Former Mount Vernon mayor holds Saturday rally


Former Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis will hold a three-hour rally at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 9, at Memorial Field to protest conditions there.

Davis, who is running for mayor against incumbent Mayor Clinton Young, is protesting in support of renovations at the park, which will be razed and replaced.

In a July 5 letter sent by recreation Commissioner Peter Neglia to the Mount Vernon City Council, Neglia asked the body to approve the issuance of construction documents for bidding.

The due date for the bids to renovate the park are due August 16, according to Neglia’s letter.

In order to expedite the beginning of construction, the documents only include phase one of the projects. Phase one does not include the grandstand and other essential elements needed before the park can open, according to Neglia’s letter.


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  1. Credibility on

    Ho Ho. One guesses that this is going to be interesting. By the time each one has totally vilified the other and all the old and new dirt is dug up and publicly analyzed, somebody might end up prosecuted. This is the best scenario we can hope for – a bare knuckled bruhaha among longtime insiders so bizarre that, ironically, after all the hollering stops, might prove that the system really works. (So long as there miraculously appears a third (competent) candidate who squeaks in as a result.

  2. Interesting stuff, insiders pool at its best. This will be a battle of who can throw the most BS out and have it stick, this will be a battle of two of the most powerful players in MV politics. The best candidate for the job is not running, I would love to see Gary Pretlow run, he would ring their clocks.

  3. just the facts on

    this should be a real mud fight…davis lost and young won with the support of
    a certain news publication…that publication has now turned its sights on the incumbant
    based on its perception that he has disappointed in many areas…so is davis going
    to get that support…do people in mount vernon think they are better off now then
    they were under ernie davis? or do they long for the good old days….very interesting
    mayoral contest…maybe the most interesting in the county