Westchester Independence Party backs mostly Dems for BOL


Westchester County Independence Party Chairman Guilio Cavallo today announced the party’s endorsements for seats on the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Here they are:
1 – John G. Testa (R) District 1
2 – Peter Harckham (D) District 2
3 – John Nonna (D) District 3
4 – Michael B Kaplowitz (D) District 4
5 – William J Ryan (D) District 5
6 – Mark Jaffe (D) District 6
7 – Judith A. Myers (D) District 7
8 – Alfreda Williams (D) District 8
9 – Catherine Borgia (D) District 9
10 – Sheila Marcotte (R) District 10
11 – Kurt Colucci District 11
12 – Mary Jane Shimsky (D) District 12
13 – Lyndon D. Williams (D) District 12
14 – George Kevgas (D) District 14
15 – Shelly Mayer (D) District 15
16 – Kenneth W. Jenkins (D) District 16
17 – Jose I. Alvarado (D) District 17


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  1. Giulio Cavallo is an unhinged, shake-down artist who seems hell-bent on running the Independence Party into absolute irrelevance.

  2. Reform Westchester on

    It is now clear that Cavallo has jumped into bed with Dems because his shakedown of Astorino was not successful. Astorino actually stood up to his outrageous demands and the GOP candidates are paying for it. Luckily for taxpayers, this line now only gets like 2% of vote and has fallen down to Row E.

  3. If this two bit hore named “doctor” cavallo read his own platform he’d know he cant endorse Ken Jenkins and Jose Alvarado and anyone else who pays the price of admission to his lousy club. .

    Whats Independent about clubhouse politicians?

  4. Reform Westchester on

    There is nothing independent about the Independence Party. It is nothing more than a political club run by Cavallo, where his friends and family get jobs and patronage through endorsements. Its roots go back to Perot, but now the group in Westchester is just a bunch of political hacks with their hands out. After shakedowns of Andy Spano were no longer successful, they endorsed Rob Astorino. When Astorino did not cave into all their demands, they turned on him, and for proof, just look at these endorsements – only 2 Reps and 15 Dems for county legislator. Meanwhile, the party has slipped so far down the ballot that it is unclear if the party is even relevant any longer.

  5. just the facts on

    why don’t we ask ourselves who cavalo works for? ABOLISH CROSS ENDORSEMENTS