Surprise! DEC summarizes new draft fracking report


In a surprise release, the state Department of Environmental Conservation released this afternoon a summary of changes in the latest version of its ongoing review of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Among the changes: a full-out ban of hydrofracking in the Syracuse and New York City watersheds, as well as a ban in primary acquifers statewide; a ban on state-owned land, and the implementation of an advisory panel to develop plans for oversight and a fee structure for drillers.

A 60-day comment period on the document will start in August.

Below is the DEC’s summary:

06-30-11 New Recommendations Issued in Hydraulic Fracturing Review 11-79[1]


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  1. just wondering what the regulation for watershed boundary? is it 2,000 feet from a watershed boundary? or is it 500 feet from that ws boundary