Yonkers’ mayoral and City Council petition filers


The County Board of Elections got petitions from 24 people for Yonkers mayoral and City Council races.

The deadline was July 14, but candidates can also mail in their petitions, so more could arrive next week. Here’s a list of the filers so far:

Mayoral petition filers:

Assemblyman Mike Spano

City Council President Chuck Lesnick

Councilman John Murtagh

former City Council President Richard Martinelli

Carlo Calvi

Robert Flower

Shirley Thompson

City Council First District petition filers:

Mark Hynes

Lawrence Sykes

Christopher Johnson

Brian A. Carter

Ivy Reeves

City Council Third District petition filers:

former Councilman Dennis Robertson

Michael J. Sweeney

Lamont Badru

Michael Rotanelli

Michael Sabatino

John R. Bryant

Michael Francis Meyer

City Council Fifth District petition filers:

Katherine Brezler

Kathleen Thomas

Joseph Crotty

Michael Breen

Stephen Cerrato


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