Schneiderman Keeps Heat On Indian Point


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said today that the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted his petition for fire safety enforcement action at the Indian Point nuclear facility in Buchanan, Westchester County. The move means that the NRC will consider Schneiderman’s call for greater fire-safety steps at Indian Point and other nuclear facilities across the country.

“If Indian Point is vulnerable, so too are the tens of millions of people who live and work in the communities that surround it,” Schneiderman said in a statement today. “My office has zero tolerance for violations that put New Yorkers at risk and will continue to take all necessary action to ensure the facility meets the safety requirements. I will continue my efforts to ensure the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission does the same.”

The Democratic attorney general filed the petition on March 28, questioning whether Indian Point has sufficiently put together safety precautions. Schneiderman said that the facility is violating federal fire-safety regulations and wants more than 100 exemptions from the NRC.

Schneiderman said Indian Point hasn’t installed required fire detectors or fire suppression systems at various spots, hasn’t strengthened electrical cables in the case of a fire and hasn’t established automatic response systems in the case of a fire.

Here’s the petition he filed in late March.

2011 03 28 OAG 2-206 Petition Re Fire Safety


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  1. Excuse me, but is there any news here? Must be a slow news day.

    The fact that the NRC agreed to hear Schneiderman’s petition deserves the elimination of trees to publicize this non-event? I thought he was an environmentalist?

    Spiking the ball at the 50 yard line and doing the Ickey Shuffle doesn’t mean that you scored a touchdown or even made a first down – even when you are trying to integrate yourself with the NFL following another junk legal inquiry.

    How the office of Lefkowitz, Abrams and (yes) Spitzer has fallen. It’s pretty pathetic.

  2. Artoly Gardner on

    Schneiderman must placate his creator-lord-&-master Cuomo-the-lesser and make noises consistent with the New York governor’s current self aggrandizement scheme, (aimed at being Obama’s USVP pick in 2012).

    The 1974 Energy Reorganization gave NRC absolute disgression in regulatory matters…. meaning that their written “rules” are but the current expression of NRC’s technical opinion,
    and not codified per se outside the commission. ( Read: 100% changeable, on their sole disgression).

    Thus Mr. Schneiderman, or any other citizen may petition the commission, but cannot in any way ambush, hijack, or dun the commission for any claimed “failures” or “omissions”. NRC provides its own Administrative Law Judges to review former commission actions, and this internal panel is well aware of the commission’s absolute disgression, even if Cuomo & his factotum Schneiderman are not.

    Meaning what? This frivolous quasi-legal harrassment is pure public relations, painting Cuomo as a “fighter”, “resolute”, “unafraid”, or something of that ilk, as he attempts to harrass the infrastructure used by New York’s populace to survive financially, … until a new regime reoccupies the White House.

    If he manages to get a few strands of wire at Indian Point wrapped in fibreglass, who will be safer? Probably just Cuomo, sitting pretty in Joe Biden’s chair until 2016.