Alesi Expects There Will Be A Same-Sex Marriage Vote, And It Will Pass


Sen. James Alesi, R-Perinton, Monroe County, said this evening that he’s confident the same-sex marriage bill will come to the Senate floor — perhaps in the dead of night — and it will pass.

Alesi and Sen. Roy McDonald of Saratoga are the only two GOP senators to back the bill. It is one vote shy of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate.

“I respect the collective will of my conference. I have for the 17 years I’ve been in the Senate,” Alesi said. “But I believe on an issue as important as this, to the Republican Party as well as the LGBT community, that I feel our conference has to bring this bill to the floor.”

Asked if a vote will be held, he said, “Albany is not a place to make predictions as you know, but my sense is that it will.”

And will it pass?

“It’ll pass. It will definitely pass,” he said.


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  1. This dumbo should be selling used golf balls at a driving range upstate, not legislating.

  2. Thank you, Senator Alesi, for having the courage to ignore the threats from the “tolerant” anti-gay activists. If equality is stamped out in New York, who’s next? How long till they come after the marriages of Latinos, Muslims, single parents? And which right will be voted away after marriage is redefined as only allowed by members of certain religions? I don’t want our children taught in school that they can simply vote away the civil rights of those they disagree with! Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you!

  3. Judy Lindahl on

    I have two daughters,, one by birth and one by love who are anxiously awaiting this decision in their NYS home. Three parents, all in poor health, want to see them married soon. Please.

  4. Chip,you have the whole world totally backward.
    It is not a question of New York stamping out a legitimate equality,but of holding back insane demands to introduce a false equality.Marriage exists to unite males to females,whatever the race or religion of any of them…males to females…that is the whole useful purpose that marriage offers society and nothing is of “equal” worth to society compared to male-female relationships.I don’t want our children taught in school that incorrigible attachment to an absurd misbehavior can turn that misbehavior’s being treated as if it were unobjectionable into a “civil right”.But the homosexual lobby are anything but “tolerant” of attempts to correct them,that’s why they want to make it illegal.

  5. When I was growing up my parents always told me “it’s easy to follow everyone else but sometimes doing the right thing will be the hardest thing you will ever do alone and we hope you will always use your own mind to make that decision.” Today it is hard to be courageous, but history will remember your brave stand for human rights. Does anyone remember the religious rhetoric justifying slavery, bi-racial couples right to marry, women’s right to vote? No, we just remember those who had the courage to stand up against the many voices who would use religion to justify the oppression of their fellow man. Someday all people will be treated equally and this is the right thing!

  6. Yes Louis, we get it.

    You don’t want kids to think that those dirty queers are as good as you are. I’m sure kids with same sex parents would beg to differ with you.

  7. Tina,doing the right thing must never be treated the same as doing the wrong thing.This isn’t a religious issue or a “human right”.
    Rachael.marriage exists to unite males to females,not to link whoever wants with whoever wants.
    Scott,kids subjected to the abuse of being made to think of same-sex couples as their “parents” deserve our sympathy but not our agreement with their situation.

  8. If you do any research into the history of marriage it was set up as a legal contract between families to convey property rights and protect bloodlines. It has not always included a man and a woman or propagation of the species. Since this issue pertains to human beings and the freedom to live the same as other human beings it is a human rights issue. One group of people should have the same legal protections as any other. Marriage equality has no impact on your freedom to believe and carry out your life living as “a man and woman” in marriage. Trust me I’m sure that no LGBT person would want to enjoy the pleasure of spending time in your company. Do some research because your words are exactly the same as those used in other human rights struggles. Of course today we realize how shameful it was to direct this hatred and anger towards other minorities. We are all created as equal human beings worthy of dignity and respect, even you Louis. You deserve our sympathy and pity for the depth of anger and pain in your life which makes you strike out at people with such venom.

  9. “…kids subjected to the abuse of being made to think of same-sex couples as their “parents” deserve our sympathy…”

    Yeah, because being a child of loving same-sex parents is just SO much more abusive than, for instance, being a child of heterosexual parents who physically abuse said child.

    Louis, I have dealt with a lot of blindly and complacently ignorant idiots on blogs for a long time now. I have to say that, aside from one moron who told me that prayer might have cured my mum’s cancer (my mum was an incredibly devout Roman Catholic who prayed every day), you take the prize for being the most arrogant, insufferable twit that I have ever run into.

    As mum would have said, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God give me patience!”

  10. Tina…the families convey property rights and protect bloodlines by joining males to females.If it doesn’t do that it’s not a marriage.Whether the male(s) and female(s) procreate is secondary.The sexes of the parties being opposite is the very core of the institution.There is no “group of people” entitled to violate that standard,which applies equally to everyone.(Laws are designed to apply whether or not those who disagree band together in protest).The analogies raised to legitimate “human rights struggles” are false and offensive.

    JETSS,you are at least as wifully ignorant as you imagine me to be.The arrogance of claiming same-sex sexual relationships are not of manifestly inferior usefulness to human society than opposite-sex ones knows no equal.

  11. I just saw the best sign: “Did I vote on YOUR marriage??” Personally it doesn’t help me one way or the other, but when it comes to CIVIL marriage, no religion should have a vote. Citizens don’t get a vote on any religion’s beliefs or practices. There is nothing about any civil marriage that threatens or harms any religious marriage. It IS a right, and it IS about equality – the civil right to the pursuit of happiness.

  12. JETSS, you arrogant, arrogant man! How dare you stand there, not proclaiming the inferior usefulness of your relationship. You should run back into the closet and hide, or better yet, just put on some camouflage and go into the woods so you can be invisible to Louis. And no supper for you, young man!

    Tina, thank you for your post.

    Scott, I wouldn’t bother suggesting Louis talk to any of those children. Clearly, they’re being pressured by the homosexual lobby, and he will dismiss their opinions.

  13. Cait Adams,
    I am not religious and the issue is not religious.NO ONE is entitled to vote on what marriage is…it’s for male-female relationships only or it serves no public purpose at all.Not all things people claim to be happy about are things they should be regarded as entitled to pursue.

  14. “The arrogance of claiming same-sex sexual relationships are not of manifestly inferior usefulness to human society than opposite-sex ones knows no equal.”

    Really? My husband and I decided before we got married that neither of us would be great parent material, so I got my tubes tied beforehand. We got married by a Justice of the Peace right in the restaurant where we were holding the reception. Is MY marriage “of manifestly inferior usefulness to human society”, since I’m not helping the continuation of the human race?

    Bugger off, Louis.

    Rod, BTW, I’m neither young nor a man. 55-year-old woman (married to a 50-year-old man.) I guess that using my initials instead of my name, and talking sports to boot, probably was a tad confusing. :D

  15. JETSS,I don’t give a hoot over whether you are inclined to procreate.Only that you be of the opposite sex from the person you marry.Simply upholding the uniformity of that pattern and excluding alternatives is helping human civilization.

  16. Rod, sorry, my dad was a huge sports fan (we buried him with his JETS fleece blanket tucked into the casket), and I guess I became one by osmosis. Just baseball and football for me, though. Having my initials (even of my maiden name) spelling J-E-T-S probably helped as well. ;-)

    Enjoy this pie chart showing “what would happen if gays get married”:

    Louis, you might want to check out the pie chart, too.

  17. Louis E. I am sorry, I feel I have to engage in this pointless argument, which your logic just nullified. Your words “Simply upholding the uniformity of that pattern and excluding alternatives is helping human civilization”. My god what if we applied said statement and used it universally. I am so going to Emmanual Kant this argument. That comment completely encompasses the law of your logic. If we applied this law to civilizations we would still be in the dark ages. We would still be killing female babies in hopes for males, slavery would definitely still be in place, women would have no rights, this “law of your logic” would indeed take our “humanity” right out of the equation. modern society would not exist at all under that kind of logic.
    You are just someone who is so terrified of change, and don’t want to look upon it. These are people in a ever changing society (as societies often do) and they themselves are looking to join in a union or marriage (same thing) and be recognized as one by people of their society and under the law.

  18. chelservoncoast on

    Louis, you clearly have a very bad case of OCD and it’s not very nice to try to force it upon everyone else. I’m sorry that a society in which men can marry men and women can marry women is so threatening to your desire to have everyone neatly paired up into complimentary set of genitalia. You should probably seek counseling.

  19. Dgriff,the thing is,we have to apply the rules that matter and not the ones that don’t.None of the things you say we would still be doing would help civilization,while affirming the exclusively normative nature of opposite-sex relationships DOES.It is not a matter of all change being bad,but of all demands for change not being justified.The law must oppose same-sex relationships.
    Chelservoncoast,it is you who need the counseling on the essential nature of sexes.

  20. chelservoncoast on

    Louis, if same sex marriage is so threatening to the stability of society, then it’s not really very stable, is it? You can rant and rave all day about how same sex families are going to destroy the traditional family model but that doesn’t make it true. You really have no good explanation of what it is that makes a same sex marriage less valuable than a traditional one.
    While you’ve pointed out that marriage was created to ” convey property rights and protect bloodlines by joining males to females”, I don’t really see how this is valid. A person can leave his or her property to anyone. Leona Hemsley left her dog $12 million. They weren’t married. And nowadays there are a lot of straight couples that don’t even have biological children, so there’s not much of a bloodline to be protected, is there?
    While I appreciate that you aren’t using the Bible as an excuse to hate on your fellow man, I still think you must be pretty homophobic to even be arguing against gays and lesbians having the right to legally marry whomever they please. It’s not like they’re going to be knocking down your door with wedding proposals. And it IS an issue of human rights, regardless of how you try to spin it. No one is trying to take away any of your rights, so what’s your problem?
    I’m quite happy to see that gays and lesbians will be able to express their love openly and enjoy all the perks of marriage that straight people have been enjoying for years. I look forward to seeing marriage equality spreading to the rest of the country, though I have my doubts about the Bible Belt. But they’re still kind of stuck in a time warp as it is.