, breathe once in a while. That’s it…..inhale….exhale….inhale…..exhale…..relaxed now?

    You sound even more uneducated than you did before. I know how things become law you dope. Ball was accused for years for not sponsoring legislation, for not passing legislation. Four years the Vinnees wouldn’t shut up about it. Even created a website to announce it, with rocket scientists like yourself explaining to us lowly ones how a bill becomes law, like in the 5th grade.

    Well now he’s done it, numerous times in fact. And what a coinkidink. Leibell isn’t around to see it. Hmmm, think maybe it was Leibell that was sandbagging Ball while in the Assembly? ‘Ya think maybe Leibell told all those lawyers in Albany that Ball is “nuts” (Vinny’s favorite word), to not work with Ball? How about you give Ball a chance? But do me a favor….inhale….exhale…..inhale…..exhale…..

    Oh by the way……when Vinny gets 5 years today (still less than the 13 years he can legally get), mark my words, he will sing, and LOUDLY.

  7. Senatornoshow on

    Seems like the only one having a misunderstanding is you. No one ever said that Mr Ball didn’t sponsor legislation infact he sponsored plenty of bills both then and now and got some through committtees both then and now. What the real issue people should be focussing on and what you seem to be missing in your misguided rhetoric is that NOTHING has ever come from any of Mr. Balls legislation that he’s personally introduced. Mr Ball has not passed anything except a lot more hot air and what has become abundantly apparent is that people still believe his lies. Answer me this is you can. What good does getting a bill passed through a single committee. Your simplicity is amazing, although you seem to doubt others intelligence you don’t seem to get that getting a bill through committee is no big to do. Mr Ball has done it before what he hasn’t done and he has yet to do and what people have been saying this WHOLE TIME is that he hasn’t had a bill signed into law. Do you understand or does have to be simplified further. So go on and rant about bunny without formulating and educated response like I expect you to.