Ball calls for drug testing welfare recipients


State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, wants New York to follow Florida’s lead and demand drug testing of its welfare recipients.

In a statement posted this past weekend on his website, Ball said, “This type of law is not intended to embarrass or humiliate people in need. I understand that times are tough. However, we need to be sure that this money is being used for its intended purpose.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a similar measure last month.

“While there are certainly legitimate needs for public assistance, it is unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction,” Scott said in a statement reported by Reuters. “This new law will encourage personal accountability and will help to prevent the misuse of tax dollars.”

Scott has also issued an executive order requiring Florida state employees to undergo drug testing. That is being challenged by the ACLU there, which also said it might file suit over the welfare measure also.


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  1. If welfare recipients benefit from taxpayer dollars, then let’s drug test all political office holders, and other employees that are paid out of tax coffers as well. No one receiving government/state salaries or assistance should be doing drugs!

  2. I call on Ball to stick with the truth. The latest dishonesty involving the violation of trust of a grateful constituent is testimony to his disregard for honor and justice.

    Ball jumps at the chance to change the subject by inventing this little whiz-bang media byte and holding another hearing on security – something he is ill-equipped to deal with.

    Don’t forget his disgusting behavior despite his attempts to hide behind other news cycles. Greg Ball is a sick puppy.

  3. Testing will be so costly to the taxpayers. On the other hand, why not test and do psychological testing for our elected lawmakers as we see more and more of them having serious issues….can’t keep themselves undercontrol…on the internet, etc.

  4. Maybe all political office holders and government workers be tested for sexual addiction and compulsive lying in addition to drug use before they can take or continue to hold office. Unfortunately though, such a law would likely require us to hold general elections everywhere! Wiener… The guy couldn’t have chosen a better last name… Ball?! I wonder what his crushing headline will be… “Ball pays for Hummer with campaign dollars.” (referring to the automobile…)

  5. Leibell is gone on

    the same old crowd keeps attacking Ball every time he opens his mouth. At least Greg Ball has the courage to take a chance and put his name in the public arena, opening himself to scrutiny and imbeciles like Pedro. What have YOU ever accomplished in YOUR life? Think about it, and when you’re done wiping the tears of shame from your eyes, give us your very valuable opinion.

  6. concerned dad on

    Im a father of a son that lives with his mother in western ny. I live in va. The court at first wouldn’t do a paternity test however after another divorce I finaly got one. I know she has a drug background and is curently dating a known drug dealer/ sex offender. She lives in low income housing uses family assistance and allows her boyfriend to live with her. During our custody battle all this was brought up. Niether the courts nor cps are willing to investigate this. If she were made to take a drug test it would only help to prove she’s not fit to have custody. She would lose her family assistance and low Income housing. Maybe then cps would do what they are paid and trusted to do, and I could get my son where he will be well taken care of. Right now my child support money, which dosnt have to be claimed as income, is being spent on drugs instead of my sons needs. Yes. Drug testing should be required by cps, social services, child support enforcment, low income housing, and any other publicy funded assistance or aid.

  7. Why I think this is bad government policy –

    Effective government policy should be aimed at getting working people back on their feet again and back onto the tax rolls by creating jobs. It should not focus on preventing those in need from accessing benefits that would prevent them from falling off the edge of the economic cliff. Further, it has been opposed by the American Public Health Association, National Association of Social Workers, Inc., National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, to name just a few.