Jenkins, Dems vow override on Playland fees


Democratics on the Westchester County Board of Legislators today announced their plans to override County Executive Rob Astorino’s veto of a bill that would eliminate entrance fees for county residents at Playland Amusement Parks.

A vote is scheduled for July 6.

“Residents of Westchester who visit Playland as spectators should not have to pay an entrance fee to enter a park that their tax dollars are already supporting—period,” said Chairman Ken Jenkins, D-Yonkers. “Given the $67 million return to fund balance for 2010, we can afford to give Westchester residents a break.  No county resident pays to enter and enjoy a County park.  The Board is prepared to override this veto so residents can spend the entire summer enjoying a wonderful County park without spending more of their hard-earned money to simply walk in.”

Jenkins and other Dems said Astorino was undermining Playland and “price out working families from summer fun.”


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  1. As any bar owner can tell you – Raise your prices and get rid of the riff raff and troublemakers before you lose all your GOOD customers.

  2. I’m a new jersey resident roller coaster enthusiast and i can say with certainty that as far as rye playland goes the entire enthusiast world knows that the locals are ruining the park by using it as a free babysitting location. Which just isnt fair to park management who shouldnt have to be putting up with that. Worst part is its a huge liability issue…the people doing this will be the first to go and sue the park if their kids do something stupid and hurt themselves…which when your being used as a free daycamp is bound to happen eventually. But really the larents shouod be blaming themselves, the park should not have to deal with this mess and its not the best idea to drop your kid off in a public place and leave them just with other kids all day anyway…these are the same people that will blame the park if their kids get into trouble too! The park is their as a historical amusement park site NOT to be your free babysitter. There needs to be some kind of entrance fee for the residents its not fair to rye playland to try and run a respectable park when they have lone grouos of kids running around like they own the place!

  3. Instead of the county deciding why not leave it up to park management!!! Thats what their there for is to make the decision that not only benefit the county (who still owns the park for now) but also the locals who are their bread and butter. Worst case leave it to the public to decide!

  4. Johnny Johnston on

    I don’t know why county residents have a problem with paying a small admission fee for guests to enter the park, i think with an admission fee it wont be over run every day by children with out parents.

  5. ^ thats what im saying but the parents dont want to give up their free babysitter, thats what this us REALLY about! The “my tax dollars pay for it” is just the excuse…they really just want a free babysitter. The tax thibg hokds no water in my opinion anyway…my taxes pay for the bus system…doesnt mean i still dont need to buy a ticket to get on the bus. My tax money oays for the turnpike and the parkway it doesnt mean i still do t have to pay tolls…should i continue?