State Police Honor Members Of Its Ranks


Twenty-nine members of the State Police were honored today at a ceremony Thursday for their bravery and exemplary work.

State Police superintendent Joseph D’Amico said the troopers and employees “performed selfless acts of courage and heroism, established themselves as steadfast leaders, and demonstrated exemplary commitment to service and duty.”

At the 35th annual memorial and award ceremony at the State Police Academy, three troopers from central New York received The Brummer Award, the agency’s highest honor for bravery.

The officers, Sgt. Thomas Haumann, Trooper Carlo Gennario, and Trooper Richard Snyder, of Troop D in Sylvan Beach, Oneida County, shot a man after he killed his baby with a shotgun on June 22, 2010, and pointed the gun at them. The man, 21-year-old Adam Theall, is serving a life sentence in prison.

Other award recipients included:
— Trooper David Brown, of Troop E in Painted Post, Steuben County, who on Oct. 2 rescued a man from a burning vehicle that flipped in the town of Erwin.

— Sgt. Mark Breen, of Troop K in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, who on March 19, 2010, shot and killed a man in Milan after the man held his estranged wife at gunpoint, threatened to kill himself and the woman and then pointed his shotgun at Breen.

— Sgt. Mark Nielson and Trooper Adrian Melendez, of Troop K in Cortlandt, Westchester County, who on April 27, 2010, rescued a driver who drove into the Croton River in Peekskill after the driver refused to stop and drove through a locked gate at the historic Van Cortlandt Manor.

— First Sgt. Timothy Coughlin of Troop E in the Finger Lakes region for his expertise in planning special large group details, including for police funerals.

— Trooper Kevin Dobson of Troop A in western New York, who received posthumously the Superintendent’s Traffic Safety Award for his commitment to highway safety. On March 26, he was struck and killed during a traffic stop on I-290 in Tonawanda, Erie County.

— State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team-Western Region, headquartered in Buffalo, which received the Superintendent’s Unit Citation Award for its outstanding efforts in 2010.


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  1. storm troopers on

    how about for the perjury the State Police Colonel committed in front of the New York State Senate while under oath?

  2. I am late in responding to this, due to the fact I never knew until a few weeks ago that this took place. Please take the time to read my response, and understand that this has not only affected me, but also my three daughters who have been left without their father.

    My question is Who chooses the person to receive this “honor” and what kind or research is done before the person is chosen? I think someone messed up with this one…hero, no I do not think so at all.

    “Sgt. Mark Breen, of Troop K in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, who on March 19, 2010, shot and killed a man in Milan after the man held his estranged wife at gunpoint, threatened to kill himself and the woman and then pointed his shotgun at Breen.”

    With this copied and pasted from above, I have to say….

    I am the wife of the man whom Mark Breen shot and killed. If this person is such a “hero” why was I not contacted to be a part of this honorable award ceremony? I have never been contacted by anyone in the NYS troopers.

    My husband never threatened to kill himself or me, and I was never held at gunpoint. I left the house of my own free will, with the help of my husband.

    Let me just say that to this day, not one, not one single person employed as a NYS trooper’s or a Dutchess County Sherrif has ever come forward and said anything to me. The whole thing was “hush hush” I had to find out from a family member that my husband had been killed. After bring kept apart from my daughter, only a few hundred feet away, for well over an hour, I was told I was free to go. That was it! Nothing else was said to me, even to this day, over a year ago.

    I did contact Mark Breen and his arrogant response to me was, and I quote: “this happened over a year ago”, and I am quite sure he taped the whole conversation, due to the fact he put me on hold after I had already told him my name and that he had shot and killed my husband, came back on the phone and said okay who is this again??? Is he such a heartless person thinking “over a year ago” will make this all better? Mark Breen has a very distorted “memory” of that night. Believe me I do remember it, and I and my three daughters will for the rest of our lives.

    Hero, do you call that a hero? I am saddened to read of so many other officers, who are much more worthy of this medal, and you have chosen to give it to him? Big mistake on the NYS troopers part, do your homework in the future, please.

  3. storm troopers on

    Ms. Kane,

    My condolences for your loss. Whatever happened that day, it appears the New York State Police have once again molded the facts to fit their version of events. This sergeant HAS to be a hero; if he’s not a hero, after all, then he’s a murderer. I would’ve thought that with such conflicting versions of events, there would be an internal affairs investigation. But the State Police internal affairs is a complete joke. At the New York State Police, the inmates run the asylum.

    What you need to do is immediately get yourself an attorney, preferably one NOT from Dutchess or Putnam, preferably from Manhattan, one where nobody cares who the State Police are. You very well may have a wrongful death suit here. Time is of the essence so please move quickly. It may the only opportunity for you to really learn what happened. When all the storm troopers are deposed, and they all start giving all different versions of events, then it’ll be clear they’re lying. And lying is perjury. A federal judge wont tolerate it.

    The New York State Police are built on perjury and political influence. Just read the Troopergate papers. You really think a professional organization would do that?