Ball: “This isn’t Texas”


State Sen. Greg Ball seemed to feel it was inevitable that the state would eventually legalize same-sex marriage, at least according to his interview Friday night with Anderson Cooper. The CNN host asked Ball why he opposed same-sex marriage and the Republican who represents parts of Westchester and Putnam counties mentioned his call for religious exemptions. The “carve-outs” included in the new law, Ball said, didn’t go as far as he wanted and that’s why he voted no. The religious protections included in the bill, he said, make New York’s law different than same-sex marriage laws in other states.

“We’re New York state,” he told Cooper. “This isn’t Texas and marriage equality was going to come to New York state sooner or later.

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  1. Why is this guy continuing to get his undeserved 15 minutes of fame for being a weasel? There was no way he was going to vote for it. Everyone knows that, surely you know it. Why waste your time writing about him? I read another article that said he asked for Dick Cheney to come campaign for him as his price for voting for the bill.

  2. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    and why are the Leibellistas so JEALOUS of Greg Ball??? Get over it, Vinnyoids. Ball has been spot-on for four years, he was 100% correct about Leibell and Maguire being corrupt, and Ball is now the strongest politician in the region. Undeserved?? After what Team Leibell put him through for four years??

    All I know is you guys were suckered for two decades by Team Vinny, helping do nothing but Help Vinny put money in his big pockets. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous!

  3. Why is it always about Vinnie? I could care less about him. Are you claiming that Greg’s ineffective performance as an Assemblyman is because of Vinnie? Did Greg lie about being interested in how people thought he should vote for the bill because of Vinnie?

    Common sense should have told anyone who knows Greg that there was no chance he’d vote for it and that he was just doing it for the publicity. But he certainly fooled CNN and MSNBC into thinking there was a chance he would change his mind. He wasn’t even part of the committee that negotiated the amendment, that’s how much he had to do with the process.

  4. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Why is it always about Vinny?? I mean, you’re joking, right? I don’t know….why IS it always about Vinny?? Why has it always been about Vinny for the past 20 years? maybe because you anti-Ball folks hate Ball because Vinny told you to. And Vinny told you to because Vinny couldn’t buy him. Ball knew Leibell was a crook from day one, and Vinny was aware of it. And like good little soldiers, you guys follwed every order, no matter how ridiculous. You asked Vinny permission to run for office. You asked Vinny to get you jobs. You asked Vinny to be on committees. You asked Vinny for speaking parts at public events just to get face time. And when you needed to have the field cleared of competent opposition due to your very questionable personal lives, well you just forwarded a nice big fat check to Ray Maguire and PRESTO!!! the field was cleared. Vinny was like a magician for the desperate. Poor Ray Ray and his accomplice are soon to go down, hard. And now you want to know why it’s always about Vinny?? Seems to me the FBI just answered that question.

  5. Lady Gag Gag on

    No, it ain’t Texas. It’s now Kansas, New York with Dorothy and Toto. Judy Garland sings ‘Over the Rainbow’ and Bette Midler strips, shows herself to be a man, and urinates into your martini. You voted for it (or voted for those who did,) so get used to it. Perversion rules!

  6. To the Ball supporter on this blog: Have you ever considered the fact that some of us don’t like Ball because of his actions? I do not like Greg Ball OR Leibell. But I’m not anti-Ball because I’m pro-Vinnie. I’m anti-Ball because I disagree with how he votes and how he appears to make choices based solely on the fact that he can get more media attention out of voting a certain way. This has NOTHING to do with Vinnie and everything to do with Ball. I’ve never met Vinnie and I could care less about him. Ball is now my state senator and I’m judging him based on his CURRENT actions.

  7. This is the problem with having someone like Ball (or Vinny) representing Yorktown and Somers. We could never have cared less about Vinny, and Ball does not represent the majority of our values. I would have had more respect for Ball if he had just come out and said he was not going to vote for it because his Conservative supporters who were responsible for him winning the Senate seat last year would drop him like a hot potato if he voted for it. Instead, he turned his alleged decision on which way to vote (which was never in question, anyway) into a circus. And the amazing thing is that he will fool many of his supporters into thinking that he was responsible for the stronger language to protect religious groups, even though it was pointed out by many people that by law it was not necessary. Look at what he’s saying here — he’s making it seem like he knew the bill would pass so it was not important that he vote yes in order for that to happen — he’s trying to distance himself from his no vote for those who cared about it passing.

  8. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Yeah sure. “I don’t like Leibell”. Funny……since December 2010 I can’t find one person who was ever friends with Vinny Leibell. You’d think Leibell had no friends, or that he was able to accomplish a very corrupt agenda all by himself. So knock off the “I didn’t like Leibell”. You guys hated Greg Ball because Vinny Leibell told you to hate Geg Ball. That’s the way it was for 4 years. If you hate Greg Ball well then I’ve got some news for you….you’re in the extreme minority. You ever take a minute to look at Ball’s election results in 2006? In 2008? In 2010? Even in 2010, when democrat Kaplowitz teamed up with Republican Leibell for one more shot at killing off Ball before Leibell’s chicken’s came home to roost. Why is it that all you loyal republicans had no problem when Kaplowitz was receiving Leibell’s help? Why? Because with folks like you, Vinny was KING, end of story. Vinny gave the orders, and you puppets followed. Vinny is gone now, and you guys are rambling on and on like chickens with no heads, pretending you never supported Leibell. It appears that it is YOU who cannot accept reality: that Greg Ball is the most popular and powerful politician in the Hudson Valley.

  9. No. We hate Ball because he did nothing as an Assemblyman (which made it foolish to think that he deserved a promotion to the Senate, lied about Mike Kaplowitz’s record to get elected, and now embarrassed himself by turning his same sex marriage vote into a circus. I never paid any attention to Vinny, in fact I voted against him when given an option. I am not a Republican, and I am not a Putnam resident.

    Greg Ball is the joke of the NYS Senate (maybe him and Ruben Diaz), and as a result of his 15 minutes of fame, people across the country now realize it, not just the people in his district. That he continues to get elected just boggles the mind. The good news is that as a result of this fiasco, there will be people from outside the district helping whoever decides to run against him next time. The bad news is that people like you will probably ignore the facts and re-elect him. I can only hope that they redistrict Northern Westchester out of his district so I do not continue to have the embarrassment of having him represent me.

  10. the consultant on

    Why on earth is it good news that you think people from outside the district will
    be helping whomever runs against greg ball? you are bragging that non putnam
    residents will be attempting to skew the election..that’s real democracy in action isn’t
    it..greg ball will no doubt continue to win regardless of who you “bring in” to the district
    and in fact dependingon “who you bring into the district” it might help greg even more

  11. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    You HATE Greg Ball because he lied about Kaplowitz’s record? Do you realize how phoney you sound? Ball was under attack by some very powerful forces from 2006 until 2010, and he had very little official help in protecting himself. Leibell the Republican was helping Kaplowitz the democrat defeat Ball the republican. Ball stood up to these attacks like an admirable person, and because he didn’t quit when you think he should have, you hate him? It took guts to be Greg Ball when you think about it. When Ball was going up against someone like Leibell, and Leibell had all these mindless non-thinking soldiers who would hate and attack on command, it takes a lot of courage to face that down. Ball did, and he should be commended.

    When Leibell said HATE, you HATED. When Leibell said ATTACK, you ATTACKED. When Leibell said GIVE MONEY, you GAVE MONEY. And now Leibell is gone, and so soon will be some more of Leibell’s minions.

  12. WaltTrombone on

    Look at the vote totals on the Putnam BOE website. Ball barely squeaked by Kaplowitz in quite a few districts, and in many cases, his margin of victory was due to his votes from the Conservative line. It would have been a lot closer without Mike Long’s crew, not that Kaplowitz did all that much to distinguish himself. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that Ball’s vote was due to anything more than keeping the support of the Conservative party. Also don’t delude yourself into thinking that anyone who doesn’t like Ball is automatically a Leibell crony. There are plenty of us up here in Putnam that don’t support either Ball or Leibell, or the other prominent Putnam County Vinnie, Tamagna.

  13. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    “BARELY SQUEAKED BY”? I’d rather look at the BOE financials for Mike Kaplowitz, and look at the connections to Vincent Leibell the republican hero. The year 2010 was THE most corrupt year Leibell ever had. Not only did he try to take out Ball through that Kapolowitz, failing miserably, but he also tried to control the 99th AD and the 40th SD by running his own corrupt robots in the primaries. Vinny ran them so he could keep his dirty money coming into those useless not for profits. He needed to keep them afloat through State grants; this way, nobody would ever find out that Vinny’s NFP’s were nothing but a cash cow for Vinny. Since Vinny’s robots both lost, and the NFP’s are going under, we now see that his NFP’s were paying Vinny’s bills. In 2010, Leibell tried to control the county executive office and the Assembly seat and the Senate seat. He already controls the county clerk and the district attorney. The only one he didn’t control is the sheriff. Now he controls nothing. And all those who tried to become corrupt just like him are about to join him…….

  14. All I can say is that our dislike for Ball has nothing to do with Vinny and corruption in Putnam (I don’t even LIVE in Putnam but have the misfortune of being lumped into the same Senate district). It has to do with Ball being a clown and an embarrassment to the district. He lied about wanting to know people’s opinions and basing his vote on that simply so he could get publicity. He claims he would have voted yes (= sold his vote) if Dick Cheney agreed to come campaign for him. How many other Senators came out of this looking as badly as Greg did? With the exception of Ruben Diaz, who was just crazy and at least was solid on his opinion, none. Those are the facts. And unless you can claim that Vinny was somehow orchestrating Greg’s acting like a fool these past couple of weeks, he has no one to blame but himself.

  15. WaltTrombone on

    If Ball REALLY deserves more than 15 minutes, you’ll have to come up with a better argument than “He’s not Vinnie Leibell.”

  16. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    I’m glad you gave us the facts. It’s closed-mindessness like yours that has made a joke of politics in the Hudson Valley.

    After what Leibell and the Leibell soldiers put Ball through these past four years, it’s no wonder Ball didn’t just give up. The fact that he didn’t speaks to his character and courage. Every day Leibell would wake up thinking of ways to hurt Greg Ball. Leibell arranged for all these phoney baloney women things, like Women Against Ball, and arranging for some woman in Pawling to make up a story about Ball calling her in the middle of the night, and most recently just last year, where Leibell arranged for that waitress in Albany to claim Ball either said something to her or made some remark to her. Even the top GOP leaders of NYS, THE ONES WHO NOW STAND SIDE BY SIDE WITH GREG BALL, now admit that it was Vinny Leibell who told them that Ball was crazy, and as a favor to Vinny they came out publicly and said Ball is a loose cannon, etc etc etc. They now have apologized for it.

    Maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

  17. Once again, his behavior the last couple of weeks cannot be pinned on anyone but Greg. People who had never heard of him before this whole SSM bill now think he is a clown. People who opposed SSM (presumably many of his biggest supporters) should be outraged that he would have even considered voting for it (and even acknowledging that he would have voted for it if a big name like Cheney were to come campaign for him). He probably lost whatever miniscule of respect his fellow legislators had for him as a result of the circus he ran.

    Get past your “Vinnie hates Greg so I love him” mindset and realize that even if Greg had done nothing wrong prior to this, the way he acted during the SSM bill process proved that he is nothing more than a publicity hound.

    BTW will this year’s polo match proceeds go towards what they’re advertised? Or did Vinnie do that also?

  18. WaltTrombone on

    Apologize? For what? Disliking Greggie? Boo hoo. He’s a political weasel. Was it Vinnie’s fault his first “charity” polo match proceeds went to his first run for office, with many in attendence totally unaware of where the money was going? Was it Vinnie’s fault that the flyers for the upcoming polo match in Greenwich (last I heard, not in NY) say absolutely NOTHING about where the proceeds are going? Yes, Greggie’s website does mention the Victory Cup, but there’s only a one line, fine print mention on the website itself, and not ONE mention on the flyers handed out at the antique car show held in Greenwich last month. Way to be up front, Greggie. Hand out any of those flyers in Putnam, Greg? Doubt it.

    Nah, I come by my dislike of the Senator honestly, starting way back when with the whole circus he and his buddies Rights and Yee had going in Brewster. Also from the couple of times I’ve met him in person at various parades. Nothing about his body language, nor the way he’d talk to people gave me any reason to think he was anything less than some weasel who’d tell you anything he thought you wanted to hear.

  19. Being new to this area due to relocation, we are not intune to much of this history we read about a former senator and current senator. we are, however, extremely disapointed that senator balls did not vote yes for ssm. we now will keep a watch on our senator and follow his actions so we will be prepared for what he runs for next. thank you.

  20. WaltTrombone on

    Is there anybody besides me who thinks that “Ball Deserves More Than 15 Minutes” is Dan Branda, from the Senator’s staff? Look him up.

  21. I notice that “15 minutes” has not posted since you posted your suggestion of who it might be.

    I also went back and noticed that he never denied that Greg lied about Kaplowitz’s record. He merely repeated that Vinny was behind all of the attacks on Greg and we should be proud of Greg for fighting back. I would have been prouder if he’d campaigned on his record in the Assembly rather than lying about things that his opponent did. But when you have no accomplishments to run on, I guess you have to divert the focus to something else.

  22. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Sorry I couldn’t get back within your time frame. I really had no idea that I’m required to answer every ridiculous post out here. I had no idea that was my job. I got it now.

    What’s worse, I had to read all four of your posts to see who you were saying I am. No. I am not Dan Branda. Dan works for Ball or his campaign, not sure which or if there is even a difference. I think after what just happened with Dan, how that couple was recruited to blind-side him like that, I din’t think Dan is running on lohud at the moment.

    So now you think Greg Ball is a weasal ever since you saw him at some parade? And when you were at this parade and came face to face with Greg Ball, you brought this to his attention, right? You had the chance to call him a weasal to his face so if you couldn’t do it, what does that make YOU?

    And Ball didn’t lie about Kaplowitz’s record. He was right on the money, and the election results proved it. You can’t argue with success.

    Do me a favor. Since I now see I am required to answer every single allegation that you write, try to keep it at a reasonable number. Say, six. Make only six allegations against Greg Ball with each post, this way I can try to answer all of them, so you don’t automatically assume I’m shying away from anything you said.

  23. Ball Supporter on

    You recommend that each dissatisfied voter seek out Ball and call him a weasel to his face? What’s the implication? That he would punch you in the nose and wait for the squad car to take him away? Grow up.

  24. This is a sham on

    Greg Ball has also voted for a tax cap, which he says is a strong cap, one that is stronger than most caps.

    So if that is true why is it full of loopholes that will in effect provide no real tax relief.

    ….Pension costs are exempt from the cap.

    ….Mandates that are the key drivers of property tax increases are exempt.

    The true intention of a Tax Cap is a spending cap. With a cap on taxes, state and local governments will have to trim growth in their budgets. But imagine a spending cap where the most expensive items don’t count toward the total. Call it what you want, but this is not a Cap.

    The Property tax crisis in New York isn’t fixed at all.

  25. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Balls supporter: No I don’t recommend everyone walking up to Greg Ball and calling him a weasal. But talking so tough while hiding in the shadow is something else. For that person, THAT PERSON seems to have irreconcilable differences with Mr. Ball, so THAT PERSON who’s acting so brave, I’m sure when he saw Greg Ball he let Ball know exactly how he feels. Right? And if he didn’t, then what does that say about THAT PERSON?

    Thanks, Balls supporter (or supporter of Greg’s Balls)

  26. Ball Supporter on

    Greg doesn’t need you. For every vote you gain him with the wise guy Humphrey Bogart routine, you lose him ten.

  27. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Yeah, the results really show at the polls. All these attacks against Greg Ball really worked. They did wonders for Leibell and crew.

    There I go mentioning Leibell again! Maybe that’s because Leibell spent $300,000 in 2008 alone just to finance “The Truth About Ball, Inc”. Meanwhile, the whole thing was nothing but a money laundering scam, using inaccessible money in his account, paying a guy named RAYMOND MAGUIRE to do all the “CONSULTING”. The profit went to Leibell’s pockets. All that money just to attack Ball and it was just a scam. These guys made a fortune doing that, that’s why the feds have set this in their crosshairs, and Maguire’s WPD is next, another money-laundering scam where Leibell has money put into a “consulting” account controlled by Maguire, making it appear it was a result of legitimate consulting fees. Almost $300K in three years consulting, three clients. Yeah nothing too suspicious about that. I know a bunch of people already called down to the feds to discuss this so hopefully it should hit after Vinny reports to prison July 13. Just keep attacking Greg Ball, he’s the real villain. I can’t wait till more charges come down on the money laundering WPD bringing Leibell back to court and with Maguire and a couple of others with them this time.

  28. Yes, Vinny Leibell is a criminal, and I hope that he and his cohorts get what they deserve. I have to laugh every time I drive past the Patterson Town Hall on Route 311, located on LEIBELL LANE. Wonder how soon they’ll change that street name? I just hope that they don’t decide to call it GREG BALL LANE, I think that they’d end up regretting that as well.

    Ball does NOT deserve more than 15 minutes of fame: he lied about being “on the fence” about same-sex marriage in order to get the various religious and business exemptions added to the bill, then voted ‘no’ as he had planned to all along. My husband had spoken to Mr. Ball outside the Patterson A&P weeks ago, and it was quite clear that Ball was completely against same-sex marriage. See here for my husband’s account of the conversation:

    Although a staffer was filming at the time, and the discussion between my husband and Mr. Ball was quite civil, the film certainly never made it onto Ball’s website. Actually, it appeared that film of one of the very next people with whom Mr. Ball spoke, once the discussion between him and my husband was over, was put up on Ball’s website – you can actually see our van backing out of the parking space and pulling away.

  29. How many times are we going to hear the boring story about your husband meeting Greg Ball?

  30. Brainplugs, as long as there are idiots who believe that Ball is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’ll probably have to trot it out now and again. It happened to be pertinent to the above discussion – should I have livened up the story this time and have it end with Ball and my husband having a fist-fight in front of the A&P?

    “Put in your earplugs, put on your eyeshades, you know where to put the cork.” (The Who)

  31. Ball Deserves More than 15 Minutes on

    Who said Ball is the greatest thing since sliced bread? NOBODY is the greatest thing since sliced bread, although for 20 years everyone in Putnam County was forced to believe that Vinny Leibell walked on water and was in this game exclusively to help people. At the same time this was rammed down our throats, we were also forced to believe that Greg Ball was crazy, out of control, a nut, etc., etc., etc. This was because Leibell had made several corrupt overtures to Ball very early on in 2007 when Ball first came into office, and Ball rejected him. Leibell tried to convince Ball of all the cash there is to be made “in this game”, as Leibell called it. When Ball rejected him, Ball instantly became persona non grata all throughout the Republican party in Putnam County. That’s why the republican committees in Putnam are so useless, their nominations worthless. Because decided to defend himself, people on the blogs still go after him, fighting a war that ended already.

    As I said, nobody is greatest thing since sliced bread, nobody walks on water. Everyone makes mistakes, there are misunderstandings, that’s why people are about forgiving. But given everything Ball was put through, I think he’s handled himself very well. Obviously the voters agree.