Mount Vernon’s petition filers


The deadline for filing petitions for the September primary election was Thursday and there are 11 people who filed petitions for Mount Vernon’s mayoral and two City Council races.

There may be other petition filers because the petitions can also be mailed in with a July 14 postmark.

The mayoral petition filers were:

Mayor Clinton Young

former Mayor Ernest Davis

Comptroller Maureen Walker

Councilman Yuhanna Edwards

Peter Sherrill

The City Council petition filers were:

Councilwoman Diane Munro-Morris

John L. Boykin

Richard W. Thomas

John L. Fava

Damon Jones

Deborah Reynolds


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  1. To have so many candidates from one party in a City of 70,000 makes it appear as though the office of mayor is a joke….a bad one. No wonder the general public is turned off on politics….and politicians.
    And, in Mt. Vernon, we can’t even get our tax bills on time…nor is the payment date information correct when we do get it. How many politicians does it take to get it right????????????????????

  2. Don’t worry – the Dem kings in White Plains will tell you who you can and who you can’t vote for. As usual, they’ll make it easy for you by burying anyone who doesn’t conform and play ball with the ongoing and self perpetuating ruling cartel.