Fox, Conservative Party chair, next target for Dems


In a week that had its share of weird news about e-mails, security details and redistricting in Westchester County government, the Dems on the Board of Legislators, or perhaps just the chairman — are going after Hugh Fox, the Conservative Party chair and a member of County Executive Rob Astorino’s administration.

He was tossed out of the board’s chambers earlier this week during a public hearing on redistricting. Jenkins accuses Fox of acting inappropriately.

Here’s the release, sent out this afternoon, or four days after it happened:

During the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) meeting on Monday night, Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. disrupted the proceedings and was led out of the Chamber by a Westchester County Public Safety officer.

Presently employed by County Executive Robert P. Astorino as an Executive Assistant and earning over $90,000 a year in addition to his Yonkers firefighter’s pension, Fox then began acting inappropriately in the Rotunda, with witnesses watching him first standing on a table and then attempting to vandalize one of the framed portraits on the wall. The portrait came off the wall and Fox quickly re-hung the portrait back up before scrambling off the table.

“It is unfortunate that a political leader and member of the Astorino Administration would disrupt a public meeting and the work of the County Legislators through series of outbursts and then get thrown out of the Chamber after members of the public were warned that such outbursts would not be tolerated,”  Jenkins said in a release. “I’m astounded that a member of the County Executive’s senior staff would continue to behave poorly, and perhaps criminally, after his removal from the Chamber,” continued Jenkins “This belligerent, obnoxious behavior suggests that those who oppose the progress this Board is making will do anything to distract people from the fact that the Democratic majority on the County Board provided historic tax levy relief of -2.2%, reduced spending by $30 million dollars and reduced the County workforce by 10% while continuing to invest in valuable services.”
“I certainly would not tolerate this behavior coming from one of the Legislature’s staff
members,” Jenkins said.


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  1. smartporpoise on

    Why no quotation marks surrounding the fifth paragraph? Is this the reporter’s opinion, or Jenkins’ accusation?

  2. it is unfortunate that a political leader and member of the Astorino Administration would disrupt a public meeting and the work of the County Legislators through series of outbursts and then get thrown out of the Chamber

  3. Jose Alvaradoh!

    Bill Burton

    Ken Jenkins

    Judy Myers

    If you voted for these fools you owe the rest of us restitution.

  4. Ken Jenkins is drunk with his own imagined power. He keeps creating these diversions, like the reporter mentioned…bodyguards, a silly email that was accidentally sent to a thin-skinned legislator, Hugh Fox clapping at a board meeting…all this to try to distract us from the fact that he has lived, illegally, outside his district for years and has now moved his district line to include his home. Why doesn’t the Journal News do a story about that? News 12 exposed him last week.

  5. A zebra does not change its stripes and a fox doesn’t change its ways. Hugh Fox was a union thug for years in the Yonkers fire fighters union and just because he has been rewarded for playing nice in the sand with a patronage job doesn’t mean he is going to change. Fox is a union thug, but now he is using that thugness to try and push people around for his boss. A Fox is a Fox!

  6. Love the way union backers who love the loudmouthed union representatives who represent them suddenly deprecate those same union leaders when it becomes convenient and when what that union leader says does not result in furthering their personal interests.

  7. Hugh Fox is pure tax waste and should be fired immediately

    Fox is seemingly a mercenary being paid big Westchester taxpayer bucks by the curent County executive to be a sort of “hit man” and subversive right wing dirty tricks facilitator.

    No logical taxpayer in Westchester should tolerate this abuse of public power by the county Executive in having this person to continue to occupy an ill defined job title or a position in the administration.
    Hugh Fox is an embarassment to the brave and public serving Yonkers firefighters every time his past is mentioned in one of these notorious articles.

    Will there ever be a positive article about this creepy Conservative Party cahirman Hugh Fox?

    Not only is he a double dipper (he is receiving a NYS pension and received a waiver obtained by the current County Executive to allow his hiring for $90,000 per year) but he is a position that is NOT NEEDED in County government.

    Hugh Fox is pure waste and should be fired immediately.

  8. Didn’t complain about Sue Tolchin, who was paid almost double this figure by the previous administration, did you? Get real, Get Real.

  9. Sam: Sue Tolchin is replaced by Ned McCormack who gets just as much as Sue Tochin but now we also have Hugh Fox for ANOTHER $90,000

    GET REAL Sam ! Taxpayers are being ripped off !
    No talking around that !
    He is double dipping us taxpayers from the pension and the current paycheck.

    Plus, is he sane or is he unblanced and a danger to others ??? What is the story about jumping on tables and knocking over pictures on the wall ?!

  10. Again, what a joke this 8th floor leadership is. Jerkins is continuing his kindergarten behavior.
    That chamber is owned by the public not by the Democrats. If you look at the structure of the
    County charter the taxpayers are the top of the food chain.
    Clapping in those chambers can not be stopped, it is a right to express yourself. I am really sick and tired of the whole situation. These Dems must wake up and get rid of the dictator at their head. What happened today? Anyone know?
    Once again Mr. Jerkins had a melt down. More to follow. Remember in Nov, If you elect these immature legislators then Westchester will never be anything but a laughing stock of NY.
    Even the President is more polished then these soon to be 5 year old in behavior.. And that is a stretch.
    You voters are smarter then this, Vote again the Dems in November.