Retired doctor, now turkey farmer, to run for Putnam Legislature


Allen Beals, a retired obstetrician-gynecologist who now runs a heritage turkey farm in Putnam Valley, will run for the Putnam County Legislature, his campaign announced today. He will seek to unseat Legislator Sam Oliverio, D-Putnam Valley.

Beals has been endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Independence parties, according to his announcement.

Many may know Dr. Beals, sometimes referred to as the “Turkey Man”, as the hardworking family man and owner of Willow Ridge Farm.  But, what they may not realize is his exceptional background in business, law, and government.  Dr. Beals has the experience of creating a thriving private practice in gynecology.  He is an environmental advocate who has served on the Soil and Water Conservation Board.  As a businessman, he has the skills and knowledge that will carry Putnam County to a better future.

He plans to make a formal announcement at 10 a.m. Saturday (July 16) at Putnam Valley Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road.

Oliverio is seeking a sixth term. Along with the Democratic endorsement, he has also been endorsed by the Conservatives. If he wins, it will be his last term because of the county’s recently enacted term-limits law.


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  1. Who is that elderly lady who skulks around PV municipal offices in a big, flowered dress, wearing enormous RayBan sunglasses? When seen going through someone’s waste basket, and asked about it, why did she reply that she was looking for gum? Did she say “gun,” and it just sounded like “gum?” And how is it that, although having no physical disability, she walks around with a metal cane? Has anyone checked that cane to see if it is really a sword in disguise? Or nuclear? I think not.


    What are you talking about insider.

    I am not ambarassed to say that you got me completely lost.

    However, I am sure our very own ” big brothers” proably have a full dossier on her. Maybe they’ll share with you.

  3. INMATE #64385-054 on

    Why didn’t Lodes go to the feds before receiving a subpoena? “just asking”, huh? Not trying to destroy his credibility at all? “JUST ASKING?”

    Well I guess he’s not a brave, strong, courageous person like you are. Certainly a brave person like YOU would’ve stood up to the tyrannical Leibell, and gone to the feds not knowing if they’d even do anything about it, knowing that Leibell could take away your ability to put food on the table. YOU wouldn’t have cared I’m sure, since YOU are so principled. YOU wouldn’t have stood for a minute of it, I’m sure. We need more people like you in this world for sure.

  4. And what about the one huge clock that everybody goes by in the administrative offices, that is set a full one hour back, forcing everyone to work an extra hour every day? How is it that this hasn’t been noticed for over three years? Don’t people notice when they get home that an hour of their day has disappeared? The Feds could take fingerprints from the large arms that have been manipulated, but do they? No!

  5. The floppy hat guy is my “father” and the trash picker woman with the cane and the bizarre obsession with gum is his… assistant. We are from Tennessee, and the time change confuses us, so we change clocks so we will all be the same. We like uniformity. And uniforms. Especially military uniforms. We are sort of like Chameleons, but we only change based on the weather. Right now we are dark at night and light during the day. You will catch on soon. We will make sure of it.

  6. Aha! Just as I suspected. Only those from Western Tennessee are in a different time zone from NY. It didn’t take me long. And the man in question cannot be your true father because his records show that he had a botched GOVERNMENT paid for circumcision at birth which resulted in vasectomy. Perhaps that is why you put “father” in parentheses. Or, perhaps he is now a priest. I wouldn’t be surprised. The Vatican is planting these people all over Putnam County and is putting them on the public payroll. When the Inquisition returns, you had better have some answers and they better be good.

  7. Ah, you read too much from the ‘news’papers. Priest and Vatican bashing is merely a distraction. Follow the money. Seek the answers. Ask the questions. Drink the water.
    But please, a higher lever of thought is what is called for during these precarious times; Don’t look directly at the sun.

  8. There is a strange trend going on: Off-peak prices at outdoor attractions, reduced or eliminated fees for entry into parks, outdoor public swimming facilities are either greatly reducing their hours or are closing, ‘for the season’. Next thing you know, it won’t be fasionable to wear white. It’s a plot, I tell you! They are trying to keep us from having a good time. They are trying to control our activities. Soon, they will force us to turn on the heat and use their precious over-priced fossil fuels. Is there no end to the insanity?

  9. Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder? A big pot of bubbling chowder that could probably feed dozens of union workers and the poor, and a pair of soiled work trousers is spitefully tossed in by some miscreant. Who wants to bet that there will be no investigation? The perpetrator knew full well that the DNA would boil away before forensic people could respond. That tells me that…I’ll keep the answer to myself FOR A WHILE!

  10. September 14, 2011

    Leibell’s former chief of staff to plead guilty, attorney says

    Michael Risinit

    WHITE PLAINS — Raymond Maguire, the former chief of staff of convicted former state Sen. Vincent Leibell, will plead guilty tomorrow to a charge of obstructing a federal grand jury investigation, his lawyer said this morning.

    Attorney Richard Willstatter said Maguire was serving as a captain in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Afghanistan and returned to the U.S. on Sept. 8

    “He voluntarily returned to New York to accept responsibility for committing a crime,” Willstatter said.

    He added Maguire faces up to 18 months in prison when he is sentenced on the felony charge but that he plans to argue for no prison time.

    The charge stems from the federal government’s investigation of Leibell, who was sentenced in May to 21 months in prison on federal corruption charges. The U.S. Attorney’s office said Maguire instructed a contractor working on Leibell’s Patterson home to doctor his invoices to reflect the actual cost of the work and not the “deeply discounted construction services” he was providing.

    During the home’s construction, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said, the contractor received “millions of dollars worth of contracts” to work on senior housing that was being built in Putnam County by a non-profit organization founded by Leibell.


  11. INMATE #64385-054 on

    So “The inmate is a fraud”? Really? Inmate is a fraud? I hit it right on the button, and make no mistake about it, this is going to pave the way for Ray’s cooperation. And then a whole bunch of folks are going down.

  12. Captain Andrew Destefano (retired) on

    Could Triptree be the illustrious Andrew DeStefano? The same Andrew DeStefano who confessed to 60 felonies and pled guilty to crimes including forgery and filing forged signatures? The “hero” NYPD Captain who wept and banged the table as he confessed to being a common criminal? In NYPD parlance, a Skel. What a disgrace to the badge of honor he wore.

  13. Who is the favored contractor? on

    September 15, 2011

    Ex-Leibell aide Raymond Maguire to plead guilty; told contractor to lie, feds say

    Michael Risinit

    Raymond Maguire, convicted former state Sen. Vincent Leibell’s onetime chief of staff who ended up on active military duty during his boss’s downfall, recently returned from Afghanistan and is expected to plead guilty today to a federal crime.

    U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara on Wednesday said Maguire was part of a plot in which a contractor working on the senator’s spacious Patterson home charged “deeply discounted” fees and, in return, was awarded almost $10 million in contracts to do work for the senator’s nonprofit senior-housing foundation. When Leibell learned last year that FBI and IRS agents were investigating him, Bharara said, Maguire told the unnamed contractor to lie to a federal grand jury and falsify invoices.

    At the time, Leibell was in his 16th year as a state senator, and Maguire, who was widely viewed as Leibell’s deputy, was earning about $108,000 annually. Bharara said Maguire acted as the senator’s general contractor during the home’s construction and helped hire “a number of the (foundation’s) favored contractors.”

    The Putnam Community Foundation, which built and rents 50 apartments to seniors in Brewster, was also at the heart of the government’s case against Leibell.

    “Maguire instructed the favored contractor to take the scheme to falsify the invoices and to obstruct the pending federal investigation ‘to the grave,’ ” Bharara said.

    Maguire’s attorney, Richard Willstatter of White Plains, described his client as a “good man” who was “very sorry” about his actions. He said Maguire, 47, would plead guilty to obstructing a federal grand jury investigation.

    As the federal government ramped up its investigation and prosecution of Leibell last year, Maguire, who seemingly was never far from Leibell’s side, faded from public view.

    A captain in the New York Air National Guard, he was said by some to have volunteered for active duty as the Leibell scandal reached its denouement. In April, he was serving with U.S. Air Force Mortuary Operations at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. On June 23, Maguire arrived in Afghanistan as a captain in the Air Force.

    “He voluntarily returned to New York (on Sept. 8) to accept responsibility for committing a crime,” Willstatter said.

    Maguire appeared in federal court in White Plains on Wednesday and entered an initial plea of not guilty, a U.S. attorney’s spokesman said. He is free on an unsecured bond of $100,000, his lawyer said.

    Willstatter said Maguire faces up to 18 months in prison when he is sentenced on the felony charge, but he plans to argue for no prison time.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office does not identify the contractor in its court filing except to say it was one of several foundation-favored contractors to design and build Leibell’s sprawling home on the former family estate of actress Elizabeth Montgomery. Leibell personally acquired portions of the estate after his law firm handled the Montgomery family’s legal matters.

    Federal income tax returns filed by the foundation from 2002 to 2010 — the period in which Bharara said it gave multiple contracts to the one favored contractor — don’t show any one entity receiving almost $10 million worth of work. The only listed business that received more than $1 million for work done for the Putnam Community Foundation was Transitional Builders of Poughkeepsie. It was paid about $1.7 million. Transitional at one point placed a lien on the foundation for nonpayment.

    Foundation President Joseph DiVestea on Wednesday referred questions to attorney William Aronwald. Aronwald said the foundation has had no contact with the U.S. Attorney’s Office since turning over documents to it last year.

    “I have no information to believe the foundation is involved in any criminal conduct with Leibell, Maguire or a contractor,” he said.

    Leibell formed the foundation in 1999 and funded it with at least $12.5 million in taxpayer-funded, government grants between 2001 and 2010.

    He is now serving 21 months in federal prison. He pleaded guilty to tax evasion and obstruction of justice.

    Prosecutors said he extorted kickbacks from lawyers who did work for the foundation and for Putnam County. Investigators recorded Leibell in June 2010 urging former Putnam County Attorney Carl Lodes to lie to the grand jury about his payments to Leibell.

    His 5,222-square-foot home on Cushman Road is assessed at $1.3 million, according to Patterson records. In a February letter, Leibell told a federal judge he must sell the home, “having lost my ability to earn an income.”


  14. Wall Street Journal on

    Associated Press
    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A one-time chief of staff to imprisoned former state Sen. Vincent Leibell has returned from serving in Afghanistan to plead guilty to obstruction of justice in a case related to Leibell’s, his lawyer said Wednesday.

    The charge against the aide, Raymond Maguire, 47, of suburban Patterson, was made public earlier Wednesday.

    Federal prosecutors alleged that Maguire urged a contractor to falsify records about the construction of Leibell’s $1.7 million home in suburban Patterson.

    In court papers, prosecutors said the contractor — who was not identified or charged — “deeply discounted” his work on Leibell’s five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, five-fireplace house in Patterson. He had received nearly $10 million in contracts from a not-for-profit organization Leibell controlled, the papers say.

    Maguire allegedly asked for phony, backdated invoices “to make it appear as though the Senator had paid for the full value of the services rendered,” prosecutors claimed.

    Maguire also told the contractor “to tell federal agents a false story” about the payments, the papers say.

    Defense attorney Richard Willstatter said Maguire plans to admit the crime Thursday in federal court in White Plains.

    “He’s a good man who did wrong here,” the lawyer said. He said Maguire was serving as a captain in the Air Force and returned Thursday from Afghanistan “to accept responsibility for committing his crime.”

    Willstatter said prosecutors believe federal guidelines suggest a sentence of 12 to 18 months for Maguire, but the lawyer plans to tell the judge “a prison sentence would be inappropriate.”

    Leibell, who is not named or charged in Maguire’s case, is serving a 21-month prison term after resigning from office and pleading guilty to evading taxes and trying to influence a grand jury. He had been elected Putnam County executive just before his arrest.

    —Copyright 2011 Associated Press

    Copyright 2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

  15. For more on the Leibell/ Maguire debacle, check out the new postings on today’s POTH including the Plea and Information documents.

  16. waste of a paycheck on

    when will you guys get this into your heads? This is all Greg Ball! There’s nothing happening, all a false alarm. This is just Greg Ball causing trouble. Leibell said so himself.

  17. Allen, please remove the 3″ spikes from our living trees that you used to hang your signs on! You lost the election almost 2 weeks ago!!! Also, thank you Patti and Dawn for your covert support. I knew if you backed Allen that I would win! Thank you! To those who supported me, the best is yet to come and I thank you with all my heart! To those that did not, well, just think about it these next 3 years!

  18. Patty Villanova has written on the Putnam Valley Republicans facebook page that the committee has endorsed Mr. Luongo for the town board seat this year. Patty also said that she wants to run for this seat. I find this laughable, Ms. Villanova would be a horrible individual to be on the town board. Who I think would have been a better candidate would be Dr. Allen Beals. He is a good man who I think ran a good race last year when he ran for Putnam Legislature.

  19. turkey farming not for profit on

    I believe Patty will be getting everything she wishes for, and more, since Vinny Leibell spilled the beans a few weeks ago and told ALL to a federal grand jury in White Plains.

  20. Another BS Post! on

    “I believe Patty will be getting everything she wishes for, and more, since Vinny Leibell spilled the beans a few weeks ago and told ALL to a federal grand jury in White Plains.”

    Don’t you get tired of posting bullsh*t?

  21. Putnam Valley Resident on

    I think there is strong reasons why Ms. Villanova will never be in any public office. To much attacking without any facts or solutions…


    I think she’s only trying to get some free advertising for her store, she just moved from Peekskill (I hear they’re throwing a parade, to Cold Spring, (they’re having a wake). Can’t wait for her to start telling Cold Spring what they’re doing wrong and what they have to do to fix it. Stay tuned.

    Back to the topic, how can someone expect support from a party, when at every opportunity, she trashes them. That’s funny, I think.

  23. Who do you think is making all the money from the proposed aqueduct expansion project? Hint: That very same person is presently submitting plans for a huge hi rise apartment building which will be self occupied. The land being used appears on no map or tax roll and has effectively disappeared from any and all county and local records. Even if you wanted to find out about it, it’s a fruitless project.


    Does anyone know if Patty Villanova got enough signatures to run for the vacant board seat? If you recall she was outraged, upset and shocked (yes shocked), that the local republican committee refused to endorse her and give her support her by getting petition signatures for her and bank rolling her campaign.

    I say “shocked” for obvious reasons. I figured Dawn and her would have formed their committee or line by now. They both don’t like that republicans and democrats agree on anything.

    Also seems that Steve MacKay is a big disappointment to them. He put Patty in her place after her public comment and hasn’t championed any of their personal causes, mainly letting the Cornu’s slide for their years of violations. Funny, I bring this up because I came across an article where amnesty was asked for in their case. There’s a quote of the then supervisor, telling the paper he was not in favor of amnesty for the Cornu’s, would set a bad precedent, etc. BTW, the supervisor was none other than Powell’s boyfriend, Sam Davis.

    This begs the question, why are they so outspoken now, when they had the opportunity to help them, but didn’t”t.



    They are going to authorize payment for holiday decorations.
    They are going to make repairs to the Town Hall roof and the lunchroom. I bet it’s an emergency. It always is.
    They are going to set a public hearing to talk about the Teamsters’ contract. That is the highway crew. Bob-O has been negotiating their contract for two years now….They have been without a contract for a year now, and two budgets have been passes without accounting for a contract with the highway crew.

    My question is, how much was the raise that you and your boyfriend bestowed on the union in their expired contract? Wasn’t it around 15%? No wonder why its difficult to work out a new contract, when they expect more from the precedent you guys set. That part is left out, hhhhm, wonder why?

    Also in the news, Patty isn’t doing well in her new Cold Spring location (letter to the editor). Seems like someone is to blame, Pataki, Chamber of Commerce or legislature. I’m sure she’ll let us know who’s out to get her this time. Maybe it’s called a free market. People buy what they like, no that can’t be it. Better get to the bottom it.