Ball’s office apologizes over letter flap, puts staffer on probation


Jim Coleman, chief of staff for Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, has issued a statement explaining how a letter thanking the senator for his assistance came to be published in a local newspaper. A “young staffer” working for Ball said the letter was given to the newspaper with the constituent’s permission but has apologized to the family and is on temporary probation, according to the statement.

This is what Coleman wrote:

“The bottom-line is that this office moved heaven and earth to help this family, and it is an absolute fact that the letter printed was the actual and unedited letter provided to our staffer by this constituent.

“While this has become a ‘he said, she said’ our office has proactively apologized for any miscommunication, taken the extra step of placing this young staffer in question on temporary probation, had this staffer issue a formal apology to the family and instituted protocols to protect against future failures in communication.

“It must be repeated, however, that while we do not question the integrity or political purposes of the constituents involved, our young staffer affirms that Ms. Fields letter was distributed with her authorization. Indeed, we have provided the original letter from this constituent, thanking Senator Ball for his work on behalf of this family, to the public.

“We will continue to represent Senator Ball in a professional manner by working hard for this family and all of Senator Ball’s constituents.”


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  1. “Indeed, we have provided the original letter from this constituent, thanking Senator Ball for his work on behalf of this family, to the public.”

    Exactly what the Fields’ did NOT want to happen. Ball’s office is staffed by uncaring, insensitive, unethical morons. Oh, just like their leader.

  2. Senator put the Staffer on Probation???????? Isn’t this a civil service position and probation is automatic? Is the Senator on probation??????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Oh stop with this nonsense, all of you. Pedrolito, you claim that releasing the letter is exactly what the family didn’t want to heppen? They want “privacy”? Are you a fool? Or just illiterate? They want their privacy on this, so then why in the world did they call the media and blow this thing up the way they did? Why didn’t they just quietly go to Greg Ball to maintain their privacy? Before they blew this up, NOBODY saw the letter and NOBODY cared about the letter and NOBODY would have even noticed the letter. But the “privacy family” calls the media and announces all of this, then even goes on to tape a phone call to extend the story and the media coverage even further. Now, people are actually LOOKING for this letter to read, thanks to what this family did. Knock off your sob story about the “atrocities” this family has been put through. THEY BROUGHT THIS UPON THEMSELVES WITH THEIR FOOLISH, INCONSISTENT, AND NOW VERY QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOR.

  4. hey sob story, Do you have manure for brains? educate yourself before u comment.

  5. yes, I know all about the story. How the Fields tried to maintain their privacy by calling the media.

  6. this smells almost as bad as that phoney, staged “waitress” story from last year, which Leibell set up with his colleagues to hurt Greg Ball. As usual, it did nothing but elevate Ball’s status. I understand they have a sick child that Ball helped with, but this family is receiving some really backward advice from someone with his own agenda. What they did was increase readership of the letter in question by about 1000% if not more. It was THEY who brought the media into this, not Greg Ball.

  7. It sounds to me that the only reason that the media got involved was because they are part of the story. I don’t think they would have been dragged into this otherwise… Remember, it was Ball’s office that originally published the letter…

    That being said, thank you for your comments, Mr. Branda.