Ball: Leibell disconnected from “reality and justice”


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, is out with a statement that slams former Sen. Vincent Leibell of Patterson, who was sentenced today to 21 months in prison for corruption. Ball, a former Assembly member, now holds Leibell’s Senate seat. The two have locked horns in the past.

Here’s what Ball said:

“Even with the history of political and personal battles between myself and Leibell, I have remained quiet since last fall, paying respect to both the process and the need for civility. Simply put, I was not raised to kick a man when he is down and I took no personal delight in witnessing his public demise. With today’s sentencing, I want to state publicly that, like many, I took Leibell’s recent requests for leniency, actually seeking ‘overseas nation building’ duty in lieu of jail time, as a final indictment on his complete disconnect from reality and justice. I know I join many in the community in expressing our continued sadness of his use of Putnam County and the taxpayers of New York for his personal gain and I welcome this final chapter in a tragic book. With absolute sincerity, I continue to pray for the Senator and his family and truly look forward to working with this great community to solidly move forward, ever confident in a bright future.”


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  1. get rid of the Leibell thugs that follow you around, such as Bob Buckley. It’s the talk of the town. He will betray you like he betrayed Leibell.

  2. I do not believe anyone betrayed Leibell, Leibell did what he did to himself. Leibell has no one to blame but himself for his actions.

  3. several people ran, no SPRINTED, down to the FBI when they learned of the investigation, trying to save themselves. Buckley was one, mary ellen odell was another one. She ran to the FBI to tell all she knew because she knew she could get caught up due to her involvement. And now Buckley follows Ball around like he followed Leibell around, like a lost child needing for love and attention. Politics is SICK in this county. Did Leibell betray us? No doubt. And not in this one case but for 28 years that man pocketed money. but there are others that were in there with him that now get a pass and thats wrong.

  4. that’s true. many people, knowing they were guilty in Leibell’s mess, ran to the feds to cooperate and get themselves out of it. Buckley and MEO were two of them i hear.

  5. Putnam Pundit on

    The only thing that has changed in Putnam County politics are the names. The corruption, intrigue, backstabbing and double-dealing continue. Oh yes, and in all of this, the public welfare comes dead last.

  6. just the facts on

    then why don’t you wise up in putnam county and elect the only honest politician, sheriff don smith to be county executive so that there is a clean broom running the government

  7. What is going on in Putnam. The only thing that has changed are the names. The corruption, intrigue, backstabbing and double-dealing continues.

    Buckley following Leibell around. Now following Ball.

    MEO on Ball (state) payroll while running for office.

    The public welfare comes dead last.

  8. Life is interesting and throws many curve balls at you in life. Vinnie Leibell made a mistake and will pay the price for his actions. As far as Bob Buckley, let me assure you that Bob Buckley has never spoken to the FBI about this case or any other case. As far as working with the newly elected Senator Greg Ball, it is in everyone’s best interest who wishes to see the 40th Senate District move forward in a positive direction that we help support those in elected office who represent us. I have always had a belief that, “You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.” Everyone makes that decision for themselves. If space allows, I will place an e-mail that I sent out after Senator Greg Ball was elected to the New York State Senate, this letter represents my position then and now.

  9. I am writing this e-mail to all those who I have asked to support candidates for office in this past election cycle. Many of us were disappointed in the events of the last few months, but we must move on. We need to move on in the best interest of Putnam County and the Town’s we live in. During the last month I have pondered as to what is the best way for me and Putnam to move forward.

    In the battle to win elections we often end up on one side or the other and loyalty often is your guidance in what direction you take politically. I offer you my thoughts on how we can move Putnam in a better direction.

    I have met with Senator Greg Ball and his Chief of Staff Jim Coleman and I am going to be working (volunteering) with the Senator with issues related to Law Enforcement. Why do we need to move forward? Because it is in the best interest of all of us and Putnam County!

    For those of you who question my decision and you still want to fight the fight that is your choice. Senator Greg Ball is a member of the majority party in the New York State Senate (the Republicans hold a 32–30 lead over the Democrats). Why is being in the majority party so important? Because you can control the agenda in the NYS Senate and this year the NYS Senate will select the boundary lines for the Senate district’s throughout NYS. Every 10 years the district lines get reevaluated and often changed and the party that is in power can vote to change the district lines or leave them the way they are. This redrawing of the lines leads to gerrymandering where some districts look like a hand with district lines going in and out or certain communities. Take a look at the U.S. Congress or the NYS Assembly district maps and it is amazing how the districts are drawn.

    The question still is where do we go from here? I will be taking a fresh look at all candidates as a republican committee member. Politics has changed forever as we knew it, it is a new day and we must decide what role we want to play in the future of Putnam County. I am concerned with the burden of our school and local taxes and how we can afford to live in this county of rising taxes.

    I am asking my friends and committee members to be open minded and give everyone a fresh start. Those of you who have had issues with Greg Ball in the past should reconsider your positions. Maybe now is the time to openly discuss your ideas and concerns for Putnam and maybe you/we can help shape some of the issues that Senator Ball will be addressing in the NYS Senate. Senator Ball has said publicly that this is a new day and he is looking forward not backwards.

    I know some of you may be scratching your head trying to figure out why I am promoting working together and a fresh start. But the truth of the matter is if we don’t work together we may all fail together. I will do my best to be part of the solution and move forward in a positive manner.

    With many important elections coming up next year we need to rethink our positions and evaluate who are the best candidates to serve us. Next year’s races will include races for county executive, supervisors in some of our towns, council members, highway superintendent and legislators just to name a few.

    The face of Putnam County politics has changed forever as we knew it. It is time to start taking a close look at all those candidates who seek to serve us in elected office.

    I felt I owed you my thoughts and opinion because I have made you part of my political e-mails in the past.

    Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    (feel free to forward my e-mail if you wish)


    Bob Buckley

  10. there’s NO WAY Robert Buckley can get past his harassment and Leibell-tactics against Greg Ball. Buckley’s just kissing up to Ball because he’s got no other choice. Bob possesses this trait of always having to be standing next to somebody important, just look at Vinny Leibell on the night of the election to county executive, who’s standing alongside him? Robert Buckley, with a “Vinny wins” t-shirt.

    Ball will never trust Buckley no matter how closely he follows him at public events.

    You say Leibell “made a mistake”. Hardly. Leibell’s mistake was 28 years long. you’re saying he woke up one day and shook down Carl Lodes for half of his yearly salary on a whim? an idea that just popped into his head? Leibell was used to doing it. Leibell had his dirty grubby hands in everything, and he stretched too far and got caught. everyone knows why he wont cooperate. he would have to fess up to every dirty thing he ever did over his career, then we’d find out that Vinny isn’t the guy that McGuire and Buckley led us to believe.

  11. don smith is the only “clean broom” in putnam county? now there’s a laugh. I dont think smith wants to go under the microscope, he’s not this great teller of the truth as he claims.

    “Robert Buckley” is correct…we need to rethink many positions and elected officials. Part of that is getting rid of anyone who had strong ties to Leibell and that includes Bob buckley.

  12. don smith has NO record. he never tells us about his military stuff, only that he’s a general. we’re not alowed to ask, he retired sometime in the 1990’s BEFORE the military became as disciplined and organized, efficient as it is now, he ran against T-bone and won, that’s it, and he’s been a no-show ever since. you tell us he’s got “impeccable records”……and Leibell had an impeccable record until recently too. that’s the illusion you like to put out to us~~”impeccable”~~with no need to explain any further. that’s not what people think kiddo. bottom line Smith is part of the old boys network in this county, spending most of his time and energy arranging political stuff, acting as a political chief. he’s part of that old crowd and he needs to go.

  13. when Greg Ball sent out that robocall with Leibell’s home number, yes Leibell called his drones in the State Police and State police were following Ball around for weeks. not only that, when the robocall was first made, and Leibell was concerned that bin Laden now knew Leibell’s location, bob buckley showed up to Leibell’s house immediately to comfort him. what did you think Greg was going to do to your hero, Bob? you need to skip town like Mcguire.

  14. But that’s the image smith portrays to the public, and he demands the public believe it. he doesnt live by the words he preaches. I see him at carnivals and parades too, which means what? And no thanks. i dont watch Boobtube.

    about the other guy, Ball cant help it if Bob B. named himself to some one-man committee. No doubt that was Buckley’s idea, not Ball’s, no way, Ball will NEVER trust him, but sure he’ll take his donations. Bob was way too closely connected with Leibell to not have known what that man was all about. He will never fit into the “I had no idea” category.

  15. it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but in the end its all a sad joke, Buckley Bob always hated Ball and did everything he could to malign him, now he’s a friend, stop now. that’s why all these people are fake and worthless, they cant even tell the truth about how they feel about each other.

  16. Just a look on

    I have watched for years as political friends who hate each other end up best friends. Politics is a funny business, it really is not about friendship it is more about what can we do for each other. When the politicians lose their elections they are only left with their family. That is the nature of the business. Politicians and supporters use each other.

  17. buckley bob will never gain Ball’s trust or respect, but will certainly accept his money. Ball’s no fool. beyond that, buckley bob’s an outsider now, which is exactly where he should be given his close association with Leibell. Tell us he knew nothing about Leibell’s thievery, or that Leibell never confided in him about his upcoming troubles.

  18. Ball conquers all. Will Stephens. John Degnan. Vinnie Leibell. Bob Bondi. The Ball Keeps Rolling. Next stop: Nan Hayworth. One moderate sneeze, Nan, baby, and you’ll be the next one under the Bouncing Ball. Congressman Greg Ball. Governor Greg Ball. President Greg Ball.

    Or is that President Gregg Stillson, from The Dead Zone?

  19. I think Ball has growth potenial, but President would be pushing it a little to far. Lets wait and see how he develops as a Senaor.

  20. just the facts please on

    I have no idea why you insist on criticizing the sheriff…crime is down in putnam
    county..and whether or not he goes to carnivals is really not relevant to his job
    performance which apparently the people of putnam county are quite satisfied with
    your statement that “he doesn’t live by the word he preaches” is simply your
    political opinion and not backed up by anything other than your hyperbole..

  21. nobody’s criticizing smith. I wouldn’t dare, since he takes everything so personal. “Crime is down”, HA! smith wouldn’t even know how to prove that claim. But more importantly he doesnt practice his preaches, he speaks so highly of our system of govt in all his speeches but when it comes to him personally? he thinks nobody should dare question him, or that he has entitlements. look at “just facts”, not my “political opinion”.

  22. and another look…its true Ball has conquered everyone in his way. Leibell even wound up in federal prison, and MacGuire in hiding somewhere. the next batch of arrests should be even more interesting.

  23. Have to stand up for Sheriff Smith again, it is easy to throw accusations around and try to dirty him up, but Sheriff Smith is a well respected man by the people of Putnam County. Sheriff Smith is a strong supporter of the laws of our land and the United States Constitution.
    I would support Don Smith for Sheriff, County Execeutive or the United States Congress, Don Smith is a good man.

  24. just the facts please on

    and there you have it..the sheriff may indeed be the next county executive proving
    his popularity is higher than ever

  25. dont feel bad…if he were my dad I guess I’d be promoting him too! Right? Right. besides, you proved my point, your not allowed to speak anything of don smith short of Sainthood. compared to what’s been said about Ball and many others on this thing, I said didley squat about Smith other than “we can do better”. Our Constitution says that’s my right to feel that way, but i guess we only praise the Constitution when we dont have to test it. Hypocrites.

  26. Just a look please on

    and there you have it, proving everyone correct. two can do the same as you. and stop pushing dear old dad for county executive, he doesnt have the energy, besides the committees want Mary Ellen Odell and so does Greg Ball which is all that matters!

  27. James Arness wears a big hat, is a paragon of self control, and is a brevet Brigadier General in the US Army Reserve. Furthermore…