Mount Vernon Comptroller’s mayoral endorsements


Mount Vernon Comptroller Maureen Walker announced the endorsements she’s received for her mayoral bid against incumbent Mayor Clinton Young.

Her supporters include Councilwoman Diane Munro-Morris, who is also seeking reelection, former city water commissioner Democratic Party operative David Ford and Democratic district leader Dolores Mack, among others.

Walker held a rally at City Hall Thursday night to make announcements about her campaign to win the Democratic primary in September, which counts more than the general election in this heavily Democratic city.

Here is the entire press release she issued today:MOUNT VERNON, NY—Maureen Walker, who has served as Comptroller of Mount Vernon since 1994, kicked her campaign for Mayor into high gear with a rally on the steps of City Hall on Thursday, July 21st surrounded by dozens of supporters. She received the endorsement of David Ford, who built Mount Vernon’s Democratic City Committee into a powerhouse and who is known as the “Grandfather of the Democratic City Committee.”

“I was elected chair of the party in 1977 and haven’t lost an election since,” said Mr. Ford who is now the emeritus chair. “We know that Maureen Walker is going to turn our City completely around. We know she is a fighter. Some people say it’s not time for a female mayor? I say the time is now!”

As supporters stood with her holding signs with the campaign’s theme: “A New Beginning,” Mrs. Walker said, “My administration will address the issues of high taxes, crime, quality of life, education, and recreation for young adults. We will begin the process of restoring Mount Vernon to its past glory in a brighter future.”

Walker also picked up the nomination of her colleague in government, Council Member Diane Munro. “She has the best interests of the City at heart,” said Munro. “She has done a good job as Comptroller, keeping the budget down and eliminating waste.”

Tamika Coverdale, an attorney, emceed the rally, saying that Mrs. Walker “is dedicated to all of Mount Vernon—seniors, youth, families and college students.” She noted Mrs. Walker’s work as a teacher at Iona College training accountants who have returned to work in Mount Vernon.

Dolores Mack, a Democratic District Leader for 29 years, said she has had the honor of nominating Mrs. Walker to be Mount Vernon’s Comptroller four times. “Maureen Walker is a people person,” she said. “With her as Mayor, it won’t be politics as usual at City Hall and there will be a rainbow represented in her administration that is qualified.”

John Gallagher, a former president of the Concerned Property Owners of Mount Vernon, praised Mrs. Walker as “a woman of complete integrity and accessibility—even to her enemies.” He added, “She will be the best Mayor we have ever had.”

Joy Nembhard, a Mount Vernon real estate broker and president of the Ban Foundation for children, said that Mrs. Walker “has an unusual open door policy, always inviting people into her office and asking if she can help. She is the real thing and has a passion for work. Her competitors know she does a good job.”

John Fava, a candidate for City Council who also endorsed Walker, called her “the most responsible candidate in the race.”

After the rally, Mrs. Walker thanked her supporters during her campaign’s kick-off party saying that “there is a lot of work to do in this City. I hope that you will work with me to get our City back to its past glory.” She pledged “clean, good, honest government of the highest integrity.”

Walker also announced that she had engaged Bill Lynch Associates as consultants to her campaign, a team headed by Bill Lynch who is a former Deputy Mayor of New York and former Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Petitioning recently concluded with over 4,300 Mount Vernon Democrats signing to get Maureen Walker on the ballot for Mayor. The Democratic primary is Tuesday, September 13th.


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  1. Often wondered what is this water commissioner nonsense in MV. You take some Democrat activist who has learned to mix whiskey with water, and you put him/her in charge of the faucets and dump a load of taxpayer dollars on his desk as a coaster?

  2. Walker fired her communications director immediately after this press conference because no press showed up lol. These are very minor endorsements and there is no way any rational person would expect the media to show up for that event. Shoot, Munro won’t make it to the primary ballot.

  3. No Press showed up, but the US Olympic Aquatics team attended to lend backing to the MV Water Commissioner.

  4. Eselyn Nembhard on

    The press conference was an initial step toward moving the campaign forward. At that date it was impossible for the Walker campaign to have any major endorsement but the press conference was an extra ordinary success, Today the campaign is proud to have the endorsement of 1199 the largest union in New York State consisting of over 350,000 members, as well as CSEA. The Walker campaign must be proud.

  5. Plenty of Union loudmouths putting their two cents in. What about the taxpayers? All these Democrats can press- conference themselves to death and the result, no matter which of them is elected, is just more and more dismal malaise.