National Organization for Marriage targets Senate gay marriage votes


Comparing them to Revolutionary War flip-flopper Benedict Arnold, the National Organization for Marriage is targeting seven senators with a mailer blasting them for their “yes” votes on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.

The mailer, which will be sent throughout the individual senators’ districts, criticizes the lawmakers for having “sold out our values when he voted to impose gay marriage on New York.”

The National Organization for Marriage was one of the foremost groups lobbying against gay marriage in New York and across the nation. The group brought former Super Bowl hero David Tyree to Albany to speak out against the bill and funded previous mailers and advertisements, and has pledged to spend up to $2.5 million to defeat senators who previously voted “no” on gay marriage.

The new mailer will be sent to the districts of three Democrats and four Republicans, including Sens. Stephen Saland, R-Poughkeepsie, and Mark Grisanti, R-Buffalo.

The group also is planning a handful of anti-gay-marriage rallies on Sunday, the first day same-sex couples can legally wed. Rallies will be held in Rochester, Buffalo, New York City and Albany.

A tip of the hat to Nick Reisman at Capital Tonight for uploading the mailer, which can be found below:



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  1. Who funds NOM? Why do they refuse to release their donor list? Why are they in contempt of court in 3 states? Who pays Maggie Gallagher’s salary? How much does she make? Who pays Brain Brown?

    This is a money-making scam and nothing else. NY state just handed NOM a big bump in revenue. But the money won’t come from New Yorkers.

    Not one of their dire predictions has ever come true wherever there is marriage equality. NOT ONE.

    Good job. governor. And thanks to everyone who voted to do the right thing.

  2. NOM isn’t even based in New York state. Even their homophobic junk mail is pathetic.

  3. Have they no right to opinion? This is the problem with modern day liberals. They are liberal only with their propensity to eliminate by any means anyone and any idea in disagreement with their own smug, self serving opinions.

  4. Won’t Politics on the Hudson do a post on the merits of this flyer? I have never seen a more concentrated pack of lies. Start with the “no vote of the people” complaint, as if NY conducts a direct ballot referendum on legislative matters. The people are heard every 2 years in what we quaintly refer to as “elections.” They were heard in 2010, when they elected Gov. Cuomo, who repeatedly and loudly stated that marriage equality was a top priority. Carl Paladino vocally took the opposite view and the people voted. BTW, NOM was quite satisfied to accept the Senate’s decision in 2009 and never demanded a referendum then. That’s called hypocrisy.

    The “profound consequences” bullet points are even more deceptive. Half of them have to do with some individual one-off decision by a single teacher or administrator. Marriage laws don’t determine public school curricula. That is determined by a completely separate set of regulations, under a separate statute.

    You could have no gay marriage and a very liberal curriculum or you could have gay marriage and a conservative curriculum. One has nothing to do with the other.
    NOM has no real argument against marriage equality per se, so it simply tries to talk about anything gay-related that might get people’s hackles raised.

    – There is NO rule or policy in Massachusetts that requires any school to teach anything about gay marriage or gays in general. The reference above to “second graders” has to do with a decision by a single principal in a single school six years ago to use a book that referred to the subject. There are 1 million kids in MA public schools each year. And in the last 7 years, the only complaint ever to arise was from this one lesson in this one school six years ago. And nothing from that school or anywhere else in the state since. And zero complaints in IA, DC, VT, NH, or CT.

    – The reference to the “lesbian sex” lesson is even more ridiculous. A marriage law requires kids to be taught about sex? Did hetero-only marriage require lessons in vaginal intercourse? What nonsense. The teacher in question is not an ordinary teacher, but a teacher of sex education, and the issue came up just once, about 5 years ago. Whether discussion of lesbian sexuality should be included in sex ed is a matter for valid debate, but it has nothing to do with whether adult citizens can get married.

    – The 2 bullet points from CA: The trip to the wedding was not a school trip, but a private invite from the teacher, who was loved by her students. The parents all gave permission. The second bullet point from CA happened after Prop 8 was passed and gay marriage was banned, which only underscores that none of this has anything to do with whether there is gay marriage or not.

    – Catholic Charities is not forced to do or refrain from doing anything. It is absolutely free to provide adoption services and to refuse to place anyone with a gay couple, a non-Catholic couple, a religiously mixed couple, etc.. But when it agrees to be hired out by the state to provide a public service, and when it takes public money to provide that service, then it has to serve the entire public. If it doesn’t want to do that, no one is forcing it to. CC can use its own funds, which is what “charity” is supposed to be, and do placements in accordance with Catholic ideology. Similarly, the NJ church entered into an agreement for a special tax break if it kept a parcel of land open to the public. When it breached the agreement, the special tax treatment was revoked. Nothing to do with gay marriage, which doesn’t even exist in NJ.

  5. @Logic:

    They have a right to their opinion. But they don’t have a right to their own facts. Also, it is a bit pompous of them to act as if they speak for New Yorkers when they have nothing to do with this state outside of their pet issue. They send out fliers in Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Maryland, and Iowa pretending to speak for the “people” there. But they are based in Washington DC, like all of the sleazy special interests.

  6. Hey NOM, where’s the money coming from???

    We know you are a front for the Catholic Church. Keep the Vatican out of my state and out of my laws!

  7. I guess NOM better get used to more and more “Benedict Arnolds” as people become educated and enlightened.

    True supporters of marriage don’t try to prevent others from getting married.

  8. Typical liberal fascists: Anti-Christian and anti-free speech. And if liberals are such friends of gays, they should STOP SUPPORTING HAMAS AND OTHER MUSLIM GROUPS THAT KILL GAYS!

  9. Disgusted American on

    From The Desk of Maggie Gallagher (maiden name) and Brian Brown,

    ..Please continue to support US in Our efforts to Fight those Mean Gays from marrying…..and trying to say thier relationshiops are Equal to Ours……cause, well you see…If you Stop Donating to us…Brian and I will have to go out and get REAL Jobs…..and well, up til now..Our Hate & Disdain for the Gay community has kept us Very Fed, as you can see by our pictures from mid 2005 til now…Bri Bri and I have gotten fat(ter)….hey, Fighting Gays is hard work, and I have a HUGE appetite, and Brian, has 7 kids..and he and his kids have Big appetites….so please continue to be suckers, I mean good shepards and donate to us..I mean, to NOM to fight the gays.

  10. This really won’t be necessary when the injunction to prevent the law from taking effect is filed this Friday afternoon, when its completed. The court will easily see that the new “law” violates the state constitution and has to be adopted by a constitutional amendment. (Uh, you might want to notify the caterer and the photographer! LOL!)

    The Republican legislators (who were in on the game from the outset?) got a nice wad of cash in the meantime, but they must be aware that the “law” would ultimately be found to violate the NYS constitution. Take it up with them if you’re upset.

  11. David, can’t those people be sued for spreading lies?

    … and then all that Massachusetts stuff gets imported into Eastern Europe and translated into the respective languages. I’ve read some of it in my native Bulgarian already. Massachusetts is an international homophobic legend now!

  12. Paula, not knowing what you are talking about doesn’t stop you from posting, does it? No, seriously, what the heck are you talking about? Who filled your head with such non-sense, this in no way violates the state constitution.

  13. Bob

    I’m not stupid; I won’t tip the hand so the Gay Lobby can mount a defense.. You can wait until Thursday/Friday when the filing to obtain the TRO is expected to be filed. The violation of the state constitution is very obvious if you know where to look.

  14. And Justice for All on


    I’ll be very curious to see what the organization that is allegedly going to file this request for a TRO is going to claim is the “immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damages” that will result from allowing same-sex couples to get married. Also, since in NYS you cannot get a TRO against a public officer, board or municipal corporation of the state to restrain the performance of statutory duties, I’m curious as to precisely what relief is going to be requested, since a TRO could not declare the law unconstitutional, and could only stop certain acts from going forward. Interesting that none the groups howling to stop the passage of this legislation were able to make any cogent arguments that the law would be unconstitutional before it passed. I guess I’ll just have to wait a couple of days and see what the brilliant anti-equality legal minds have cobbled together to once again attempt to deny their fellow citizens equal rights.

  15. Right-Wing Watcher on

    “The People” means whoever favors your point of view. If you have money to advance your point of view, you can send out anything.

    The right-wing is working day and night, heavily funded by major wealthy factions, on Fox and talk radio, not merely to defeat same-sex marriage, but to roll the clock back to pre-FDR New Deal. There are schoolbooks in Texas that teach kids an alternate reality of the Depression, in order to ensure their adherence to conservative beliefs. And the Right-Wing machine is making an all-out attack on Hollywood, academics, unions, trial lawyers, and Democratic pols; when those bastions fall, America will be a solid right-wing country with urban pockets of progressives. A dismantled Federal government means no regulation of business, and unfettered profits for the few. The organized militia, far from being a tool of Obama and the left, wll enforce the rule of the Right, with supportive preaching from the Christian Evangelicals.

    It can happen here. And it will. Average Americans hate politics so much as long as they have the NFL and reality TV shows, they’ll accept it piece by piece, just like the German citizenry accepted Nazism piece by piece. It will come to pass by 2050, in the face of a threat from the Muslim World and from China. We will patriotically sing about American freedom, but this experiment in a tolerant democracy will be coming to an end.

  16. IT is going to be a very long and hot campaign season and it looks like they will need every penny of the donation by “The Prisoner of City Hall” and all the others who gave.

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

  17. Disgusted American on

    Poor Paula……a Stupid DUMB woman who has ZERO clue, about the struggle of women,and women’s rights……Hey paula deary….90yrs women had ZERO RIGHTS……..ALL you could do is Cook,sew,and open your legs anytime your husband DEMANDED it…(you had NO SAY in it) it was your wifely duty…..and finally Brave women like Alice Paul rose Up to FIGHT for women’s RIGHTS and the RIGHT to Vote……and WHO fought against THAT paula dear..? MEN,and Religious Institutions…cause, well to them….IF women Had any kind of say in Society/politics…..America as we know it would crumble…how about YOU edumacate yourself dear…..look up the name Alice Paul….and LEARN something.

  18. Ever notice that the people who are very quick to call another “stupid” and “dumb” are among our most stupid? They need to “edumacate” themselves.

  19. David,they are based in New Jersey,not Washington (though organizations that lobby Congress have a logical reason to be based in Washington).

    In any case,treating this as an “equal rights” issue ought to be grounds for impeachment,and I’m a pro-abortion-rights,anti-death-penalty,anti-creationist,pro-gun-control,never-religious lifelong Democrat.There is a state interest in furthering opposite-sex relationships,there is NO state interest in furthering same-sex relationships.Marriage serves no useful purpose unless partners are required to be of opposite sexes,and sexual orientation has no relevance just as with any standard of conduct applying without regard to the existence of or reason for anyone’s inclination not to abide by it.

  20. NOM is the honorable advocacy organization, and there are laws which regulate such advocacy organizations. It’s easy to know where their money comes from, and everything is by the book. Don’t like it? – read the code.

    The procedures by which NY State legislators passed the same-sex marriage bill in the Senate were crooked. That’s enough to raise eyebrows of Democrat and Republican alike. Time will tell. But in the meantime, NY State will get a flow of people of homosexual behavior with the health consequences triggered in San Francisco – positive only in the sense of HIV Positive. Get real.

  21. And Justice for All on

    @ Paula — so Paula, I’m still waiting for the TRO that was going to be sought on Thursday or Friday that was going to stop all the the marriages that took place on Sunday. Over 700 gay couples were married in NYS on Sunday. No lawsuit was ever filed seeking a TRO to try to prevent this. Could it be that you actually had no idea what you were talking about?