Video: Cuomo on status of same-sex marriage bill


Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke with reporters earlier this evening, touching on the status of the same-sex marriage bill, which some Senate Republicans are hesitant to support without additional protections for religious institutions and non-profits included.

Here’s video of Cuomo talking about the negotiations:


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  1. Yawn.He still thinks SSM is a good thing,and it will still always be a bad thing.

  2. I think he is the most open minded person in politics and it will not be a bad thing they said interracial marriage will be a bad thing and it has been proven that was wrong… I’m glad he is fighting to do the right thing.

  3. He’s fighting for the WRONG thing…interracial marriage breaks down barriers by uniting race to race,while same-sex marriage supports barriers by allowing the sexes to turn inward among themselves when its sole purpose is to encourage them to unite to each other.

  4. Let’s be clear: passage of the bill will not “allow the sexes to turn inward.” Gay people will still be gay, and straight people will still be straight regardless. NO barriers are being created that don’t already exist.

  5. But the status of marriage as being defined as an example of the necessary practice of linking the sexes will be destroyed.The benefits it offers those in it can only be deserved by opposite-sex unions.

  6. What? Straight people need examples to learn how to “link”? I don’t believe straight people deserve exclusivity by mere fact of their genitalia.